August 9, 2022

Biden executive order to reverse due process for sexual misconduct claims on college campuses

Sexual misconduct on college campuses needs to be treated seriously. However, some believe that care only applies to the would-be victims.

President Joe Biden issued an executive order that could reverse due process protections to students accused of sexual misconduct, the Post Millenial reported. Former President Donald Trump was instrumental in making sure the accused students had the same recourse under the law as in the U.S. justice system.

The executive order signed on International Women’s Day directed Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to review a Trump-era Title IX rule meant to ensure due process for the accused. The rule enjoyed popularity when Trump enacted it in 2020, but Democrats had it in their sights ever since.

“Too many students have lost access to their education because their school inadequately responded when a student filed a complaint of sexual harassment or sexual assault,” then-Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had said last year. “This new regulation requires schools to act in meaningful ways to support survivors of sexual misconduct, without sacrificing important safeguards to ensure a fair and transparent process.”

The problem first arose when former President Barack Obama used Title IX, which was meant to prevent sex-based discrimination, to shape the way sexual assault cases were treated on campus, according to Fox News. Rather than use standards similar to the U.S. justice system that require at least a preponderance of evidence, the standard was simply that an incident occurred “more likely than not” — and that had a devastating impact on accused students.

Rather than seeing this as a commonsense approach to the problem, opponents declared these measures unfairly supportive of “perpetrators.” It’s clear that was the perspective Biden took when implementing the new order.

“The full participation of all people–including women and girls–across all aspects of our society is essential to the economic well-being, health, and security of our nation and of the world. This is a matter of human rights, justice and fairness,” Biden’s executive order said. “It is also critically important to reducing poverty and promoting economic growth, increasing access to education, improving health outcomes, advancing political stability, and fostering democracy.”

The emphasis is on the supposed victims of the crime to the detriment of those accused. Nobody denies that people who commit sexual assault and other crimes should be appropriately punished. However, denying due process to the accused is dangerously destructive and antithetical to the philosophies and protections that underpin the American justice system.

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Dennis (@guest_1173847)
1 year ago

Impeach this phony “president”!

andrew (@guest_1173858)
Reply to  Dennis
1 year ago

i agree and as far as being transparent in anything this crackpot administration does has yet to be seen by the american public

sturgis (@guest_1174301)
Reply to  andrew
1 year ago

That’s because obozo joe doesn’t want you to know the black bozo is back in office!!!

MICHAEL (@guest_1173879)
Reply to  Dennis
1 year ago

The only motivation Bitme has with ALL OF THESE EXECUTIVE ORDERS is just undo ALL of what President Trump did. That’s it. Doesn’t matter to the Democrats if it’s good or bad just erase EVERYTHING Trump did. No wonder they have a wall and troops at the Capital because they KNOW that what they have done and what they are going to do the vast majority of Americans will not like.

monty (@guest_1173898)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

This is sad but true. It does not matter if the action that President Trump took was beneficial to America, the dimwit democrats and Bozo Joe are going to reverse it even to the detriment of the American people.

Rev. Royce Beasley (@guest_1174402)
Reply to  monty
1 year ago

Amen sir I agree with 100%

MICHAEL (@guest_1173907)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

I remember how Piglosi and the Democrats and the fake news media
would get all upset and call President Trump a DICTATOR everytime he did An Executive Orders yet this nitwit we have now I think has done more Executive Orders so far then President Trump did in 4 years and everyone is just fawning all over his dumbazz.

Marcia (@guest_1174143)
Reply to  Dennis
1 year ago

And all those that are in charge–I just read an article from Newt Gingrich that Pelosi has admitted that she, Harris, and Schumer are in control of the WH. This should be against the law and the Constitution and they all need to be behind bars.

Frank (@guest_1173851)
1 year ago

IT looks like “BIDEN” does not know the real issue Just as bad as his Boarder ideas??

scorpion (@guest_1173854)
1 year ago

He is a pervert, plain and simple. He knows nada about anything. Someone
told me there is someone that looks like him and stands in for him at times?
He needs to go and take the ho with him. We need our country back as
Trump has made!!

GI (@guest_1173855)
1 year ago

Another great idea from not my migrent president ! Real piece of work !!

David (@guest_1173857)
1 year ago

Maybe now Tara Reade has a chance with Joey.!!

stuart nolting (@guest_1173864)
1 year ago

This BIGONE administration is like a bad hollyweird movie!

DD (@guest_1173865)
1 year ago

A “CLOWN CAR” is what the DEMWITTS are, starting with Biden, Harris, Schummer, Pelosi, Shiff, Swalwell, AOC, Pelosi, CNN, MSNBC, Talibe, Omar, Nadler, Gretchen, Cuomo, Horono, and I have to say the DEMWITTS who keep putting these IDIOTS in DC when they should be in JAIL!

rocky (@guest_1173868)
1 year ago

Does the cover hair sniffing??

Claxson 68 (@guest_1173870)
1 year ago

The way the Dems are acting it’s plain to see that they want the Republicans to win all the elections in 2022!

I User (@guest_1173876)
1 year ago

JOE BIDEN your the worst!!!

Woodie Thompson (@guest_1173896)
1 year ago

Well according to American digest America has been rocked !
I never even knew

JIM (@guest_1173931)
1 year ago

The deep state wants to control All of America so they bought a bunch of democrats to ruin everything so they could take control easier. Trump was their main deterrent . Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue about what he is saying or signing.

Roger (@guest_1173956)
Reply to  JIM
1 year ago

I think we need to take back this country and run these dimwits out.If they want war then lets give it to them!!!!!

Trish (@guest_1173969)
1 year ago

He can’t do that. It’s one of the rights of the Constitution. I realize that argument is pointless as demonrats have disregarded that point for quite sometime. I agree impeachment would be a good choice, but look what we would be stuck with. Also, piglosi should have been impeached after the first ‘show impeachment’ of President Trump. We have a lot more rinos running our country that we thought.

porterv (@guest_1174022)
1 year ago

Every thing that Biden says or does is a disgrace.

Geoffrey H S House (@guest_1174056)
1 year ago


Billy (@guest_1174212)
1 year ago

Some one with love for this country needs to take his pen and reverse everything he has done to destroy the country for Communism.

Jono (@guest_1174233)
1 year ago

He and his son should both be taken to task….if they were in college they would be…… but because they are who they are, its okay????????????????😱

Stan Richmond (@guest_1174276)
1 year ago

What a loser

Anthony Larry Jr. (@guest_1174397)
1 year ago

Somebody has better do something and fast. This crackpot is going to ruin our country. He is not fit to be our President. He is crazy, lame, dumb and stupid. The only thing he is doing is to reversing everything that President Trump set up to make our America Great. It’s not only Biden but the ones who want to control our country. And get rich themselves. well I guess I’ve said enough. Thank You

Toma (@guest_1174470)
1 year ago

This puppet President has got to go, he is just undoing everything good President Trump did for our Country because of hatred towards him. Just like all these idiot voters voted for this demented puppet president because Trump was honest and cleaning the dishonesty up. He was like the strict step father that stepped in and starting to discipline the children. These people that voted for him, voted for biteme the puppet president only because it wasn’t President Trump instead of voting with their brain on who would run the country better. Now biteme the puppet president is on E.O. number 40, 50, hell who even knows anymore. They are just trying to do everything President Trump did and get rid of it like it never happened, just like history. If you tear it down it never happened. I’m so sick of what this country has become and they are getting worse.

John DeJulius (@guest_1174795)
1 year ago

Joe just does what he is TOLD to do and say !!!!!!!!! He is JUST a figure head and a place holder for the LEFT !!!!!!!!!!

David (@guest_1174883)
Reply to  John DeJulius
1 year ago

Hey Obama, Joey is the Ventriloquist Dummy.!! put him back in the box.!!

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