August 1, 2021

Joe Biden compares Trump to Hitler henchman Joseph Goebbels

Democrat nominee Joe Biden stunned viewers on Saturday by ham-fistedly comparing President Trump to infamous Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) responded by ordering Biden to apologize for the offensive comparison, declaring that “there is no place in political discourse for Holocaust imagery or comparing candidates to Nazis.”

Biden told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that Trump is “sort of like Goebbels” during a Saturday interview. “You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge,” Biden explained.

Ruhle did not push back on Biden’s invocation of Nazi imagery in reference to Donald Trump, but the RJC did, issuing a statement condemning Biden’s callous and unnecessary comparison:

The rule in debate is that if your only argument is to call your opponent a Nazi, you have no argument at all. Instead of engaging in a debate on policy, Joe Biden has descended to name-calling and Holocaust references.

There is no place in political discourse for Holocaust imagery or comparing candidates to Nazis. It’s offensive and it demeans the memory of the Holocaust, the suffering of the victims, and the lessons we must learn from that terribly dark chapter of history. Joe Biden has been in politics long enough to know this. To diminish the horrors of Goebbels and the Nazis by trying to attack the President with that comparison is, as we say, a shanda.

We call on Joe Biden to retract and apologize for that egregious comment.

Democrats regularly compare Trump to Hitler or invoke imagery from the Holocaust to bolster their political attacks on Trump, and this isn’t the first time Joe Biden has likened Trump to Goebbels.

Biden made a similar comment in 2019, comparing Trump to Goebbels while calling for Trump’s impeachment.

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