October 5, 2022

Biden energy secretary laughs at the idea of lower gas prices

Biden administration Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughed when asked about the administration’s plans to lower gas prices. 

According to a report in The Daily Caller, Granholm was asked during a Friday interview about the price of fuel that has been on a steep increase to the point of nationwide outrage. 

“That is hilarious,” Granholm laughed when asked by a Bloomberg anchor. “Would that I had the magic wand on this.”

As far as who the administration believes is responsible, the energy secretary blamed oil providers in the Middle East, claiming that the oil prices are primarily out of the federal government’s control. 

However, according to the Daily Caller’s report, the price of crude oil is linked closely to both inflation and gas prices.

Those prices surged on Friday after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russian producers declined to boost output at President Joe Biden’s request.

What Granholm failed to mention were the policies that the Biden administration have pushed, including the shutdown of U.S. pipelines and banned drilling projects on oil and gas leases on federal lands as major contributing factors to the fossil fuel industry’s uncertainty. 

Those actions have also led to growing dependence on OPEC and Russia which caused President Joe Biden to request increased supply, which they declined to do. 

“Millionaire Energy Secretary Granholm laughs as she acknowledges that the Biden regime has put OPEC back in charge of global oil production and soaring prices that are harming non-millionaire Americans. Under President Trump, American frackers were large and in charge of both, and prices were low,” said former member of the Trump transition team Steve Milloy.

“No US government official has ever thrown up their hands and cackled at Americans being gouged at the pump,” he continued. “Of course, no American President has purposefully gone out of his way to empower OPEC either.”




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