February 24, 2021

Biden claims African American community is not ‘diverse’ like Latino community

Just when you think Joe Biden can’t possibly make a more embarrassing spectacle of himself, he comes up with a new way to offend.

During a virtual interview released on Thursday with the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), Biden declared that the black community is not “diverse.”

Biden’s bewildering claim came in an interview that has been released in pieces over the last several days, and every new clip released shows another shocking memory lapse or gaffe.

National Public Radio’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked Biden about his position on the deportation of Cubans, to which Biden responded by saying he would extend the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program immediately upon entering the oval office.

Garcia Navarro followed up with another question asking if Biden would prioritize restoring the relationship between the US and Cuba — Biden’s reply is where the interview went off the rails.

“The answer is yes, I’m gonna engage,” Biden replied. “And by the way, what you all know, but most people don’t know, unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community, with incredibly different attitudes about different things … it’s a very diverse community.”

Garcia-Navarro did not question Biden’s surprising assessment of the black community, but the Trump campaign did.

Katrina Pierson, a senior adviser to the president’s reelection campaign, tweeted, “Hey media – Are you guys gonna cover this or continue to pretend that this is acceptable? There are only 3 words to describe these disgusting comments from @JoeBiden: RACIST AF.”

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69 Responses

  1. Joe Biden continues to make a fool of himself. Anyone that votes for Joe Biden has to be as brain dead as he is, he is in NO proper mental state to run our country.

    1. Agree, agree agree, very senile, he reminds me of someone that I knew had alzheimers and he showed it when he wanted to fight someone how ask him a question,who disagreed with him that’s one thing that happens!!!!!!! They will knock you down in a minute and will not no they are doing it!!!!

      1. Yes. Red white and blue. The colors of our flag. A very patriot choice for someone who love America and We the people. Great choice for The President of the United States of America. You forgot to mention the American Flag lapel pin he always wears.

    2. Ahhhh…John….don’t say that! Just remember that Biden is the best of them. NO demonrats are in a proper mental state to run our country. It takes a village idiot to turn a big city into the demonrat’s house.

    1. Don’t be cruel this man is being tooled by fools who know their fuel for power is to keep on fooling fools by ‘outing’ their 2020 fool of choice: Joe our woe if we don’t if we don’t vote NO or in their words NFW!!!

      1. Well, it goes like this:. The Demos are hoping to put poor Joe in the White House and shortly after he has been installed at the President, they will declare him imcompetent to continue in the office of President and the VP will take over and be governed by Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the corrupt people in Congress. If you think this won’t happen, you better think again. This is my personal opinion, but look at the whole picture people, especially those that will vote for Biden. He has dementia. Sounds and acts just like my husband who has dementia.

        1. I have been saying that to people in the liberal business for a long time, and most are in California, and from what I hear back thay agree.i was going to try mich, but thay are so brain dead it stinks. My daddy was a Democrat, and he told me to be one to. So I am, forever!!!

          1. I too was a democrat, with great emphasis on” WAS”. After what all the democratic mayor’s/ governors are permitting, even encouraging with the blm and antifa groups, and defunding police( which is soo asinine) i have listened more closely to gop. Seems as tho republicans are the only ones that truly care about america and her people/ her history etc. I WILL VOTE TRUMP IN 2020, FOR CERTAIN !!!!!!!!!

          2. If your daddy said to drive in reverse on the freeway would you do that? Time to look at things logically, realistically, and do not be mislead by the ideals of the past. The man (Biden) has dementia! Remember he will be the Commander and Chief giving orders to our service men & women. Would you trust someone that cannot put two words together to ultimately make a call on their lives just because your daddy was a democrat and told you to be one? If you are old enough to vote it is time to grow up and be your OWN man and make your own decision on how to vote.

          3. There is a BIG difference between the Democrat Party you daddy believed in and the Democrat party we see today. Do you truly believe that your daddy would be in favor of allowing destruction of our large cities and doing away with our police? That is what you need to think about. I can understand being true to your dad’s memory; however, he wouldn’t even recognize what that party has become. Would he be in favor of today’s Democrats?

  2. Joe Biden continues to make a fool of himself. Anyone that votes for Joe Biden has to be as brain dead as he is, he is in NO proper mental state to run our country. Your absolutely WRONG, i did not post this comment at any other time, if your playing politics, go play with someone else.

  3. The Liberals in this country deserve Biden they don’t deserve President Trump!! Sorry folks that’s the way it is!!
    Keep on going president Trump we have your back!!!! God Bless the USA!!!

    1. I’m on the Trump train going Choo choo!!! He’s the very best we have n if some republicans vote for Biten yes Biten, then their the problem along w/the other idiots demos! The Antifa along w/the BLM n all the riots that they have caused is a damn shame to r history! What the hell is wrong w/these idiots??? Their not educated at all! Bought n paid for by George Soros….he’s such an evil man!!!! My parents r turning in their graves! I was a Democrat….I am ashamed to ever mention that….I’m a proud republican n I shout it to the world! GO TRUMP!!!!!!

  4. let biden keep talking , there will be no debates because without his handlers ,biden can’t even make a complete sentance. he can’t remember where he is or who he is talking to. biden is about a year from being in a nursing home because of his mental decline .i feel sorry for the man ,but not sorry enough to vote for him . shady acres has his reservation ready.

    1. True! I would never vote for someone has spent his life in government and not accomplished one thing, but I do feel sorry for him. He is being pulled around by his handlers and has not a clue as to what is really going on. If (God help us) he is elected I wonder who actually will be “ruining” our country.

  5. Joe Bidon is as racist as they come. He puts the black community down every chance he gets. If this happens s the best the Democratics have what does that tell you about the rest of them. All I hear out of Democratics is lies. Cheating couruption. F them and the horse they rode in on

  6. Cuba’s political party,COMMUNISM should never be recognized for anything but just what they are. The people on the other hand would dearly love to be set free from the chains of Communism but only if that commie bunch in control were done away with.

    1. Why do you think the Left is pushing Drugs for all in America, Legalize every drug possible so they have a bunch of Burn outs to vote for them.

  7. Good Afternoon they won’t think nothing about that the dems and fake news will put there spin on what he said that will be forgotten tomorrow and they’ll just start back on Donald J Trump our President and the N R A

  8. Glad to see the demoncraps are consistent.They abuse the elderly and will go bonkers because they screwed their own party.They love to lose and blame someone else.Karma

  9. Joe Bribe em has done nothing for this country in the47 years he has been in politics just like Pilousey not one thing notable that you can name he has always been a racist him and those like him are the reason I left the demonrat party many years ago as a young man I was raised a Democrat as I got older and able to do my own research on the party I became an independent and decided I had to vote for the person who could hold America first and the American citizens first or at least the lesser of the evil and there were a few times I did not vote because I didn’t think that who ever was running was not qualified to run this country just like many in Congress are not qualified to be there or just plane old stupid and bad for the country with really bad ideas TRUMP 2020 ——- 2024 SEMPER FI U.S.M.C.

    1. @ P Lightfoot,
      I too grew up in a family that supported Democrats from the early 60’s and into the seventies, but it was well known after some time, the Democratic Party began to lose their voices with hints of false narratives saying they were the party for the working class Americans and the middle class majority. I began to realize that time, that the Party was shifting away from any constructive goals to improve the condition of impoverished Americans and willfully began to attack the middle class with higher taxes and oppressive regulations that supported their ever changing political agenda. It was not long before I had figured out that the Democrat Party was leaving the people. The people were not leaving the Party! The people supporting the Democrat Party who supported their perceived ideals were being conned into a more liberal posture within their deceptive intent of being self servients. I am now a devoted common sense conservative. I vote for those who have shown and will continue to show their support for America and in all its glory. I tend to support candidates that fully believe in America, what it represents, and what it means to be an American. There is no single race in America that is solely privileged, to make such a claim, is purely a diversion of what it means to be an American! All Americans are privileged, to freely pursue the life you would like to live no matter how hard others try to say otherwise. We are all privileged as Americans to be able to make our own choices upon mass opportunities available to everyone by our way of government. There are no other governments of any other countries, that even come close to what is so obviously proactive towards individual rights that enable people to pursue a life of their chosing. People who know this will protect it with everything they have and everything they can! I will! It’s not for debate!
      America is GREAT! There will always be a need for improvement! And that’s what all of us should focus on as a nation, improving America’s greatness. But calling for change through chaos and destruction is just pure madness. The madness comes from power hungry evilness willing to murder and enslave any resistance, as history may again repeat itself. Beware of unachievable promises, for they hide the darkness of evil that lure the souls of temptation. Hitlers MO!


  11. Please! Please! Let ol’ Joe keep talking as long as he can produce sounds with his vocal cords. The more they let us hear from him, the more we’ll know how soon or how likely he will need a bibb to catch his drool. This is so very sad, that a political party has no moral consciousness or the dignity, for their political desperation to purposely prop up a Presidential candidate knowing full well he is in rapid mental decline. This is an out right disgrace and what makes it much worse, his wife is all in on scamming the American public. Shame on her and all who are involved for wittingly taking advantage of Joe’s mental state. This is an act of immeasurable desperation and they are complicit in their contempt to hide the truth and scam the country! If common sense prevails, they will fail with this outrageous attempt to win this election. I hope even the hardcore dems that have a heart and soul see through this morbid attempt to gain power. They certainly don’t deserve it!

    1. Deme have big money backing them Can President Trump the best President we have had in a long time Does he have big $$$ backing him ???

  12. I am with the other person who was saying that this is abuse . I am not for Biden at any time, but I am in favor of caring for our elderly. His wife should be totally ashamed of herself for letting this happen to her husband. The Dems are really showing their true dark colors of hurt!

  13. Biden is the consumate doorman. Hi Mr. Smith, can I call you a cab? By Mr. Smith. Can I push the elevator call button Mr. Smith. Another labor for Joe would be a toll taker.


  14. And there are blacks that will vote for him after being insulted over and over by him and democrats. Sad isn’t it? As for the Latino community, why is it he just now realized you existed and not before?

  15. Everyone knows Joe Biden is not competent to run the country or anything else. Is it even legal to hold an office you have to swear an oath to hold if you are mentally diminished or challenged in some way. I know you can’t sign contracts or permits if you are impaired mentally in any way.
    I just wonder what the democrats are really up too. Everyone knows that Joe will turn the presidency over to the Vice President soon after the election if he somehow cheats and wins. The democrats surely know that, we civilians know that, it’s no secret. Are the democrats just that stupid or do they have something else planned. If anyone votes for Joe I would seriously question their mental capacity. No one in their right mind could want a president who doesn’t know where he is, what year it is , or that he is even president. IMHO it should be illegal to run for any office if you have diminished capacity. Make all candidates for government office have a psych evaluation before electing them to office.

  16. I do believe Biden is losing if the only reason they pick him to run was to be the fall guy when Trump wins. There’s a few reason the the Democrat’s want him to win so bad 1. They are still pissed off because Hillary didn’t win. 2. Trump is going to expose all the crap that the deep state has screw the American people out of for the past 50 years. 3. So they can said he is not fit and then the VP can take over that way they will control the senate and that will lead to socialism in America. Most of the crap that’s going on in America right now is the Democrat’s agenda for trying to make Trump the bad guy. There a lot Democratic supports out there that are brain wash into thanking the Democrat’s care about them hopefully they will wake up before it to late. TRUMP 2020 a real American MAGA

  17. This whole thing is a devious plan of the Democrats. Anyone who cannot see this is stupid. If you still want America Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, vote Republican all the way. Vote President Trump 2020. He is not through with the swamp rats.

    1. I’ve been saying the exact same thing and all I get is the evil eye of many who r for Biden I made a comment earlier about Biden’s big $$$ contributions Can Our great President compete $$$ wise

  18. I have heard that there are many Blacks that are for Trump and they understand that they have been used for many years by the Demorats, The Blacks are not stupid people, they want a government that protects them, they do not
    like what is going on in the big cities. The movie stars on the other hand, may vote for Biden because Hollywood is so corrupt themselves, they only want what puts money in their pocket. There are some stars that do give a lot to the poor, and try to do the right thing. There really isn’t much on TV that is good for the soul unless you watch channel 4, or RFD TV.

  19. Aside from Biden 1) Open Mouth. 2) Insert Foot
    Biden may well be the biggest liar to ever step foot in D.C.
    He’s corrupt, deceitful, dishonest, disingenuous, he’s used his time in public office to enrich himself and his family, he’s accomplished nothing for America, or Americans in the past forty-nine years, and he is unabashedly, a criminal. In fact, at this very moment in the Ukraine, Joe Biden is a named suspect in an active criminal investigation. To put this in perspective, here in the United States, when a person is a “named suspect in a criminal investigation”, that person is arrested and booked on the criminal charge and a court date is set for the preliminary hearing.

  20. All the above posts are right on target! The demonrats know gropy joe would not be able to fulfil the duties of president, he is a pawn to get the demonrats back in power. Expendable when their mission is complete. Obama will be his Vice President, then take over when Biden can’t cut it, or worse yet Piglosi. Don’t laugh, it could happen! If they can rig the election to where there would be “ no clear winner” Piglosi could step in and take over! It just shows what lengths they are willing to go to in order to take over! They are so low, they have to reach up to touch bottom! They think we are too stupid to see it! The brainwashed will vote for Biden because they are told to. Their whole sinister plan is to destroy us, turn us into a third world country, and blame the Republicans for all of THEIR mis deeds! They truly are sewer rats! Contaminating everything they touch! We cannot let them win! Our forefathers did not fight and die to keep us free and for us to hand it all over to the destroyers! VOTE REPUBLICAN, keep our country free!

  21. If Republicans can get Congress back NANCY will not be No 3 in line. SO if vote takes time She won’t have a chance to finish the kill of AMERICA TAKE CONTROL OF all branches of government

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