April 17, 2021

Joe Biden calls a lid on the day for the tenth day in a month

Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden has opted to end any further public appearances for the rest of the day on Monday, continuing a pattern of quitting his campaign schedule early with only weeks to go until election day. 

Speculation about Joe Biden’s physical and cognitive health has died off since the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Amy Coney Barrett’s subsequent nomination to the Supreme Court.

However, some political commentators have taken to tracking Biden’s proclivity for “calling a lid” on the day before the day even starts. At this point in the election, most candidates would be working nonstop to court voters — especially in a historically contentious election such as this one.

“Biden campaign has called a lid at 9:52 a.m.,” Fox News producer Pat Ward wrote on Twitter Monday morning.

Floridian Press political reporter Mona Salama tweeted a list of all the times the Biden campaign called a lid within the last month, noting that his campaign has called it 10 times within the month of September and four times in the last week alone.

The Hill’s Joe Concha questioned the wisdom of the Biden campaign’s shockingly light schedule, writing on Twitter:

Joe Biden called a lid on the day earlier this morning. No events, no questions. Less than 6 weeks before the election, the Democratic nominee is working at a 50% clip, calling a lid 7 of the past 14 days and 11 of the past 26 this month. Is this a preview of a Biden presidency?

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41 Responses

    1. Amen, can you see him standing for hours in a debate!!! I agree with Pelosi, he should call it off, Biden that is.

      1. Biden should get the testing to see if he is physically and mentally capable of taking the stress of leading this country. The debates SHOULD NOT be canceled. This is the voter’s information on who is more educated and alert to the problems facing this country.
        SOME say it is another Hillary tactic though, her phony colostomy bag. And now, how convenient that The governor of Virginia tested positive to covid-19 days after Biden’s visit????
        Another likely escape route for Biden to wimp out.
        If Biden is at all the person he claims to be, he will show up and debate TRUMP with no time frame. He needs to answer to the American people.

        1. LOL This is enough information for me How can anyone think this is OK??? Not to mention he is so short tempered when someone asks a question he won’t answer? It is like they are just giving the election away, OR they think they have it in the bag with voter fraud!

        2. Exactly! How can he run a Nation such as ours with part-time effort? We need a 100% President to handle the troubles of the world 100% of the time. Especially after the mess the Dems have created!

    2. AMEN jEFFREY!
      I am still doubtful joke joe will debate.!
      Could he put on a circus like the donkeys usually do when they see themselves cornerd? why is the clinic so near for this debate location, hmm, I wonder.???

  1. He’s finished !! Just too far gone mentally to know that he can’t cut it……never could, never will! The Dems are desperate!!! They’ll run somebody’s pet cat just to have a nominee, who will lose anyway!!!

  2. The ‘shocking’ light schedule is that of the sitting president as spend millions in tax payer dollars on vacations to line his own pockets and often does not come down to the office before noon….. and spends the day watching TV.

    1. Umm…I think you’re speaking of the former president who was spending money on outrageous family vacations.😲

      1. I would have to agree. Obama loved that Oval office…but man, he loved traveling allover the world on our dime, with his fam!!!!
        President Trump didn’t even take the day off after the election. He was fast at work at his desk, writng and planning…and wasn’t even inaugurated till January! He is the hardest working president I have ever seen…I am 83 years old, so i have seen a lot of presidents in my day….this man, President Trump is no slouch, and deserves all of our respect and our VOTE!

    2. How immature of you Mr. Brewster! You sound like a ten-year-old. There has never been a President who has worked harder than President Trump! He will win by huge numbers.

      1. Bravo! You are correct!!! Our President Trump is phenomenal….has wit, humor and business savvy like no one before!!! #TRUMP2020

    3. HaHaHA! Biden is a phony. Trump has done more for the people of this country and the economy than any President in the past 20 years. Sleepy Joe can hibernate in his bunker for the rest of his life. he is no competition for Trump. He was and always will be a nobody, who has accomplished nothing in his 40 years in Congress except being a puppet for the Democratic party. Bye, Bye Joey!!!!

    4. I guess you only read and hear what the fake media has to say. Trump hasn’t spent a penny of government money. He doesn’t even take his paychecks, they go to charities, he pays for his own vacations, unlike the scrounging Democrats. Wake up Mr. Brewster! Educate yourself before you spout FAKE NEWS>

    5. Please be kind to Brewster. He hasn’t see his head for some time now. We all know where he put it. Give him time and I’m sure he’ll find it if we can. My problem is that it is stuck there for so long that even when does find it he may need a buttectomy to remove it.

    6. Trump has spent so much LESS on vacations as compared to the MILLIONS OF $$ obummer spent n his.vacations on Air Force One and renting a house, FOR A WEEK, costing MORE than the average American family spends in rent, FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

  3. If in the unfortunate, appalling, off-the-scale scary event he got elected it might be an encouraging trend. Maybe trying to last a bit longer before “stepping aside” as I’ve heard it put.

  4. I think Trump is right about Biden being given drugs to enhance his cognition and surroundings. I remember watch the Democratic debates. Through out the first debates and even towards the last part Joe was a slug. He couldn’t seem to think….Then towards the last part he got much better which leaves me to think he got a shot of something to help him think. There isn’t any other plausible excuse. TEST HIM TEST HIM!

  5. You know what is really funny, Biden accuses Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems running for office, are running on a communist ( Putin ) agenda.

  6. Now doesn’t every presidential candidate call it early 6 weeks before the election? Sleepy Joe probably doesn’t even remember what he’s running for by 10 am. Very unfortunate that we won’t hear a whisper of it because America truly doesn’t have a fair press anymore. They are a dead breed in this country and I don’t see them coming back . Trust is earned……

  7. Trump/Pence 2020 Jeez, Biden can’t be a President when he refused to leave his basement, refuses to answer questions, especially about all the crooked things him, his son, and the rest of his family have done. He’s become a millionaire on the backs of the American people. So has his entire family!

  8. Hey Mr. Brewster, you could not keep up with our president on your best day so unless you know what you r talking about its best to keep your mouth shut! Have you ever heard the saying “It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are stupid than to open it and prove it”

  9. Its called alzheimers and he starts declining as the day goes on. If he cannot handle a full day of campaigning, how on earth can he handle a day of being president!!!!!!

    1. That’s exactly the point! Now he is going to the things Trump is doing but better. Why didn’t Biden do some of these things in the past 47 years. Nothing, zilch, nothing until Trump showed up. Now all of a sudden, these things are important and Trump is to blame? Once again, no original thoughts so being the Biden that he is he resorts to plagiarism just like he has in the past.

  10. Biden doesn’t even have a real plan laid out for the country. He blames Trump for the problems that occurred on an election year.
    Go figure since Hillary lost Democrats have nothing better to do but screw our country even more. Biden and Harris.
    BAD CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!

  11. nobody wants to hear his crap anyway no big loss he could talk until he was blue in the face and it won’t do him any good

  12. A wax likeness of Joe Biden has more energy than the real thing. Too bad we can’t see Biden after he puts a “lid” on the days events. Is he able to stand? Is he able to speak? Trump 2020!

  13. Not sure how anyone can vote for Joe Biden when he demonstrates how involved he’ll be as POTUS. But everyone knows that it’s Kamala Harris that will run the country and Sleepy Joe takes his naps. That is an equally thrown away vote. Neither has what it takes to run the USA. Not marginally well that is. They’ll run it in the ground if they get in.

  14. If communism is your choice of life, vote for Biden. He’s your puppet! If you want to have freedom of choice to live your dreams and build your own goals, then Trumps our man. We no longer have much of a choice left to make. All of the money that’s taken from the wealthy will go to the government. Putin is a very wealthy man. This is food for thought.

  15. I absolutely cannot wait for the debate! I’m expecting it to be the Biggest CIRCUS in Town!! Our GREAT President Donald J. Trump will chew up Sleepy Joe AND spit him out, then sweep him up AND throw him out! What a joke to think that Joe Biden [# 1 puppet] has a one chance in Hell to keep up with THE DONALD !!! Haha

  16. What does biden have to debate & campaign for ? All he knows is his career of organized crime , sedition , perversion , high treason , being a criminal in at least 3 countries , : he wasn’t a 8 year V.P. of a terrorist for no reason ! And he was in on obama’s 2015 FUNDING of their communist chinese lab that CREATED the Virus for millions of deaths – worldwide , per their NWO agenda goals . Not to mention using stolen taxpayer funds to do it !

  17. We have an overabundance of crooks in the government now, why elect a BRAIN DEAD old man with Dementitia to run our country. He has been in office almost a half century and done NOTHING. Trump just the opposite PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT!!

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