September 20, 2020

Biden’s collapse in the polls continues: This time among Hispanic voters in Florida

It’s undeniable at this point that Joe Biden is collapsing in the polls with just two months to go until election day — and he hasn’t even appeared in any debates yet. 

As Donald Trump closes the gap in several key battleground states, a new Quinnipiac poll shows that Biden’s support among Hispanic voters in Florida has taken a major hit.

In fact, Trump has taken the lead in support among Hispanic voters in Florida with 45 percent of the vote as opposed to Biden’s 43 percent. These numbers are even more shocking when compared to 2016 polls.

According to Breitbart, “Currently, Trump is polling ten points higher with Florida Hispanics than his 2016 Election Day numbers. Joe Biden … is polling 19 points worse — 19 whole points — than Hillary Clinton did in 2016.”

Politico noted that Biden’s poor showing in Florida correlates with accusations that his campaign is doing little to galvanize the Hispanic base in the state — a concerning trend considering the fact that Hillary Clinton polled dramatically better than Biden is currently and still lost the state. 

To add insult to injury, a Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll found that Donald Trump’s overall approval continues to rise, hitting 52 percent on Friday — Trump’s highest rating since before the pandemic struck.

This poll notes a six-point swing in approval among likely voters, but also found a four-point decrease in disapproval as Trump takes a hardline stance against riots and violence.

These new polls have Joe Biden’s campaign in full panic mode. After months of sequestering Biden in his basement using COVID-19 concerns as an excuse, his handlers have trotted him out in front of the cameras for multiple public appearances this week — but is it too little, too late?

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32 Responses

  1. Biden is a pathetic candidate. We saw yesterday where they handed out question to ask him and it backfired. The media is working to assist him and even with all the help he is a mess. Remember Donna Brazile gave Hillary the questions that were going to be asked in the debates. Can’t believe Fox hired her. Fox doesn’t need corropt people.

    1. One of the many reasons that I do not watch Fox News nearly as much as I used to was the hiring of Danna Brazile. You are correct in describing her as being corrupt.

    2. Biden is corrupt. His track record shows he only used his office to serve himself, his family and friends.
      His radical ideas would turn our country and lives into a train wreck. It’s time to put old Joe out to pasture.

    3. Become more and more disappointed in Fox. What is most disturbing is Chris Wallace and he is going to moderate one of the debates. He dislikes Pres. Trump intensely. I refuse to watch his program or any program he is moderating.

      1. Judith

        I don’t like Chris Wallace either and I also won’t watch his show on Sundays. I think at the end of the debate between Trump and Biden, people can vote for the person they like. We ALL need to vote for Trump because you know the Democrats will vote for Biden no matter how bad he does at the debate.

  2. All people have to do is take a good honest look at both candidates and it is quit easy to see who the best man is for the job. Hispanic voters and Black voters are seeing for themselves that President Trump is the best man for that job and more and more are supporting him as president and the democrats just hate that.

    1. They hate to admit it, since they have always supported Democrats, and are seeing for the first time, how they manipulated them, and kept them hostage……But crooks are at work….Make sure to vote RED , From Trump on down

      1. Yes, vote RED all the way down your ballot because Republicans must take back control of the House. If the Democrats lose the House, they will not be able to impeach Trump again which is what they are planning if Trump wins in 2020. Also, Republicans need to keep control of the Senate. The Democrats only need to switch 4 seats in the Senate to gain control. The Senate usually is used to vote for a new Supreme Court Justice and the majority gets to vote for new judges. Tell everybody you know to vote RED straight ticket and to show up to the voting place on November 3. Don’t use mail-in voting because the Democrats are planning to cheat and use fraud big time across the U.S. to make sure Biden wins. They will throw away the Republican mail-in votes, so go in person to vote so they can’t do that!!!

  3. No surprise! The BIG SURPRISE is how many “thinking” democrats can actually say they support the Biden/Soros Marxist ticket! For years we’ve watched desperate citizens of Cuba, Venezuela, East Germany & others risk their lives & spend their fortunes trying to escape their Marxist regimes!

    1. It shows how successful the Progressives have been in dumbing down over two generations of Americans through the education system, particularly the colleges and universities down to the public schooling system mandated by DOE policies!! Too many “useful idiots” who DON’T know their history.

  4. Polls matter very little nowadays because not everyone in the country is being polled .Many do not like polls and some do not state the true person We will vote for . This distorts the next winner of the elections . Trump will win again . I do not always vote for Trump to throw the losers for a fall –the doomocrats will loose big time or as I state it large time .

  5. How caan anyone in the eir right mind vote for riots, vioemce, beating up COPS and dismantling of them & ICE?
    Are those people on drugs? or are they so dang stupid, ignorant or simply illiterate that they think the domestic terrorists will not come after them? Terrorists can NOT be negotiated with!!! Sooner or later they will beat you up too. What happened to Wheeler? His condo was set on fire, ignoring there wre other families and children living there.! Common sense. USE your COMMON SENSE!!! They are out to destroy what America is about, your livelihoods, your communities, your jobs, your schools, your churches, Capitalism and make us a hell hole country run by dictators who will have TOTAL control of EVERYTHING! WHERE will we go then?? Theres no other place to go to folks. No place. Fix what we have, do NOT destroy it.! 250 years of FREEDOM!!!

    1. ” Government Parasite” is correct and has accomplished NOTHING in those 47 years except taking credit for being Obama’s side-kick – which is nothing to be proud of.

  6. Biden is collapsing? well duhhhhh ! Pray tell me, just WHAT was his original poll l lead based on???? Poll asked only Dems ? Or some presumed situation, ……. like ……Trump messed up so Biden HAS to be better?????? A pure house of cards, easily collapsed when facts as who has accomplished anything that’s good, foreign & domestic, for the country – ie the job of President, really come in. .. Style points for being a polished orator or practised politician are mere show. Accomplishments last and are what counts. As to accomplishments, waz the score…. Trump ??? to Biden ??? . Winner gets my vote.

  7. People are slowly realizing the dem party is the party of socialism , communism , anarchy , constant organized crime , the theft of taxpayer funds to fund terrorism & even , in 2015 , funded the communist chinese lab that created the virus . per their NWO agenda goals . …. On the other hand you have Trump – who isn’t into ANY of that , and with absolutely NO MOTIVE to do any of that !

    1. Nancy Pelosi recent blunder(s) have increased the downward trend of Biden. The left appears to have two rules — One that allows them to behave in any aberrant way that chose while the rest of us have to follow the rules prescribed by THEM.

  8. Tulsi Gabbard was an “outsider” but she could beat Trump with Joe Manchin as her VP. She could do this without the “left.”

    1. I like Tulsi but she’s a Democrat, and Democrats are no longer our friends. They want Communism. They want to impose another lockdown on us as soon as they win seats, including Biden/Harris

  9. Doesn’t matter when Biden comes out of the basement. With the Democrat platform being what it is I could NEVER vote democrat anyway. In my book if you have a D in front of your name my vote goes to the other side period. Anyone advocating baby killing is a no no.

  10. Most of the polls only tell you what the pollsters want you hear. Look at the polls for the last several election cycles. DemoRats always, always poll higher than Republicans. You’re not really going to know for sure until the votes are tallied and the winner is announced. It’s really up to the electoral college anyway.
    But I do believe Donald Trump will win this election skillfully and easily.
    MAGA 2020

  11. When Biden is out the campaigning he only has about 20 people at the rally. Compared to President Trump’s rallies that fill up an airplane hanger and then some. As Joe would say “Come On Man”. Then Biden has people picked from the reporters to ask him soft ball questions. Which he barley answers. And if he’s lucky he can put a sentence together to make sense.


    1. Biden is leading in the polls because they poll more Democrats than Republicans which skews the polls making them inaccurate. The Democrat media won’t tell you that, they just go on and on about how good Biden is doing. Pray for Trump and all the Republicans running in the House and Senate to win!!

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