June 29, 2022

Biden downplays Pelosi’s $5 trillion spending agenda

President Joe Biden expressed doubts on Monday that his $5 trillion in legislation would pass in the House of Representatives this week, in contrast with the plans of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Well, it may not be by the end of the week,” he told reporters on Monday, according to Breitbart News. “I hope it’s by the end of the week.”

Pelosi sent a letter on Saturday to House Democrats with an urgent focus on passing three bills this week. They included the $1.5 trillion infrastructure deal, $3.5 trillion spending bill and a bill to fund the government and avoid a shutdown.

“The next few days will be a time of intensity,” Pelosi said in the letter. “We sent a CR to the Senate and are awaiting their action to avoid a shutdown.”

Pelosi also emphasized the passing of the infrastructure bill on Sept. 30. “We must pass the BIF to avoid the expiration of the surface transportation funding on September 30,” the letter added.

The Build Back Better Act was her third focus. She planned a Monday evening meeting with the Democratic House Caucus to discuss details regarding the votes this week.

Pelosi may want to pass all three bills this week, but even Biden has his doubts regarding whether the plans will be successful.

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