July 31, 2021

Biden campaign agrees to three presidential debates, rejects request for fourth

Democrat nominee Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement for months, but it can’t last forever, no matter what his strategists say.

Despite his team’s best efforts, Biden was forced to make an official decision about upcoming presidential debates, announcing on Monday that he will appear in three debates with President Trump ahead of the November election. 

Joe Biden’s biggest weakness is unscripted appearances, and the Trump campaign is anxious to exploit that weakness.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani were reportedly behind the push for a fourth debate, but Biden’s campaign has outright rejected the proposal.

Biden’s campaign manager sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates — the organization that sponsors general election debates — confirming that the Biden campaign will not entertain proposals for further debates.

“Our position is straightforward and clear: Joe Biden will accept the Commission’s debates, on the Commission’s dates, under the Commission’s established format and the Commission’s independent choice of moderators,” said Biden Campaign Manager Jen O’Malley Dillon.

“Donald Trump and Mike Pence should do the same.”

At this point, Biden is entirely incapable of making a public appearance without committing some kind of disastrous gaffe. Despite the left’s best efforts to deflect criticism about Biden’s cognitive abilities onto President Trump, it’s clear that the more time Biden is forced to spend going toe-to-toe with Trump, the better it is for Trump’s campaign.

Do you think Biden will self-destruct when he finally has to debate Trump? Scroll down to the comments section and let us know!

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60 Responses

  1. I’ll bet that old joe ends up getting hearing aids before the debates so that his handlers will be able to transmit the answers to him during the debates. But, knowing Obiden I’m sure he can even screw that up.
    Just sayin!

    1. I agree with you 100%. They will also know what the questions will be and they will know what to tell Biden to say. It will not be a honest debates. The Dems will cheat anyway they can. Trump 2020!!!

  2. I’ll bet old Joe gets hearing aids before the debates so his handlers will be able to transmit the answers to him during the debates. But, I’m sure Obiden can screw that up as well.
    Just sayin!

  3. Who knows if he will implode or not. But he will more than likely have the questions ahead of time. Donna Brazil did that for Hillary.
    This willBe the MOST important election EVER.
    It is whether or not we keep our civilization as we know it. It is between GOOD AND EVIL.

    1. Will probably get questions ahead of time like the Brazile woman did with hitlery.
      Hes scared! What difference makes 3 debates against 4? We must know who he is, how he will react before crisis, what are his projects for the nation? Whats his posture on China, On No ko, on the economy, on Iran, etc. I think he is scared s itless with three. And the conductors will give him mickey mouse questions.

      1. But if they give him mickey mouse questions, they have to give Trump the same questions. This is, after all, a debate, which means that both should answer all questions. Will be hard to give Trump difficult questions, since Biden will have to rebut, or look more of a fool and incompetent than he already does.

        1. Just look at his votes over the last 50 years. Hard to know what he really stands for. Prime example why we need term limits


    2. AMEN!
      AND I’m choosing CVLZATION: THE USA; FREEDOM: PROSPERITY, PEACE for ALL! God Bless President Trump, God Bless the USA! maga 2020 again!

    3. Of course he’ll balk…he knows enough about his mental impairment to realize he will always and ever look like a fool. He can’t string two sentences together that make any sense. He has senile dementia…clear and simple. That is going to get worse, not better with time…and stress makes it even worse. He’s safe from everything and everybody in his basement…but does he intend to run the presidency from his basement, should he win? He will have to face world leaders, the press…every day…he can’t have someone, else, always speak for him. He would either BE the president, or a likely facsimile of him. The Democrats who thought this guy would be their ticket to the next 4 years of dems running the asylum…no, they better rethink that. They were probably planning on Sanders getting the nod.
      Our man, President Trump will take care of that nicely!

      1. I am as much of a feminist as anyone but I do have grave concerns about a woman as president or Vice President. Although as Americans we try to view and judge a person “not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character “ not all cultures of the world do. Some would brush her off as inconsequential or less than intelligent. A woman like Hillary would have alienated many leaders as would any woman in power who tried to be tough with them and they would scorn any woman they see as weak. I do not condone nor endorse nor like this macho attitude but I dothink it should be considered.

  4. Yeah I think he’s going to be so nervous he’s even going to forget what he’s talking about he’s not all there anyway you put him in that kind of circumstance and he’s in big trouble

  5. I’ll bet old Joe gets hearing aids before the debates so his handlers will be able to transmit the answers to him during the debates. But, I’m sure Obiden can screw that up as well.
    Just sayin!

  6. Yes, it is no doubt he will crumble in s debate with Trump unless the moderator takes over for him. I wish there were 4 debates. Trump must win to save our nation before it is taken over by the evil liberal left who will do anything to destroy Trump and our nation.

  7. I’ll not miss them. It will be hilarious. Biden will definitely stammer and stumble over his words. I can’t wait.


  9. We’ve seen how he treats his own supporters at rally’s. Calling them fat, challenging them to push up contests because their fat. And then the women he’s insulted. He’s a mess. He can’t put a sentence together at times. Just a disaster.

  10. It’s not gonna be a pretty sight!! President Trump is gonna chew him up and spit him out!!! It’s kinda said in away that they are going to put Biden in this embarrassing moment, but it’s his choice!!!!! I will be watching for sure!!!!

  11. Oh yes! It will be very sad- but very entertaining to watch. Someone needs to make sure he doesn’t have a listening device in his ear! For coaching.

  12. Yes he will . That’s why he had not been seen in public . He has trouble finding the words he wants to say . I’m sorry they are going to subject this man to this type of situation that he obviously can’t handle

    1. The plan is to get him through the debates and and with fraud voting like we have never seen before, he’ll step down willing or not. AND WALLA who ever is VP will become President. Remember all the names given to those who were NOT rats. Well these slimy, evil rats think we are stupid and cannot see their plan! TRUE Americans be VERY ALERT! AND be VERY assured that the military votes are in and counted! I’m 83 today and have seen all the excuses and lies why they haven’t in the past!

  13. If President Trump has the right people in place to prepare him and get him all the information he needs for the debate he will do a job on him. Make sure President Trump stick with his own message. Make sure he has factual information in all of his debates. Don’t give the media anything that they can come back on him that night or the next day. If you need any help let me know i can him get through this.

  14. I personally can’t wait for the first debute because President Trump will make him look really bad he can know the answer to all the answers and he will no doubt forget them.He is Not someone who should be running for President.

    1. But my worry is OUR PRES may make him look soooo bad that some people will vote cuz they feel sorry for him and NOT what a disaster it would be for our Country! And keep in mind he will only stay maybe a week then resign and the VP take over. GOD helps us there also! Remember the demonrats mantra POWER MONEY GREED AND CONTROL over us all!

  15. Joe needs help. Family should not let him keep going and embarrassing himself. I live with an Alzheimer’s patient and you never know what will come out of his mouth. He can’t gets facts straight, can’t remember words. He was diagnosed in 2012 and at that time the doctor told me to not let him handle any financial dealings. Do we really think Biden can deal with foreign leaders, complicated budget matters. If he wins he will function in name only.

  16. Biden is bad for this country. He will implement Obama failed policies. He’s policies will be where Obama’s left off.

  17. Wonderful that should help President Trump even more, people on the fence anyway! Libtards are braindead so they probably won’t notice when he tells what his party is really up to!!

  18. Biden is a puppet for the radical dumocrats ‘democrats’ . Biden is a phony a sham and a fraud. President Trump will make him look the stooge he is. He is unable to put two coherent sentences together at one time. He is bad for the United States unless you want to live in Nazi America. I don’t!!!

  19. The DNC, Donna Brazil, will give the questions to Biden’s people before hand so he can practice. The questions must be asked from a neutral source not the MSM, like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC etc.

  20. i feel sorry for biden since he can’t help having dementia. it comes with age and he is not competent to engage in debates. he thinks he is running for senator and his biggest problem is finding his way out of his basement unless his wife is home to lead him. she should be ashamed of her self for letting him embarrass him self in front of voters in this country. this actually is a sad time in liberal democratic history.

  21. For the debates, biden will fail but there should be a forth or maybe five over the next four months instead of three because these debates are important as to tell everyone what the candidates know about what is happening in the world and to tell the legally voting citizens their knowledge as to how they would keep America .. AMERICA and not turn turn it into something else

  22. Every time I see ( which is rare ) Joe Biden he always seems confused even when he is reading. When a presidential candidate looks at a camera points his finger raising his voice and says MY NAME IS JOE BIDEN AND I’LL BEAT BIDEN , something is clearly wrong with this man. I feel bad that anyone has to live with this ” condition ” but he has no ability to do the job of being the president of our Great country , the rest of the world would be laughing at us saying can you believe the USA elected him to be president. We MUST VOTE TRUMP !!!!!

  23. Oh yea, definitely. Sometime worth watching. That’s why he would do the fourth. No goodness night sleep from here on.

  24. It doesn’t matter about Biden what matters is who he picks for vice president because obviously if he did win the presidency he wouldn’t keep it long because they would kick him out and put the vice President in that’s what the Democrats are counting on

  25. It doesn’t matter about Biden what matters is who he picks for vice president because obviously if he did win the presidency he wouldn’t keep it long because they would kick him out and put the vice President in that’s what the Democrats are counting on

    1. I am sure you are correct Cynthia BUT, they have to actually win the election first and they can only do that by discrediting President Trump AND running a crooked election casting many fake votes. Look for both to happen. If the American people keep an eye out I believe that they will see how corrupt the elections are run.

  26. Joe Biden is self destructing every moment he tries to say something constructive. Hes living with so much guilt over his sins observe us in the past 45 years what’s done in darkness comes to light

  27. How Biden performs in the debates is anyone’s guess but if he sticks to past experiences he will be in a world of hurt unless he is pre-prepared even then it is questionable. One thing we can bet on is democrats will figure out some way to cheat or else misrepresent the outcome.

  28. He self destructs every time he appears. They have so much hate for America and it is plain to see. I was a democrat all my life but no more.

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