May 23, 2022

Biden commits embarrassing gaffe during White House photo-op with Paralympians: ‘Don’t jump!’

The frequently bizarre nature of President Joe Biden’s public musings has elicited everything from pity to mockery since he ascended to the Oval Office, but a remark he made on Wednesday during a White House visit from a group of Paralympic athletes was not just tone-deaf but could be interpreted by some as an attack on those who have triumphed over adversity, as the Daily Wire reports.

According to The Hill, the president and first lady hosted hundreds of athletes from the last two Olympic and Paralympic Games, which took place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with the athletes themselves gathering on the South Lawn of the White House.

Among the competitors featured during the program were Paralympic triathlete Melissa Stockwell, wheelchair rugby standout Chuck Aoki, Paralympic skiers Danelle Umstead and Tyler Carter, and wheelchair basketball notable Matt Scott.

Lauding those in attendance, the commander in chief declared, “You all have such incredible character. You look at how you handle victor and defeat – it’s just astounding, astounding,” adding, “[i]n you, I see who we are as a nation. We believe in America, anything is possible, and you are the explanation of what we mean.”

Unfortunately, those words of praise were, for many, overshadowed by Biden’s utterly strange admonition to some unidentified person or persons – made within immediate earshot of several wheelchair-bound guests – in which he said, “Don’t jump!” WATCH:

The Daily Wire noted that the odd command is something of a favorite of the president’s, as he has issued it in a number of other seemingly inappropriate situations, typically prompting uncomfortable laughter from those present, who were likely wondering why the prospect of anyone jumping from an elevated position would be at the forefront of Biden’s mind on repeated occasions.

This is not the first time Biden has stuck his foot in his mouth, so to speak, in the presence of disabled guests, as was evidenced by an infamous 2008 campaign event in which he enthusiastically implored then-Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham to stand for the crowd – either out of forgetfulness or obliviousness to the fact that the lawmaker was confined to a wheelchair due to injuries suffered in a car accident.

Though certainly not the most egregious – or even dangerous – flub on the part of the current president, Biden’s increasing propensity toward mental misfired and malaprops only bolsters the arguments of those who believe it is past time for him to submit to cognitive testing to establish whether or not he is fit to continue serving as the purported leader of the free world.

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