August 12, 2022

Biden expected to oversee more deaths in less time due to coronavirus than Trump

President Joe Biden’s 10 months in office are expected to be marked by a higher death toll due to coronavirus than the entire time that the Trump administration dealt with COVID-19 than former President Donald Trump. 

According to Breitbart News, this is in spite of the fact that the Trump administration had less information, virtually no vaccination and was dealing with the problem longer than the Biden administration.

“Approximately 378,955 people in the United States have died from the Wuhan virus in Joe Biden’s first ten months in office, according to statistics provided by Johns Hopkins University,” Breitbart News reported.

“The nationwide coronavirus death toll — which was at 396,442 when Biden first took office — is now at 775,397.”

The first case of the Chinese-based coronavirus was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on January 21, 2020 in the state of Washington by someone who had recently traveled to China.

 Biden took office almost a year to the day after the first confirmed case, and according to Breitbart News, the .S. death toll from the Wuhan virus is thought likely to be more than double what it was when Trump was in office, and Biden has only been in office for ten months.

The New York Times went so far as to admit that for whatever the reason, the death rate trajectory is upward, and more people in the United States have died of the coronavirus this year than last year despite the availability of vaccines:

“This was supposed to be the year vaccines brought the pandemic under control. Instead, more people in the United States have died from Covid-19 this year than died last year, before vaccines were available,” the New York Times reported.

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