July 4, 2022

Biden constructing taxpayer funded fence costing half a million dollars around his Delaware beach home

President Joe Biden’s beach house in Delaware is getting an upgrade in the form of a fence surrounding the part-time residence that is costing the taxpayers almost half a million dollars. 

According to a report in The Washington Examiner, the $456,548 fence was given a budget by the Department of Homeland Security in September of this year.

USASpending.gov indicates that the job is being contracted to Rehoboth’s Turnstone Builders, a Delaware construction company, who is tasked with building the security barrier around the Biden family beach home.

The home was bought in 2017 by Joe Biden in the North Shores area of Delaware for about $2.7 million, the county tax records indicate. The president has used the residence twice since being installed in the Oval Office, according to The Examiner. 

During his June visit to the beach house, Secret Service and the local, still funded, police department reportedly set up a security checkpoint near the house, a pond within a short distance was closed, and the Federal Aviation Administration moved to temporarily restrain flight over the area. 

The second visit to the house was no less laden with security several months later, including security zones by the United States Coast Guard which affected both the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal and the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the Cape Gazette construction on the terminate barrier has not yet commenced, as of the third week of October, but the news outlet reported that they expect the construction to be completed by the end of the year. 

Given the administration’s official take on the ineffectiveness and lack of necessity of walls to secure those inside them, conservatives will no doubt find this taxpayer-funded construction project troubling.

The Washington Examiner requested a comment from the White House on the issue of the new fence but did not receive a response.

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