July 23, 2021

Biden forced to launch last-minute campaign blitz in Pennsylvania as Trump gains ground

Democrat nominee Joe Biden assumed he would win his home state, Pennsylvania, but a rise in enthusiasm for Trump in the state in recent days has sent the Biden campaign into a panic.

As Trump rises in the Keystone state, the Biden campaign has been forced to plan an emergency campaigning blitz in the state on the eve of the election in hopes of regaining lost momentum. 

Breitbart reported on Sunday:

The Biden campaign announced that both the former vice president and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), as well as their respective spouses, would converge on Pennsylvania on the eve of the election. Each of the four individuals is scheduled to appear in a different portion of the state to rally supporters to get out and vote.

Trump narrowly won Pennsylvania in 2016, but Breitart noted that the state has added hundreds of thousands of Republican voters in the years since. Trump’s Saturday rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, drew tens of thousands of attendees — further driving the point home to Democrats.

The Biden campaign’s strategy of keeping a low profile throughout the summer and even in the weeks leading up to the election appears to have backfired as Donald Trump works hard to close the polling gap.

FiveThirtyEight founder and pollster Nate Silver said on Sunday that if Biden doesn’t win Pennsylvania, he’ll have a difficult time winning the overall election.

Silver noted that the state “is not a big early voting state” and the majority of the state’s votes have yet to be cast. According to Silver’s FiveThirtyEight, Biden holds a 4.9 percent lead in the state — hardly a formidable margin for the Democrat hopeful.

“Pennsylvania has not bumped up to a seven or eight-point Biden lead, like we see in Michigan and Wisconsin,” Silver said. Additionally, Biden has made several missteps recently that could erode support among the state’s voters, such as his declaration of intent to abolish the oil industry.

Biden could also see losses among Pennsylvania’s urban and white collar voters, as Black Lives Matter riots wracked Philadelphia last week.

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70 Responses

  1. Hurry up Joe and have another Rally and tell 8 more people some lies then the MSM can tell some more lies about how your poll numbers went to the moon. Lol

    1. Biden is a has been Don’t want him in Didn’t do anything in 47 yrs just live on taxpayers money what is he going to do now Oh we have to wait until he is elected Just like Nancy ,you have to vote before you can see the bill

      1. I pray to God that Biden/Harris does not win the election. Even when Harris was running, no one wanted
        her, so who really picked her to be Biden’s running mate.
        He is just like Obama, he would ruin our country. The President has done lot for our country and even has help the Black people. If you want to lean the truth about what’s going on watch Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity on Fox News. Hannity does a lot of his own investigations and you can believe him.
        Biden is a has been and never was any good.

  2. You either vote for Trump / America
    – or –
    career organized crime criminals , communism , terrorists , muslims & chinese enemies , i.e. – democrats .
    There is no “in-between “!

  3. Is anyone elce getting tired of hearing Biden saying Pennsylvania is home state when he hasn’t lived there sence he was 8 if he thinks like that shouldn’t he say that Mexico is the dreamers home

      1. Most of the democrats need to be in jail for TREASON. They certainly are NOT true Americans…they DESPISE this great nation and are determined to destroy it, either out of their hatred OR of their ignorance….hard to tell the difference.

  4. Mr. Magoo and Camel Head are in trouble after Mr. Trump just performed a Blitz Greed on their Freak Parade. Demorats(aka commies) back to the sewer…

  5. This is the greatest President American people have ever had in history w President Trump. It’ll be the downfall of American people ever if they give Biden a vote.

    1. If he was bad before he became President, he definitely became the people’s President no doubt.

    1. There are a lot better words to use then the “N” you are better than that agreed she is terrible will never see the White House except from the outside fence

  6. Get out there and campaign in Pennsylvania, Joe! Tell ’em you’re going to end fracking! Tell them Petroleum is dead! Abolish the tax cut! Double the energy costs! Open the borders! Tax ’em, Joe! They’ll love it.

    1. You are correct, I was getting a 2015
      corvette steering wheel and was surprised when those paid actors showed up. What will Joe do next?

    2. Ya, I barely noticed them, very little noise.
      One said they were getting paid to be
      there but he hadn’t got the cash yet.
      I couldn’t find my 1996 Volvo steering
      column, anyone know where to get one?

    3. I heard they stiffed the actors and didn’t pay them, maybe some will come forwards tomorrow? Biden openly cares about himself and his money.

  7. If we had an honest press Biden would not even be in the running. Like wise the FBI and the DOJ have protected him. Twitter and Facebook are running interference every time Biden screws up, and they are legion.
    God help us if this man takes the helm of the ship of state.

  8. The Biden prevaricators are hitting the Penn. State to try to dazzle the population. Do you think they will finally relegate themselves to the realm of oblivion? If you do your part, it can and will happen.

      1. That is what this whole election,is about for Democrats….staying out of jail by having another corrupt, criminal Democrat Administration to protect them. Not going to work!

  9. If these are joe Biden’s voting base at his rally’s, How can he be a contender? If Trump doesn’t win, there has to be voter fraud! Trump every day at his rally’s shows his huge support. Except for NY and California of course.

  10. Biden and Covid are going to make a rebirth of drive-in movie theaters. He is even going to star in “Cukoo’s Nest II.
    While Kamala deVille remakes 1001 dalmations.

    1. Kamala will be stuck doing cam p0rn to make a living. It will be part of the Obama freak show staring his tranny husband Michelle.

  11. Having endured the Great Depression, WWII, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Jimmy Carter, Barrack Obama, and Inslee. This is the first time that I have “feared for the life of our Republic”. I never thought that I would see the day that we would place self-proclaimed Traitors in our Congress, and in our Presidential election!

  12. I’m always amazed at how ignorant some people are. The evidence against Biden is everywhere now but his supporters refuse to believe it. Or they just don’t care. Either way they must be among the most idiotic people on the planet.

    1. FBI had the actual Biden computer for months.
      the Biden papers magically disappeared from the envelope.
      the USPS looses the Trump ballots.
      the media stays silent.
      Dem voters know they are corrupt.
      Trump with 4 more years and firing the heads of FBI, CIA, etc. and with a armored truck full of arrest warrants and we will be back in business in America.

  13. The Democratic party is like ringing Brothers three ring circus they’re the clowns biden’s driving the clown car Harris the second idiot the entire Democrat party or the clowns coming out of the trunk

  14. No one in their right mind would vote for Biden. He does not know his sister from his wife. Should Biden get elected (not possible) the only thing he will ever get changed is his diaper.

  15. Biden rallies entail rolling over and peeing in the air to practice for election day. Watch the alphabet channel commentators wet themselves Tuesday night. Good day to invest in Depends and pacifiers.

  16. Biden who has ASL interpreters for the Deaf cannot even make out what comes out of Biden’s speech
    He makes no sense
    Other side, one can lipread Trump and he does not have an interpreter there, does he?
    He makes a lot of sense
    Biggest out come that no politician(s) ever did:

    Your word is to be worthy which Biden family and others do not have
    No amount of money can ever replace that
    Good old spit’n handshake promise kept!!!!!

  17. If you haven’t voted yet get out and do it tomorrow and if you value your freedom and your country vote Republican across the board.
    I don’t want to live in a communist country.
    Soros is the one that wants a communist country. If he wants to live in a communist country he can move to one. Nobody is stopping him

  18. The communist countries do not want Soros either! He has been kicked out of a lot of countries already. When are WE going to kick him out, an d ban his return? As far as Biden is concerned, we all know he won’t win unless he steals the election! And if he does, Kamala will be in the White House, not Biden. He is the Trojan horse to take Kamala and obummer into the presidency. If not that, then the first two Supreme Court nominations from him will be obummer and Killary! GOD help us! Vote RED across the ballot, get ALL demonrats out of our government!

  19. I support BLM’s cause, but I do not support the way they’ve handled it. PEACEFUL PROTESTS are fine, but burning buildings, killing people, looting, those are the acts of vicious criminals. You’re hurting your own cause.

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