June 14, 2021

Biden campaign stays silent on bombshell accusations from Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner

Following the bombshell New York Post exposé about the candidate’s son’s shady foreign business dealings, an interview Tuesday on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight with Hunter Biden’s former business associate Tony Bobulinski shredded the former vice president’s denial that he had knowledge of his son’s overseas activity.

Instead of facing the accusations and issuing a denial to American voters, Joe Biden has remained completely silent on the matter — a potentially fatal mistake with only days to go until election day. 

Bobulinski claims to have met twice with Joe Biden, including once at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in May 2017 at the behest of Hunter Biden and Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother. They were pulling together a deal with a Chinese energy company CEFC China Energy Co. that is now bankrupt. “I didn’t request to meet with Joe” Biden, Bobulinski said. “They requested that I meet with Joe [Biden]. They were putting their entire family legacy on the line. They knew exactly what they were doing.”

Later emails about that meeting and the deal that were recovered from Hunter’s “laptop from Hell” which revealed talks of splitting proceeds, with “20” set aside for “H” (Hunter) and “10 held by H for the big guy” (Bobulinski identified the “big guy” as Joe Biden). As it turned out, that deal became a $10 million investment from the Chinese company, split into $5 million to fund SinoHawk Holdings and the other $5 million in a loan to Biden’s family.

Joe Biden has denied any involvement at all, telling reporters in 2019 that he “never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses.” Even as recently as last Thursday during his debate with incumbent GOP President Donald Trump, Biden stated, “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life.”

That may be true, or it may be what Bobulinski said gave the Bidens the confidence to proceed with impunity. “I remember saying, ‘How are you guys getting away with this?’ ‘Aren’t you concerned?’” Bobulinski said to Carlson. Jim Biden allegedly laughed and replied, “plausible deniability.”  Apparently, they were unaware that Hunter Biden would be so stupid as to leave a laptop with smoking-gun emails at a Delaware computer repair shop.

Bobulinski is worried that if Joe Biden is elected president, his family’s ties to the Chinese government will be problematic and considers him “compromised.” He thinks “the American people should be demanding that this is investigated.” Unfortunately, the people won’t hear about it since the media is ignoring the story while social media is outright suppressing it.

The campaign has yet to directly address Bobulinski’s accusations either, but they don’t have to with media and tech willing to look the other way. Nobody has disputed the veracity of the claims, but it seems Joe Biden will skate right through the scandal anyway since only conservative media will touch it. Apparently, Democrats can get away with anything they want just by having their surrogates pretend it doesn’t exist.

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47 Responses

      1. Absolutely right. Bobulinski definitely should be worried about his life and wear body armor and have security. It’s quite interesting that people who were prepared to testify against the CCC (Clinton Crime Cartel) suddenly wound up DEAD, so Bobulinski would be well advised to make all preparations to avoid a similar fate

    1. the real issue with Hunter is that JOE SPWNED and Raised a USEFUL IDIOT in his own IMAGE ….. and nowhere as “SMART” as Dementia Joe has bragged.. noone with a half brain at least would leave a Computer dull of “TRESON ACTS” and never claimed it !!!!

  1. The entire Democratic Party is completely criminal. Everything they have done is criminal. Everything they are doing is criminal. Everything they are planning for the future is criminal. The hard part of this is that ALL members of the Democratic Party know this and feel it is justified. They will have a lot to pay.

  2. Thank you sir for your honesty. Unfortunately they will get away with it as are country has two sets of laws one for the poor and one for the rich. These people need to be taken down & punished for their crimes. Also the media needs to dissolve lying sacks of crap.

  3. Just look at the turnouts at the rallies, that tells it all !!!! MAGA and KAG !!1 2020 REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE !!!

  4. keep getting the word out as our main stream networks have censored this information as well as twitter & facebook

  5. When do we start looking into The Presidents kids. I am sure you will find lots to write about. Lets start leveling the field

    1. Lol. Why do President Trump’s kids need to be looked into. They removed all doubt of these types of crimes before President Trump was even elected.

    1. Evidently because you have stated this twice and not one reply we tend to believe the Trump family over Biden’s

      1. We can see he’s suffering from dementia too. Having made the statement twice n evidently been lost the past 4 years.

    2. Sorry Charles they already done that 4 years ago. You should be well informed they found absolutely nothing but your kind behind it all. Dumb democrats lies n cheating n breaking the laws.

  6. These DemoRats need to be put out of office and sent to prison. Instead of being allowed to run for offices. If the DemoRats get voted in we will all be out living in the streets. I can’t imagine anyone voting for Joe Biden when it’s obvious that not only is his brain gone but now selling bus out to China. Put him in prison along with Hillary and OBummer.

  7. None of the people/sub humans responsible for what has been going on, cov19, riots etc. will get away with anything. Trump and his team wanted to ensure that we “the people”, know what they know. The demorats have been corrupted for a very long time. Everyone needs to wake up to their plan, which was to kill 90% of us and then drug and chip us. We are nothing to them but food. You will also find out that they steal children, molest, rape, murder and then eat children. Just wait till crimes against humanity comes out. They will all be given what they planned for us.

  8. They certainly DID investigate the President’s children, ad infinitum, for three years during the fake Russian collusion fracas!!!

  9. New York Times just came out with “insider reports about Trump’s plans to resist the election”.
    D… it! When will NYT & Co accept that Trump is NOT Hillary. He will never had any intention to reject an ELECTION OF ALL VALID VOTES (including the Electoral College’s ones).

    He will not send out mobs for ‘SOUR GRAPES’ that wreck and burn cars and now, whole cities
    but that doesn’t give the “Democrat” Party the RIGHT TO WRECK THEM
    – just for their ELECTION CAMPAIGN!

    And President Trump won’t just talk about Race Relations: but work on the foundations of them: Jobs, Income, Living Standards – AND PRISON REFOM: ‘FIRST STEP LAW’
    BIDEN CANNOT TALK ABOUT RACE RELATIONS! – Not after Rodney King, Police Law 1994, Police Law 1998, 3 Strikes Law, and standing by in Ferguson defending the police.
    And neither can Ms. Harris with Slave Owners in her family tree on Jamaica –it’s not “PC”, is it?

    By the way, the organizer of Democrat Activist/Provocateur-Training has just e-mailed me that:
    “Republicans are good at winning in local elections, and they dominate in municipal governments, state legislatures, and gubernatorial races.”

    And I think that is good so. That is why the Police brutality, the killing of citizens, Black and White(!), now, the LOOTING, ARSON, AND MURDER ARE RAGING IN CITIES –
    Yes – unfortunately they often win in the Big Apples where ideologies and ‘agents provocateurs’
    are easier found than in local and municipal levels where principles of Nature, Family, and Community are still respected – and even revered.

    I thanked him and sent him my answer, but I have not received a reply yet.
    That’s understandable, esp. when it’s YOUR CITIES THAT BURN!

    1. Absolutely correct. Trump needs to go after the criminals in government office. They need to ousted n lose their pensions while put in prison. BLM n antifa should pay to rebuild their own cities they’ve destroyed n pay the businesses back their losses.

  10. why is the media and those deceitful berocratic so down on our famous president MR TRUMP,is it because he is a man of his words ,i know it is because those democratic and media can’t find any one in their party as smart as he is or back up his words like president Trump.i am afraid if sleepy win we are all in big trouble.first of all if hillary,nancy,maxine go find them a man that would serve them like they should be,i bet you every thing the president say or do what ever it is it would very well or past, i belived if nancy and hillary,harris,if they wasn’t busy when those people was kill when hillary in charge,i believethose three was have a party if you know what i mean.if this was the president and his family about his bro dealing with ChINA and ukrainian,this is the same ukrainian which hillary was dealing with for the same thing.if MR TRUMP had done something like that all news station around the world be in on it.but no sleepy joe too honest and too fair his family wouldn’t let him do nothing like .but we all knows the real story,the person,and the media

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  13. Democrats campaign on give away programs. Approaching segments of society they offer whatever that segment wants. This group wants frozen turkeys and that group wants government cheese. Whatever they want; that’s what democrats offer. A bridge here, a national forest there. Empty promises; nothing really done. You nice folks need affordable housing? We’ll have our lowest cost union contractors build beautiful high rise apartment complexes for you. Now you have to vote for us and the unions will have to vote for us; and, ship part of their profits back to us. Every thing comes back to the democrats except the blame when the lowest bidder scrimps on material and fakes compliances and the buildings have to be condemned and imploded. Then the cycle repeats. Inner cities are run by ward healers and become no-go zones for non-residents, police and maintenance workers. Drug gangs and pimps run the housing units. Democrats run city hall and live in the suburbs. Hypocrisy rules.

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  21. Joe Biden is a Loser & Sucker:
    Now Kamala knows how to create jobs for women to give them a leg up that sets them apart from a man. Kamala is going to legalize prostitution and every little girl will see her as a roll model saying when I grow up I am going to be a whore like Kamala dancing in the rain.
    Kamala will legalize prostitution that’s a man-date just to get a vote. The Subarian home owner will have whores moving in soon… This man is my man this man is your man , dancing in the rain ?
    Little girls will have Kamala as a roll-model , when I grow up I am going to be a whore.

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