July 27, 2021

Biden cements Pelosi’s place at head of Democrat party in speech hailing passage of COVID-19 bill

There’s so much wrong with the most recent coronavirus relief bill. What President Joe Biden said about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) when announcing its passage just adds to the disaster.

Biden lavished praise on Pelosi after the House passed the bloated $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, according to Breitbart. The president called her “the finest and most capable Speaker in the history of our nation,” cementing her longtime career goal of controlling the Democrat party. 

The president was all praise for Pelosi, mostly because she’s never met a Democrat-sponsored spending bill she didn’t like. “Once again, she has led into law an historic piece of legislation that addresses a major crisis and lifts up millions of Americans,” Biden gushed.

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 received no Republican support because it funnels money to state and local governments and contains excess pork. “Everything in the American Rescue Plan addresses a real need,” Biden said anyway during his victory lap Wednesday.

Biden was expected to sign the bill Thursday — a day ahead of schedule — and address the nation later that evening. The legislation will dole out more relief checks to individuals, augment unemployment, increase the child tax credit, and more.

Although there will likely be more emerging about what’s in the bill as time goes on, at least one problematic provision is already upsetting America’s farmers. According to Fox News, the USDA will give preferential treatment to certain minority farmers, paying out as much as 120% of their outstanding loan balances. Some have accused the government of discrimination.

Lawmakers were not enthusiastic either. Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) called the bill “spending porn” because of the obscene amount of waste. “I voted against it,” he said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday. “President Biden says it’s a coronavirus bill and my response is: really? Right, and the stripper really likes you. I said the other day that calling this a coronavirus bill is like calling Harvey Weinstein a feminist.”

While Americans need help, this bill will saddle future generations with suffocating debt. There are worries that government spending of this magnitude will cause inflation and ultimately inflict more harm than good. The Democrats don’t care, however — as long as Biden and Pelosi get the credit for now.

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55 Responses

    1. Everyday gets more and more strange. Bitme and Piglosi and the rest of the Dems are scumbags and yet the FAKE NEWS MEDIA are just covering for this corrupt Administration. They attacked President Trump 24 hours a day everyday with lies for over 4 years.

      1. I just don’t understand why Republican Politicians are such cowards. They hide under their little desks until its time for re-election then they come out talking all bedazz and how their going to do this and that then they do nothing. The Democrats come out and say how they will destroy our lives. At least they are being honest.

          1. Are you talking about me? If you are you are hurting my feelings and you must be CANCELED?

        1. Haven’t you heard the expression “Give them enough rope and they’ll eventually hang themselves” if
          they live long enough to do it. Then the Republicans can use the Supreme Court to reverse whatever
          they have done.

          1. Not gonna happen with John Roberts running the court right into the ground! He’s been compromised, so he’s doing what his handlers tell him to do! He got caught in the Chinese Honey Pot on Epstein’s Lolita Island.

          2. Dems are fighting so much among themselves, their true colors are starting to shine through and I’m just setting back and watching. They’re all fighting for power and money.

    2. My thoughts exactly! Cheating, lying biden is demented and pisslosi is evil to the core and always has been.

    3. obozo joe, piglosi, the black bozo and all the rest of the libs including rinos, could not die a more horrific death!!

  1. If Obama Hillary Nancy doesn’t kill the US it never folds the US is being destroyed by the democrat party.

  2. For now, yes, Biden and Pelosi will get credit. Until they see what it is going to cost them when their taxes go up and the price of gas reaches $10.00 a gallon. Then they will say, What the H***? Then they will say, bring back Trump. He would clean out all the deadheads in Washington. Pelosi is on her last leg anyway. Between her and he nephew, they are both finished in politics. She is ready to go to a home anyway. She is a lush. Just ask the U.S. Air Force. Who has charged our taxes for all the alcohol for her trips using the U.S. Air Force back in 2018. Maybe even now.

    1. Very well said & sadly with illegal voting looks like Dems now in forever – if they could steal this Presidential election there’s no stopping them with Republican Party of SPINELESS CAVERS!

    1. These Democrat traitors should be driven out and replaced now! They are getting billions in their pockets by robbing ever single American.we have been taken over by Communism! Fight Back! Don’t give in

    1. You are absolutely correct! Pisslosi planned it and gave Antifa instructions so she could blame President Trump for it! She needs to hang for treason along with most of the demonrats!

    2. Must be! Trump never promoted taking over the Government by force. The Democrats stuffed ballot boxes an rigged voting machines to elect a Trojan Horse so if anything went wrong they could blame him and claim they
      were innocent of wrong doing because of his “mental state” at the time

  3. We all know Crazy Joe has no mind so he doesn t know what he s talking about or what he said. Pelosi is evil and crazy too. Covid 19 should get her and I could care less what happens to her. Just as long as she is gone for good.

  4. If you are a Democrat and you watch the actions of your president and are not concerned with the future if our country. I’d love to gear what you are seeing that I am missing ! I see a man not even In Control of his own actions. Unwilling or unable to answer ANY questions. Even asking someone. We dont know who what am i doing now do you want me to take questions ? Then leaves ! We my friends are being fed a crock if bill and it’s clear!


  6. These lowlife Democrats don’t know how to tell the truth all they’re good for is telling one BS story after another,the country deserves better than These people,they all need to be impeached

  7. Queen Nancy Piglosi will go down in history as the worst Speaker of the House along with Muslim Obama as the worst President in history. They stole every election with the exception of 2016 where they believed all Americans were stupid idiots. They must pay the price for destroying American. Total destruction of all Democrats in 2022 and again in 2024.

  8. Stuck between Joebama and Pelousy for two more years after the DemocRATic cult “saved Democracy”. God help us all. Oh, I’m sorry I’m not supposed to say the G word.

  9. What greedy Congress we have these days. We are the are the America people that you was hired to help not other countries. Oh wait it’s about power and money. Y’all get richer to send other countries money. We don’t matter. That’s the way it goes. People don’t think this money you will be getting is to benefit you. Nope other countries get better be off it be for us. So I care less who this offends. I pray GOD have mercy on your souls.

  10. Well these evil greedy pieces of dung will not live forever. They are Satan’s helpers and WE AS BELIEVERS KNOW HOW THAT TURNS OUT! God designed this earth age to sort OUT the evil and destroy it forever!! ETERNITY IS SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO AS GOD PROMISES….,PROTECT YOUR FAITH!

  11. What about the 300 million taxpayers dollars going to OTHER countries to pay for abortions that the dems stuck in the covid bill ?? Didn’t hear ANYTHING from the LIBERAL media about that did you ???

  12. Now Jim according to some Obama was the best. 🤢 but you are correct she will go down I history as the worst house speaker. And most evil one too. The Obama clan will or has went down as the least done for this country for sure.

  13. It’s time to simply ignore D.C. and go about our business, until the liberal retards piss us off enough for us to unleash he** on earth on them and take back OUR country !!!

    1. That includes not paying fed taxes. Cant send other countries what they dont have. They keep printing more and more dollars. Its going to be worth about 2cents on the dollar before much longer.
      I stopped paying taxes on Nov 4. I will not be an accompolis to the destruction of America.

  14. Peeloosely is just an old “party girl” who has been rode hard and put up wet, just like old stupid china joe. The commies are just sorry saxoschytt and justice is coming! Hot and fast!

  15. Biden will just Exectuive Action every thing Pelosi ask for further destroying the Country. I believe she and the Social/communist part of the party want Communism so they can continue to rule us under a Dictatorship.

  16. Retry: Biden is being used, sad, He has a medical condition. When the one’s in charge are ready he will be removed. Some one else will be put in his place. The whole thing was/is a set up.

  17. Sad that the people that were elected to serve and protect the constitution don’t have enough backbone to sit up straight. Need to throw them out and put in Americans that stand for the truth Supreme Court are not worth having to afraid to stand up for the constitution. Let’s face it if something isn’t done we are up the Creek without a paddle. Just Trust In The Lord!!!!!

  18. Unfortunately, pelosi is an avowed communist and shouldn’t even be allowed to hold ANY public office; she IS an anti-American traitor. Even worse, China joe is blindingly mentally incapacitated.

  19. Agree with all posts! Piglosi is the enemy within the house! She must be removed from congress by any means possible! She is the “ Black Plague”, the skunk in the woodpile, the sewer rat! Remove her!

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