May 13, 2021

Biden ends the speculation, says he will not hold any rallies ahead of November

Democrat nominee Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he will not hold any campaign rallies for the upcoming election due to the coronavirus threat. 

“This is the most unusual campaign, I think, in modern history,” Biden said during his first press conference in months. “I start off with the premise that I’m going to follow the [doctor’s] orders, not just for me, but for the country. That means I am not going to be holding rallies.”

Democrats, and the mainstream media piled on President Trump for holding a campaign rally in Tulsa on June 20, complaining that the rally could turn into a coronavirus “super-spreader” event.

Biden tweeted the day of the rally, “Donald Trump is so eager to get back to his campaign rallies that he’s willing to put people at risk and violate CDC guidelines — as long as they sign a waiver promising not to hold his campaign liable.”

Of course, Biden conveniently ignored the large social gatherings across the nation protesting to defund the police.

Biden’s campaign is gambling that the American people will still vote for Biden even though he refuses to leave his basement to attend any town halls or press conferences to answer questions about his platform.

The most the American people may see from Biden until the November election is the three debates his campaign finally agreed to last week.

Though Biden and his campaign have couched his decision to forego campaign events leading up to the election in terms of coronavirus risk, we all know what’s going on here — Every single time Biden appears in front of the camera or in public, he commits egregious gaffes that only provide more ammunition for the Trump campaign.

It’s much safer — politically — for Biden to stay home while his press secretary, Symone Sanders, does all the talking for him.

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32 Responses

    1. He knows that he’ll screw up his speech and he knows that he had Dementia…Having Biden for President, Pelosi will take over with her drunken mouth and a little bit of Dementia as well… Anyone, that votes for Biden are just as bad or maybe, worse..TRUMP 2020…

  1. If the country is lucky, he’ll catch the virus and die. Then maybe his son will be charged for his crimes.

  2. Just go back to the basement and wait for your replacement to show up. How can you even think you’d be elected President? Wouldn’t a physical boot you out of office?

  3. How convenient this pandemic is for Biden and company!

    As usual, the Democrats are using yet another excuse for their inaction….and this is how they plan to have Puppet Joe win?

  4. NO! Biden wont hold rallys because he doesnt have the intelligence to do it, he has dementia ! So will he not be holding DEBATES against Pres. Trump? because Trump will flatten him out in two minutes!
    The media of course and the DNC will give him a pass! They dont want Trump to hold his rallyes!

  5. Pedo Joe, Senile Pedo Joe won’t do rallies because 1.) He can’t remember what city or state he’s in; 2.) He’s rude and aggressive when asked legitimate questions; 3.) He can’t complete a thought or sentence; 4.) And he is, after all, just a puppet to try to get him in the door, then they will pull the 25th Amendment and declare him UNFIT for office, and THEN they’ll usher in the real snake/tyrant to finish off America LIKE THE BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI AND THE NWO GLOBALIST GENOCIDAL HENCHMEN INTENDED!

    The DemonRats are the ENEMY WITHIN!

    1. How could anyone who has an ounce of sense vote for someone in his condition for president of the United States with a clear conscience?.. the Democratic Congress is behind this and it is one of the most shameful thing in our country’s history!!

  6. His blm campaign manager decided to use the virus to keep old silent joe in the basement thinking they will win if they keep perv joe from talking and answering questions..people are really crazy if they say this old fool has a chance against our war time president..his just a puppet for the radical left..just a prop..Trump 2020

  7. This guy has serious dementia….plus he is a damned pervert. Only a fool would take this guy seriously. Over 40 years in politics and he has done NOTHING good for anyone!

  8. This guy has been scared to talk to crowd,scared to debate Trump! How come the dems push a dead man walking to be a President?crazy!

  9. The Election here is a joke we mail-in AND every time THE NEXT 2 TO 4 DAYS thousands show up they lost them, and I believe the graveyard had a big mail pickup. all those mail-in have to come from someplace.
    I know one thing for sure we need Trump as President. He worships the Lord and he loves this country and he is a strong person with a kind heart! Okay, so it’s more than one thing I know. ha ha ha

  10. why do you think they want old pervert Biden as president. then they can yell him what to say and what bils to pass because they would be the one’s writing them. to line their pockets with more taxpayers money and keeep the black poor and in the ghettos. joe’s so stupid just like when he said 150,000 million Americans have died from the virus that his china buddies created in china. that’s over half the population of the U.S. just another moron demorat crapping out his mouth.

  11. I just cannot understand what is wrong with the Democrats? They need to wake up or the will be living in another;
    People where do you think they are going to get the money for everything to be free.
    We will be standing in line to get a bag of rice for 7 hours! Etc. God please help America! We have always needed you in our lives and they are trying to take you out of everything, even your pictures. God please I’m begging you to please in the name of Jesus, help us and place a triple, triple, triple hedge of guardian angels around each of us and the USA. AMEN. ❤️✝️🙏💜🇺🇸

  12. He isn’t holding rallies simply because he could not gather enough people to attend them! How pitiful it would be to hold a rally and less than 100 people show up for it!

  13. How could he hold anything when he has a damn problem saying his name!!! Dumborats you are sick puppies. You think too win with the VP pick!! America is wise too your tricks!!! America Vote RED… Trump 2020!!

  14. That’s fine. No Rallies.

    Doesn’t mean you can’t attend debates with President Trump on a closed stage, televised live.

  15. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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