September 26, 2022

Biden calls Harris ‘President’ for the third time

President Joe Biden made headlines when he mistakenly called Vice President Kamala Harris “President” Kamala Harris during a Friday speech, according to The New York Post

The president made his comments during a speech about the future of being able to travel at 15 times the speed of a bullet in 20 years.

“All kidding aside, of course President Harris is a proud Howard alum,” Biden said during graduation remarks at South Carolina State University, according to the Post. However, according to the publication, the concerning part is that this is a gaffe that he’s made at least twice before, most recently in March of this year.

These comments came on the heels of rumors that several Democrats, including Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, could be looking to replace Biden if the 79-year-old doesn’t seek out a second term in 2024. 

The already aging president, who would be 82 at the time of his second inauguration, is facing the possibility that holding the record as the oldest president could cause more problems if he runs again. 

Polling has found that there is broad concern about the president’s mental capacity, which has appeared to break down on camera more than once during his short tenure in the White House.

During his speech, Biden went on to say that Howard, the historically black college, has prompted the creation of a number of seemingly implausible technological advances in its history. 

He also took the opportunity to outline the Democratic election strategy that appears to focus heavily on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and an anti-racism agenda, all while inflation continues to rise and approval ratings continue to drop. 




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