October 5, 2022

Biden brings anti-fracking activist Lady Gaga to Pennsylvania rally

The Joe Biden campaign realized over the weekend that the Democrat nominee is in danger of losing Pennsylvania, a critical swing state that some strategists believe is the key to the election.

Biden’s response was to launch a last-minute campaign blitz in the state, along with running mate Kamala Harris and singer Lady Gaga — a notorious anti-oil industry activist.

Donald Trump has already hammered Biden on his anti-energy industry platform, so bringing Lady Gaga to drum up support for him in a state that has a huge stake in the oil and fracking business could be a fatal mistake.

Gaga joined Biden in Pennsylvania on Monday and attempted to increase enthusiasm for the Democrat candidate with a musical performance before Biden’s scheduled speech at a drive-in rally.

The Trump campaign immediately highlighted Gaga’s advocacy for shutting down the fracking industry, which Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh characterized as a “sharp stick in the eye” of 600,000 Pennsylvania workers in the industry.

“Joe Biden will always prioritize the desires of the liberal Hollywood elite and the radical left, while President Trump will always put the interests of blue-collar workers first,” Murtaugh jabbed.

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce joined Murtaugh’s criticism of Gaga’s position on fracking: “Calls to ban this industry are shortsighted and send the wrong message. All facets of Pennsylvanian’s diverse energy portfolio have a role to play in moving our economy forward.”

Despite the importance of winning Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, Biden has refused to assure blue-collar workers in the state that make their living in the oil and gas industry that he will not destroy their livelihoods, and his tone-deaf decision to bring Gaga to the state should tell Pennsylvania voters all they need to know about his opinion of them.


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