September 18, 2021

Joe Biden compares Trump to Hitler henchman Joseph Goebbels

Democrat nominee Joe Biden stunned viewers on Saturday by ham-fistedly comparing President Trump to infamous Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) responded by ordering Biden to apologize for the offensive comparison, declaring that “there is no place in political discourse for Holocaust imagery or comparing candidates to Nazis.”

Biden told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that Trump is “sort of like Goebbels” during a Saturday interview. “You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge,” Biden explained.

Ruhle did not push back on Biden’s invocation of Nazi imagery in reference to Donald Trump, but the RJC did, issuing a statement condemning Biden’s callous and unnecessary comparison:

The rule in debate is that if your only argument is to call your opponent a Nazi, you have no argument at all. Instead of engaging in a debate on policy, Joe Biden has descended to name-calling and Holocaust references.

There is no place in political discourse for Holocaust imagery or comparing candidates to Nazis. It’s offensive and it demeans the memory of the Holocaust, the suffering of the victims, and the lessons we must learn from that terribly dark chapter of history. Joe Biden has been in politics long enough to know this. To diminish the horrors of Goebbels and the Nazis by trying to attack the President with that comparison is, as we say, a shanda.

We call on Joe Biden to retract and apologize for that egregious comment.

Democrats regularly compare Trump to Hitler or invoke imagery from the Holocaust to bolster their political attacks on Trump, and this isn’t the first time Joe Biden has likened Trump to Goebbels.

Biden made a similar comment in 2019, comparing Trump to Goebbels while calling for Trump’s impeachment.

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Tommie (@guest_1053259)
11 months ago

Joe doesn’t even know who Goebbels is!!!…. ROFL!!!!

Theodore (@guest_1053295)
Reply to  Tommie
11 months ago


alicia (@guest_1053324)
Reply to  Tommie
11 months ago

I was going to ask the same thing. Does this fool know who these germans were? WHAT THEY STOOD FOR, WHAT THEY DID TO THE WORLD? How may deaths they are responsible for? Why WE fought them?
What a piece of garbage jb is.! Sick and STUPID

Alan (@guest_1053388)
Reply to  alicia
11 months ago

That’s all the old fool has ,call people names and nothing but lies..puppet for the radical mob in the Democrat party.sanders, harris, aoc which want to tear down the country with the BLM mob and antifa.pelosi using the virus trying to steal the election with mail in voting .msm covering for their lies ..looks like communists to me..Trump 2020

Barbara Gates (@guest_1053407)
Reply to  Alan
11 months ago

You can tell that Biden don’t even what to be a part of all this but the DEMS are forcing him to because they covered for HUNTER. So, he has to pay back the favor and JILL should be arrested for abuse of an ELDERLY MAN.

Louise (@guest_1053396)
Reply to  alicia
11 months ago

It was probably written for him. He just reads. And he doesnt do that well either. Trump is the president of the u.s.!!! Powerfulest man on earth!!! Wheres the RESPECT??
And who studys for a debate? You just answer the truth and give the truth…. Unless you have lied for so long you dont know the truth.
Trump/Pence 2020 🇺🇸

Karole Conaway (@guest_1053458)
Reply to  alicia
11 months ago

Sleepy Joe doesn’t even know what he stands for. He lost his mind long ago… if he ever had one.

Linda Castenson (@guest_1053592)
Reply to  alicia
11 months ago

Joe Biden is despicable! He is guilty of so many crimes and tries to put that guilt into our President Trump. Biden can not measure up to the greatest President in U.S.
history in any way!

Goode Yeoman (@guest_1053357)
Reply to  Tommie
11 months ago

You’re right and he also told how the Dems work by lying and lying until some uninformed people begin to believe them.

Kate (@guest_1053387)
Reply to  Goode Yeoman
11 months ago

I think joe is confused, he is really dicribing himself and nancy.

James Hess (@guest_1053525)
Reply to  Tommie
11 months ago

goebbels stated accuse others of what you are guilty !!!!! So figure it out !!!!

Richard (@guest_1053635)
Reply to  Tommie
11 months ago

I compare Creepy Joe to a 3 year old and I’m just trying to be nice.

Jim Hardnock (@guest_1053260)
11 months ago

Biden is a senile puppet with strings being pulled by the left and George Soros.

Russ (@guest_1053265)
Reply to  Jim Hardnock
11 months ago

Soros the nazi in all of this.

Robert Trier (@guest_1053290)
Reply to  Russ
11 months ago

Well after all he did work with them, their ideals had to rub off on him …

Linda Evans (@guest_1053276)
Reply to  Jim Hardnock
11 months ago

Yes , Soros The Communist is almost a compliment to Biden. Puppet is what Biden is like Oboma was & still is.

Expose Them (@guest_1053309)
Reply to  Jim Hardnock
11 months ago

Soros the brownshirt Pulls ALL strings

Martha (@guest_1053352)
Reply to  Jim Hardnock
11 months ago

Biden is a joke and he’d been a joke for all those 47 yrs he spent in politics
All he did was to enrich himself and his family , and nothing for the people .
Besides the fact that his behavior was always slimy, always inappropriately touching women and kids .
Corrupt and nasty !!!!

Keyboard Whiz (@guest_1053261)
11 months ago

Biden is a mouth……wide open with no brain attached. He’a senile old fool.

Sick and tired (@guest_1053285)
Reply to  Keyboard Whiz
11 months ago

A dangerous old fool !

Expose Them (@guest_1053304)
Reply to  Sick and tired
11 months ago

Biden and soros

gr (@guest_1053348)
Reply to  Expose Them
11 months ago

Both biden & soros are Communist party operative’s

Marta (@guest_1053627)
Reply to  gr
11 months ago

Biden, Soros, Steyer, Bernie, AOC, Omar, Schumer, Pelosi … all communists, America haters !!!!
We must vote all the so called “democrats “ out !!!!
God Bless America !!

Irene C Grooms (@guest_1053540)
Reply to  Sick and tired
11 months ago


Ruben (@guest_1053262)
11 months ago

Is anyone surprised? Here’s the list, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Clinton. That’s just the beginning of a list, that’s the modern mafia. They’ll say anything, call anyone anything, to try and destroy anybody. The democrats that are running for any position today, are the biggest scum in our country’s history.

Theodore (@guest_1053299)
Reply to  Ruben
11 months ago

Incl. Murder.

Expose Them (@guest_1053312)
Reply to  Theodore
11 months ago

The ends justifies the means

Larry (@guest_1053314)
Reply to  Ruben
11 months ago

All of them should be in prison right now.

Carl Mac (@guest_1053267)
11 months ago

And voters are going to vote for THIS as president of the United States ? then these who do are just as sick as biden is wanting communists and China to be behind everything that puppet biden and harris want including disarming Americans and having open borders so criminals from Mexico come flowing into America we’ll become another Venezuela. VOTE FOR TRUMP SAVE AMERICA.

Dewey L (@guest_1053270)
11 months ago

A long time ago the Democratic party was a pretty decent bunch of people. They must have run out of decent people because they are getting them from the bottom of the barrel now.

Todd (@guest_1053283)
Reply to  Dewey L
11 months ago

Unfortunately I have to agree. At this point they don’t ever try to hide their ignorance and hatred for America its on full display for the world to see. One can only hope that TDS turns out to be terminal.

Theodore (@guest_1053300)
Reply to  Dewey L
11 months ago

The toilet

John (@guest_1053271)
11 months ago

Any media person that allows this behavior in either side deserves to be fired. In any government or private industry that I am aware of serious repercussions would occur to anybody who participated in this type of conversation. Fire Stephanie Ruble now.

Theodore (@guest_1053306)
Reply to  John
11 months ago

That would be the norm but under today’s rule of thought, they would give her a promotion.

No common sense, or decently any more.

most dems are Hatefull EVIL Liars (@guest_1053326)
Reply to  John
11 months ago

Fired by whom? Their masters that order them to behave like that or be fired? There is no integrity left in the mainstream media. And tha includes face book.

Cheri Taylor (@guest_1053273)
11 months ago

The leftists are following Karl Marx’s playbook. In this instance they are accusing Our President of doing what they do all the time. The leftists name-call and accuse over and over until the citizens who listen and read only the controlled leftist media actually believe their lies.

Theodore (@guest_1053317)
Reply to  Cheri Taylor
11 months ago

Repeat and remember.

The furnace in Hell is heating up!!

Severa M Hill (@guest_1053282)
11 months ago

Biden is SORRY ! HE is the scum of the earth. He and the rest of the Demons in the Dem party need to find themselves another country where they can be put down like rabid dogs. I am so glad he did not say that in front of me cause I would have turned his head backwards. It is very offensive for what he said. Biden has no morals he is like the mafia along with others in his group. They need to move to the end of the world there is no room for him to have said that. That’s why they call them rabid dogs.

Martha (@guest_1053354)
Reply to  Severa M Hill
11 months ago

100% correct !!!!!
All the democrats have become nothing but a bunch of POS, scums, thugs, power hungry corrupt marxists !!!!!
We must vote them out !!!!

Expose Them (@guest_1053286)
11 months ago

Once again, the dems and biden accuse conservatives of doing exactly what they are actually doing! They take their instruction from brown shirt soros whom was mentored by Gobbels. Just look at all the puppet organizations, with the fancy nice sounding names, that soros funds! All a ruse! Just follow the money trail to the devil!

Victor Lozoya (@guest_1053293)
11 months ago

Do you how to tell when a democratic is lies it when his /her lips are moving

Theodore (@guest_1053308)
Reply to  Victor Lozoya
11 months ago

Oh! I thought it was when their tail stops wagging.

Tim Toroian (@guest_1053297)
11 months ago

Joe, my man, you remind me of Neville Chamberlain’s sickly 1st cousin.
The only thing in this country resembling anything Hitler is Antifa and its style of intimidation and Ralph Northam and the other who support very late or post birth murder, oops I mean “abortion”.

Denise Fernandez (@guest_1053337)
Reply to  Tim Toroian
11 months ago

Democrats are so blind sided they do not see Pelosi will ruin America IF she can to get them in. Although it is not going to happen. We are against Antifa we believe babies should not be “Killed” minutes before they are going to be born. In this day and age you have an unwanted pregnancy, you are a moron who needs to be neutered. Sorry but true. They want to give our social security to immigrants and jobs in this crisis to immigrants. Democratic Party needs to be replace. Trump Hilter no fighting from day one against these horrible people.

Marlene (@guest_1053298)
11 months ago

Biden is nothing more than a place holder. Pelosi has a hidden, well maybe not so hidden, agenda. She plans on being president. The constitution says in case the winner of the election is not determined by January 20th, the speaker of the House becomes president until the winner is determined. Who wants to bet the winner is never determined.

Larry (@guest_1053323)
Reply to  Marlene
11 months ago

God help us if this evil witch becomes president for just one day!

Rosemarie Weleski (@guest_1053303)
11 months ago

They are desperate!! They will use whatever they can to get weak minded sheep to follow them. So sad!!

Joanna Savage (@guest_1053307)
11 months ago

Talk about irony, the democrats are the closest thing to Nazi’s our country has ever seen.

Expose Them (@guest_1053327)
Reply to  Joanna Savage
11 months ago

The 4th reich

Wesley Griffin (@guest_1053310)
11 months ago

I hear and see a lot of very negative things about Biden/Harris . I must be missing something in all of this.
Most of Hollywood and just about all of the NFL, NASCAR, and the MBA have become highly paid advocates for the BLM, ANTIFA, and Biden for president.
Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has endorsed Biden/Harris this week. I am done with all of them…
In any country you can name we would be considered at war (Civil War)….Cant understand WHY it is taking so long for the average citizen to grasp hold of this ?

Carl Peal (@guest_1053319)
11 months ago

It has been a proven tactic of the left that if you can’t argue on facts, you attack your opponent and demean him or her. Once more that is illustrated perfectly. Yet to many, this is acceptable? Shameful is more like it. JMO

Elizabeth Carroll (@guest_1053334)
11 months ago

Publishing Joe Biden’s stupid, inappropriate, gutter language remarks is a sad thing to have to read. Whatever happened to common courtesy? I have been alive well over 7 decades and never have I seen such disgusting, demeaning commentary and lack of restraint in the public forum. How can we. as Americans, count on any self respect (let alone respect from the rest of the world) if we display this kind of garbage/gutter language for our children and the world to see? If this type of exchange continues, what legacy can we hope to leave for our children and grandchildren? God help us!

JayJay (@guest_1053347)
11 months ago

Biden should know. “You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge.” That has been the policy of the Democrat Party, at the very least, since Obama was president and possibly before. It was just made apparent during his term.

looie bamis (@guest_1053351)
11 months ago


Les kefauver (@guest_1053356)
11 months ago

Goebbels said if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it to be true.

Roger H Hornaday (@guest_1053359)
11 months ago

Biden was describing himself. Even he believes his own lies because he has told them so many times. He has a long history of lies including lies about his past, his college resume, his time as VP, and as a Senator.

Robert Bates (@guest_1053370)
11 months ago

Real sick

mbr722 (@guest_1053393)
11 months ago

I don’t think JB is confused, just stupid. Any one who is Jewish has to be in shock at the stupidity of the remark he made likening our President to a fundamentally flawed Nazi! I am disgusted at just how low these leftists stoop! At the moment I’m not sure they can get much lower, but I’m sure they will before this election debacle is over. Say goidbye, JB, you’re just about finished!

Patrick Garland (@guest_1053418)
11 months ago

Seems funny that Joe Biden would saying anything about Stalin or Hitler his campaign and his promise is pattern right after the Nazis themselves looks like Joe Biden is one of them

Barry (@guest_1053443)
11 months ago

Groping Joe and the Ignorance Shows No Boundaries Demonic party.
Out of respect to 6 million slaughtered people it seems groping Joe could find other reference.
It shows how out of touch with reality the whole party is. TDS has destroyed their ability to be rational or to tell the Truth about anything

Terry (@guest_1053468)
11 months ago

LOL 😂🤣!! Has Biden looked at the Democrat’s and the Lies they keep repeating and the Media helps spread THESE LIES!!! The Democrat’s are the modern day NAZIS, learn History Joe, because it’s being repeated!!!!!

Patty (@guest_1053853)
11 months ago

The demonrats are so LOW they have to reach up to touch bottom! THEY are the ones telling the lies, hoping some stupid people will believe them. Big mike mis spoke when she said “ when they go low, we go higher”, she really meant “ we go much lower”! Biden is an absolute fool, clearly “ apes” what ever he is told! Harris is useless as a used piece of toilet tissue! My God, is there no limit to their lunacy? Piglosi is quite mad, Schumer is her consort, shiff belongs on a chain gang, nodding Nadler needs a long nap! And —— these people are supposed to represent us? Give a monkey a banana, and he could do a better job than all of them combined! Time to really drain the swamp, VOTE RED, take our country back and get them OUT!!! kAG

Alma (@guest_1054249)
11 months ago

Why don’t we impeach all of the lying bas!!!!!?, including all 3 of the Bidens and Pelosi and her Buddy?

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10 months ago

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