July 2, 2022

Biden Bungles the Border

With every day that passes, Democrats are taking a step closer to becoming the party of drugs, cartels and human traffickers —a grave threat to America’s national security.

The Biden administration’s reckless open borders policy has caused chaos and human suffering at the southern border where illegal crossings have surged to a 20-year high. On Thursday, border officials announced that a staggering 18,890 unaccompanied children were apprehended crossing the U.S. border illegally in March, up from 9,271 in February. That’s just a fraction of the 172,000 migrant encounters in March exacerbating the ongoing pandemic. Thousands of unauthorized migrants are being packed into U.S. detention centers as they wait to be processed — not socially distanced. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by members of Congress.

“Paging Dr. Fauci,” tweeted Senator Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., on Friday. “You need to go to the southern border and witness in person the biggest super spreader event in the nation — President (Biden’s) immigration policies.”

Perhaps Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s top infectious disease adviser, can tell us if scores of migrants violating social distancing mandates is A-OK, or if he thinks importing the highly contagious coronavirus from other countries is a good idea. Consider, at least 10% of migrant minors transferred to San Diego from a Texas detention center last month tested positive for COVID-19. If that’s not problematic enough, thousands of migrant families are being released from custody and transported throughout the U.S. — without being tested for the deadly virus.

What could go wrong?

Meanwhile, the majority of American children grades K-12 still aren’t going to school in person and taxpayers are required to obey strict COVID-19 restrictions or face harsh penalties. This includes getting one’s business shut down or being fined or prosecuted. Additionally, American citizens must continue to wear masks until possibly 2022, says Fauci, who during a recent interview with Fox New’s Neil Cavuto said he has “nothing to do” with the southern border. “Having me down at the border. That’s really not what I do.”

Huh? Isn’t it the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease’s job to contain the spread of a highly contagious and deadly virus?

Talk about a political hack.

Then there’s the human trafficking horrors. Sadly, there isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t hear about the cartels exploiting and abusing migrant children, women and girls being sexually assaulted or the many lives lost making the dangerous journey. This is what the Biden administration is permitting by weakening many of the Trump administration’s border enforcement and immigration policies. Plus, deadly drugs are pouring into our country.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers from the El Paso Field Office had a busy week leading to the seizures of over 157 pounds of cocaine, 341 pounds of marijuana, 98 pounds of methamphetamine, and 12 pounds of fentanyl,” CBP posted on its website on March 26.

Has President Biden and his administration already forgotten the devastating opioid crisis that killed over 70,000 Americans in 2019? Apparently.

But that’s not all. Terrorists are trespassing the border. This week, CBP announced U.S. border agents arrested two suspected Yemeni terrorists, one in January and another in March who were on “no-fly” and U.S. terrorism watch lists. The two adult men entered illegally via the Mexico border. A CBP spokesperson said terrorist U.S. border crossings are “very uncommon” but how would they know given thousands of people are sneaking into the U.S. without being identified every week.

“Nearly 1,000 people per day are sneaking into the United States without being identified or taken into custody because U.S. border agents are busy attending to migrant families and unaccompanied children while also trying to stop soaring numbers of male adults, according to three U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials familiar with the data,” reported The Washington Post.

The stark reality is if thousands of unidentified migrants can sneak into our country undetected, so can an untold number of terrorists. Now, consider that it only took two radical Islamic terrorists to inflict carnage at the Boston Marathon bombings and 19 hijackers to execute 9/11.

Bottom line: The Biden administration’s colossal failure of an immigration policy is rapidly advancing towards a full-blown national security crisis. The government must secure the border and implement sensible policies without delay.

Adriana Cohen is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. To find out more about Adriana Cohen and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at www.creators.com.


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Randy Justice (@guest_1203586)
1 year ago

Even the Liberal Democrats know that they have appointed the wrong retard !!! WHAT A JOKE !!!! LMAO !!!!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1203589)
1 year ago

Been bungling all through the campaign to date.

alicia cervera (@guest_1203623)
1 year ago

Why do you have a REPLY space if you wont accept the TRUTH about biden, that he is a liar, a cheat, a thief and corrupt to his ears? It has been said everywhere and you wont let me write it here. ? PROVEN FACTS! Im getting sick of you silencing me. Well YOU WILL NEVER SILENCE me or the AMERICAN CITIZENRY!
EVEN the NYTimes gave hm 4 pinochios for his “truths”!
Please Unsubscribe me frm your mailing list NOW! Not interested in your articles.!

Cynthia Traylor (@guest_1203636)
1 year ago

A retard for a so called President, that is illegal .aided by an ILLEGAL Criminal past So called President who controls him his Lord and master Obama who has returned to finish what he has stRted

June Garris (@guest_1203679)
1 year ago

Now Biden is spending millions smuggling and traffricking illegals into Donna and MeAllen. Giving them groceries, clothes, tavel tickets and cash to disappear into the USA.
Using tax payers money to take care of them. Send them back across the border in those unmarked van you are hauling them in.
What does it take to get this idiot out of office? Next thing he will be bombing us. He is already bringing illegals to do his dirty work.

Gary m (@guest_1203722)
1 year ago

What about Georgia’s voter laws:
I don’t know why people can’t seem to get it through their heads that this is not about voter integrity, it is about taking 100 million dollars out of a red state, and putting it in a blue state. The voting laws in these states are almost the same , so what is the real reason….. money. To keep a red state from getting 100 million dollars, and move it to a blue state to support democrat politicians. Everything else is a smoke screen.

Gary m (@guest_1203947)
1 year ago

Air Force One takes a wrong turn. They were over Beijing when the engines quit, Biden ask the pilot what was wrong the pilot said we are out of gas. So Joe being the man of action that he is, he bailed out, he could be heard saying WHOOOA! I forgot my chuuuuuuute………….splat. Harris who happened to be on the same flight jumped too, but she got her chute on, when she tried to open it she kept pulling the wrong chord. She was pulling the chord for her kotex, needless to say that turned out to be a bloody mess. The pilot remembered to switch to the reserve tanks, and flew off into the sunset. This pilot will be remembered as a national hero.

Billy (@guest_1204727)
1 year ago

J. Biden with his executive orders have caused unnecessary trouble . His efforts to make us a Social/Communist nation are blowing up in his face. Impeach the entire corrupt Administration. It says Sane name , email and web site for next time I comment. This should cover a day not just one site in my opinion, why is this your policy of lies.

Brigit (@guest_1205199)
1 year ago

Biden is a complete disaster for our country.



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