October 3, 2022

Biden forced to launch last-minute campaign blitz in Pennsylvania as Trump gains ground

Democrat nominee Joe Biden assumed he would win his home state, Pennsylvania, but a rise in enthusiasm for Trump in the state in recent days has sent the Biden campaign into a panic.

As Trump rises in the Keystone state, the Biden campaign has been forced to plan an emergency campaigning blitz in the state on the eve of the election in hopes of regaining lost momentum. 

Breitbart reported on Sunday:

The Biden campaign announced that both the former vice president and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), as well as their respective spouses, would converge on Pennsylvania on the eve of the election. Each of the four individuals is scheduled to appear in a different portion of the state to rally supporters to get out and vote.

Trump narrowly won Pennsylvania in 2016, but Breitart noted that the state has added hundreds of thousands of Republican voters in the years since. Trump’s Saturday rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, drew tens of thousands of attendees — further driving the point home to Democrats.

The Biden campaign’s strategy of keeping a low profile throughout the summer and even in the weeks leading up to the election appears to have backfired as Donald Trump works hard to close the polling gap.

FiveThirtyEight founder and pollster Nate Silver said on Sunday that if Biden doesn’t win Pennsylvania, he’ll have a difficult time winning the overall election.

Silver noted that the state “is not a big early voting state” and the majority of the state’s votes have yet to be cast. According to Silver’s FiveThirtyEight, Biden holds a 4.9 percent lead in the state — hardly a formidable margin for the Democrat hopeful.

“Pennsylvania has not bumped up to a seven or eight-point Biden lead, like we see in Michigan and Wisconsin,” Silver said. Additionally, Biden has made several missteps recently that could erode support among the state’s voters, such as his declaration of intent to abolish the oil industry.

Biden could also see losses among Pennsylvania’s urban and white collar voters, as Black Lives Matter riots wracked Philadelphia last week.


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