July 7, 2022

Biden expresses doubt in Americans’ ability to ‘understand’ supply chain crisis

The disdain Democrats have for rank-and-file Americans has been evident for quite some time, but it is all the more jarring when expressed by the occupant of the White House, which is exactly what occurred Saturday when President Joe Biden discussed the ongoing supply chain crisis with reporters, as Fox News notes.

In the midst of a news conference held in the State Dining Room, Biden was asked about comments made by Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia, who assailed his – and his party’s – far-left drift and the electoral damage it appears to have wrought.

As the lawmaker from the Old Dominion explained to the New York Times last week, “Nobody elected [Biden] to be F.D.R., they elected him to be normal and stop the chaos,” referencing the sweeping spending and social welfare programs the president is attempting to push through with just the slimmest of congressional majorities.

In response, the president declared, “I don’t intend to be anybody but Joe Biden, that’s who I am. What I’m trying to do is, do the things I ran on to do, and look, people out there are ordinary, hard-working Americans [who have been] put through the wringer the last couple of years.”

However, Biden was just getting started in terms of castigating the intellectual ability of those he governs, suggesting that there was little chance that most Americans are able to grasp the complexities of price hikes and supply shortages.

“If we were all going out and having lunch together and I said, ‘Let’s ask whoever’s in the next table, no matter what restaurant we’re in, have them explain the supply chain to us.’ Do you think they’d understand what we’re talking about?” Biden wondered.

Perhaps in an effort to temper the insult, Biden continued, “They’re smart people,” but added, “We’ve never faced anything like this. You can understand why people are so upset. Whether you have a PhD or you’re working in a restaurant, it’s confusing and so people are understandably worried.” WATCH:

In the end, with faux magnanimity, Biden pledged to try and “explain to the American people” what is truly behind the problematic supply chain disruptions and reiterated in meandering fashion his belief that “this is a confusing time,” but it is increasingly clear that the lack of understanding comes from the president, not the millions of frustrated Americans who grasp the reality of the situation all too well.

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