September 30, 2022

Biden ends first year with pandemic still out of control

Biden’s pledge to stop the coronavirus has instead ended in mourning more than 800,000 deaths by the end of his first year in office, with more than 400,000 during this time as president.

The nation ends 2021 with many New Year’s celebrations canceled as the Omicron variant spreads to increase positive cases. In addition, new closures and restrictions to offices, schools, sporting events and other activities increase rather than decrease as Biden looks to begin 2022.

The grim outlook marks a stark contrast to his early expectations. Despite widespread vaccines and even booster shots, COVID-19 has yet to let up at the levels promised a year ago.

A candid look at the year-end review shows not only a continuing pandemic but problems in multiple areas, including inflation, gas prices, vaccine mandate issues and border numbers that have spiraled out of control.

Instead of admitting the problems and making corrections, however, the Biden administration has sought to argue it is has been successful, portraying a winning strategy rather than a year filled with losses.

The reality is quite different, and Americans know it. The reason more than 20 House Democrats have already announced not running again in 2022 is not simply due to other opportunities but realizing the party is likely to experience significant losses due to Biden’s first-year blunders.




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