July 2, 2022

Biden calls President Trump “climate arsonist”

California has been burning for over a month and is exporting its misery in the form of smoky skies all over the west. You have to travel more than a thousand miles east or west to escape the smoke. Naturally, the Democrats are seeking to blame President Trump.

Just as top Democrats have been trying to pin COVID-19, the Chinese coronavirus on the president, now Joe Biden is trying to pin the wildfires in the west on Trump, calling him a “climate arsonist,” and blaming him for not showing leadership on climate change issues. But the president has said repeatedly that California needs to clean up its forests. He has sent federal aid to the western states to help with firefighting and cleanup.

First of all, the Democrats think people are idiots and admittedly some are. But in California, contrary to Governor Gavin Newsom’s declaration that climate change is the reason for the wildfires, Californians know that the cause of the fires is climate plus bad forestry management policies. California’s climate has always been semi-arid–what has changed is how the state manages that.

Humans cannot control the climate, but they can enact programs to mitigate the effects of the semi-arid climate of the west. Fire is the norm in California and always has been. Mitigation programs were in place until the 1970’s to manage the fire dangers of the California climate. Dams and aqueducts were built to maintain an abundant water supply. Forests were selectively logged, and the underbrush was cleared in a systematic way. Fire roads were maintained throughout the forest providing access in case of fire.

Then environmentalists gained influence and implemented their ideas of how forests should be managed. They used the Endangered Species Act to end logging in California forests.  Environmentalist advocate Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown served his first term as governor in the 70’s. Five decades later, after the logging was stopped, after the mills were shut down, after underbrush was allowed to grow thick, after bark beetles killed millions of trees which were left standing, and the fire roads in the forest were abandoned, Brown was able to see the fruition of the radical environmentalist agenda: California burning. 

Brown, Newsom, and other climate change alarmists have been warning about the dangers of climate change for decades now. They proposed banning fossil fuels, raising gas taxes, building solar power plants, and selling carbon credits to solve the problem, but they never took action to mitigate the fire danger that was building in the state’s forests. It’s almost like they didn’t believe their own rhetoric.

It is only within the last two or three years after devastating wildfires destroyed thousands of homes and took dozens of lives, that Brown and then Newsom signed legislation enabling and funding forest cleanup. The legislation is too little, too late as dozens of fires cover the state and west in flame and smoke. Newsom’s legislation provides for the cleanup of 500,000 acres per year, but 2020 wildfires just blazed through more than 4 times that amount and there is at least a month left in the fire season, barring an early rain.

The “golden state” is now the “charred and smoky state.” California wildfires are doing more damage to the environment than emissions from cars could ever do. People, birds, animals, agriculture, and the economy are harmed by the yearly conflagrations.

People aren’t as dumb as the Democrats think they are. They know the real “climate arsonists” are the governors that allowed the fuel for devastating wildfires to grow while pursuing punitive gas taxes and energy prices to “stop” climate change.  You can lay the inferno that is California right at their feet. 

Below is an animated map of fire in California for over a hundred years.

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Ronald Russell (@guest_1048277)
1 year ago

Has anyone ever asked the scientist, who lit the match, that melted the ICE AGE ?

SilverRascal (@guest_1048285)
1 year ago

The folks out west really need to wake up and wise up.
Vote these idiotic fool democrats out of office before the entire place ends up in a pile of ashes.
You are destroying yourselves and are doing nothing about it.

Marc (@guest_1048286)
1 year ago

Komrad Biden is a low-IQ bloviating gasbag of the far-left kind.

9MM (@guest_1048294)
1 year ago

Funny tho these fires are coming yearly anymore as it like at a certain part of the month they pay a bunch of arsonists to go out and set theses fires for more fed money and other states send in help to fight fires all this becomes free to Kalifornicate so the fed money and state money goes to the illegals, homeless, drug scrounges and possibly Moslems saving state money which is then used to float the state elected dogs who slip a bag or two under the table to their hush hush people so it all can spring up in 2021 to start the money box all over again.

rosalie blunda (@guest_1048324)
1 year ago

Biden s a nut job and so is the idiot that is running for V.P.. You think that’s bad could you imagine if something happens to him and she becomes the president ? Bad enough having sleepy Joe , Could you imagine her running our country. God forbid. Whether it be him or her you can kiss this country good-bye. Trump and Pence 2020 all the way.

rosalie blunda (@guest_1048325)
1 year ago

Pelosi is crazy and so are the rest of the idiots that are with her. Time to vote them out for good.

Karen (@guest_1049071)
1 year ago

Someone actually pointed out the truth. The ENVIRONMENTALIST. When they stopped all the clean up of the forest etc. that exploded the fires. They even did a lot of damage to the beaches… They are now so filthy they stink. (they won’t allow the drift wood to be picked up and use for fire wood. Oregon did the same thing. Haven’t been on the Washington side. Every thing they have gotten their fingers into have been destroyed. Look what their policies have done to the wildlife!!

Robin Andrews (@guest_1049595)
1 year ago

California is n has been destroying themselves by allowing the demwits stay in office. Hopefully they’ll burn down with it n who knows if whomever flees will be able to see the light through their own smoke



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