May 23, 2022

Biden confirms Harris will be his running mate in 2024

President Joe Biden confirmed on Wednesday that Vice President Kamala Harris will be his running mate again in 2024.

Biden was asked during his press conference marking his first year in office whether he was pleased with her work and if he intended to keep Harris as his running mate when he runs for reelection.

“Yes, and yes,” Biden answered. “She will be my running mate.”

“She’s going to be my running mate, number one. And number two, I did put her in charge. I think she’s doing a good job.”

The response comes after Harris became unhinged in a recent NBC News interview where she was visibly shocked at the question of whether she would be on the ticket with Biden in 2024.

The press conference made it clear she will be running with Biden if he runs in 2024, but many believe he won’t seek another term due, especially if Democrats struggle during the 2022 midterms.

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