August 1, 2021

Hannity: Biden calling a ‘lid’ for most of the week should ‘alarm’ voters

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden called yet another “lid” on campaigning on Monday morning, a departure from campaigning that is expected to last until the 2nd presidential debate on Thursday.

Fox Host Sean Hannity announced that Biden’s complete disappearance from the campaign trail for multiple days this close to the election “should now alarm every American.” 

In contrast to Biden’s noticeable disappearance from the public eye, President Trump is “criss-crossing the country” at a record pace, announcing on Monday that he will appear at five rallies in the next three days.

“This has never happened in the history of presidential politics,” said Hannity, “where one guy spends the entire campaign, 15 days out from an election, deciding to take a four-day vacation after he only worked one day and then had another day off.”

“Joe Biden is not criss-crossing the country,” Hannity added. “He’s not campaigning. He barely is hosting any events at all.”

Biden’s official Twitter account wrote on Monday after calling the lid, “15 days. Let’s finish strong,” followed by another tweet pledging that “@KamalaHarris and I will work every day to bind up our wounds and bring this country back together.”

Biden’s decision to disappear from any further public appearances until Thursday’s debate comes at a convenient time, as reporters and voters seek answers about Hunter Biden’s business dealings overseas.

Emails implicating Joe Biden in his son’s questionable actions were released last week, but since the emails’ exposure, Biden has not been required to address the issues by anyone in the mainstream media. Furthermore, the Commission on Presidential Debates recently announced that foreign policy will not be included as a debate topic for the final presidential debate, a decision which the Trump campaign said will tip “the scales for Joe Biden.”

“Despite multiple official and unofficial statements, the Biden campaign has never once directly and unequivocally denied that zero-experience Hunter Biden offered special access to the Obama White House in exchange for what he made in terms of millions and millions and millions of dollars,” Hannity said.

If the media has anything to do with it, Biden will never have to address these serious allegations before election day.

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55 Responses

    1. WHY SAD??? This is a very wicked person if you had not noticed…wake up, smell the evil of this entire family.

      1. I was watching Guilliana
        (former Mayor of New York) telling us all about the Biden Crime Family…Going back to his grandfather down to Joe and Hunter Biden….And yet, the Democratic Politicians don’t care…Another person showed a video of Hunter in a place without his shirt on…And on the bed, he lying down with a white cover over him, smoking pot and later injected heroin in his leg…Hunter is addicted to Heroin…

        1. They’ll use the information after he’s inaugurated to remove him and crown Hillary by having Harris choose her a VP and then impeaching Kamala. You’re getting Clinton, whether you like it or not.

          1. Good Lord, what a convolutede story, but the orwellian world we have been living in these past few years trying to take down our POTUS, i wouldn’t be surprised. Shes a drunkard though. We go from one problem to another with the donkeys. They deserve to be charged with TREASON!

      2. Yeah why sad? He might be getting an implant in his brain or being wired up inside. Its his choice to stay in. the truth is he just can’t handle the pace Trump is on.
        GO POTUS! MAGA 2020! GOD Bless you. !!!

      1. I believe the poor man has Parkinson’s which is even worse. Watch him the next time he’s on tv he suffers from tremors and the symptoms are all there for Parkinson’s

    1. I’ll…no. If he can’t even get out and try to get votes…whats he gonna do when something drastic happens?? Hide again????

      1. If Biden doesn’t win, Pelosi thinks, that she will be the next president….LOL! She’s 80 years old and crazy..

  1. DEMENTIA JOE is getting all of the Q and A from his “moderator” fa,ioly supporters via their “MODERATOR” ptrogressive marxist just like Dobba Brazile gave CANKLES in 2016……………….and TRUMP WON !!!

    1. True! Trump has to compete with Sleepy Joe, but the biased media too! Trump will still win though, The people can see through the Demo ploys! MAGA TRUMP 2020!

  2. If the media doesn’t mention it by all means I pray to God that Trump brings it up while on National Mainstream TV. That should shut them up once and for all, trying to hide the truth. The only thing that Biden and his cronies should win is a jail sentence for corruption and treason. Obama, Hillary, Joe, Schiff, Nadler and Schumer and the Communist Squad whom I really like to know how they won an election. Are those people who voted for them not awake to reality that these are not Americans, but communist moles here to destroy our country.

    1. Oh He will believe me. he knows thats what he must do, cause they wont even mention it. But PTUS must belaser F>c<usEd, avoid the criticisms let the citizenry know his accomplishments and turn ight around before the mutn and ask, What about you Joe, ewhaat have you done in ForeIgn policy?

  3. Biden abd Garris should both be removed from running in this 2020 election.

    It would be sad as Pelosi would probably rub. Sad that all votes all ready cast for Biden should never go to the next Candidate.

  4. When it comes to the left they do no wrong when it comes to the right they are blame for everything. Trump has been fighting the left since day one you name it they brought him against it and the right has won because when you do wrong it comes back to bite you in the butt. Vote RED. !!!!!!

  5. Hiding out in basement. I think his involvement with Hunter Biden should be addressed in the debate. You are feeling Biden all the question and answers and trying to gag the president on what he can say. Everything about the Biden collisions should be public knowledge the people have the right to know.

  6. Biden HAS NOTHING to offer America but more years of obama’s communist & muslim criminal / terrorist policies , not to mention biden’s many counts of sedition , perversion , perjury , high treason & even MORE theft of billions of taxpayer funds that would , as usual for dems. , go to America’s enemies instead of Americans ! As he strips away American’s rights to defend ourselves .

      1. If the moderator uses the mute button on Trump, it will only prove the bias against our great President! MAGA!

  7. @Donald J Trump.. My Daughter made a suggestion that she and other women have agreed to.. When you are at the next debate.. do the following. Talk about all the things that you have done for our Country and for other Countries like the peace deal, the economy like no other and a stock market that has broke records. Then talk about the things that you wish you had done different with some of the Governors. Talk about how you love this Country and you want to do whatever it takes to protect it and the people. The things you don’t want to talk about is the Bidens.. I know and most everyone knows what happened and we believe that it will be handled. Show you have a humble side.. no attacks. Just a humble man that has done so much for our Country. That will win over the people that have not made up their mind. Show them the soft side..

    1. I agree! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Hunter and Joe’s money-making schemes. Be gentle,Mr. President. Remind us all of your great economy and remind people of all that you did following the scientists’ advice on the Virus. Hindsight is twenty twenty vision. You have my vote.

  8. If hiding Biden becomes President(God forbid) are we supposed to build an oval office in the basement of the White House for him? Once he becomes President he can’t put a “lid” on a days events. What if he is supposed to meet with a head of state of some foreign country? Is he going to say “Sorry I put a lid on today, see you in a few days!”? Maybe they could talk to Hunter Biden so he could make a few million more dollars in kickbacks ? Trump 2020!

  9. Surprise, surprise. The commission is protecting Biden once again. Not having questions or debate on foreign affairs; which keeps questions about Hunter and his self off the table. It is so blatantly clear what is going on. They put Trump up, scrutinized him and his family, tried to impeach him, have dogged him for 4 years and he and his family have answered questions about everything they or Trump were asked. The Trumps didn’t hide; they didn’t have anything to hide or hide from. It’s time hidden Biden comes out and whether he answers questions about Hunter, the emails, or himself concerning the foreign affairs issue at hand; he needs to come out and face it, the media, and most importantly the people who he wants votes from.

  10. This is a good enough reason to bring charges against the Bidens, Hiliary, Obama, the FBI, and the CIA. Get Barr and Durnam out of the way and file charges and drain the ring leaders of the swamp.

    1. Don’t think he needs to rehearse! In my opinion, he will be wearing a ‘wire’ and someone will just tell him what to say! What a ‘pitiful’ lot the liberals have become!

  11. Why is anyone surprised??!!! This is how the Democrats operate. They have NO solutions, only ranting, raving and now supporting anarchy! NO surprise! Just hope/pray Americans will WAKE UP before it’s too late!!!!!!!

  12. Will this give Hilariously time to figure out which end of the donkey to mount and clip clop in to save the densocrats. Take a break Joe, you have already out worked Hilariously from the 2016 campaign and it really shows in the real polls. How you continue to keep getting donations speaks volumes of misguided donors.

  13. You aren’t kidding. 47 years of corruption. And the media should be called out on WHY no one is asking questions…… Pathetic how the democrats are making our country so bad.
    Marge Smith

  14. Joe and Hunter have been selling Us out to Communist China. They are forcing the transfer of technology to them, giving them a leg up over us. Their plans sinister and nefarious, will cause Great Harm to We The People. Trump has been trying to end all this, but he is working with his hands tied behind his back. He is being attacked at every turn and many Americans have no Clue do to Censorship. Frightening.

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