May 23, 2022

Biden blocks all US investments in separatist areas of Ukraine

President Joe Biden is expected to issue an executive order to block U.S. investments in the separatist areas of Ukraine as part of a sanctions package against Russia.

“We have anticipated a move like this from Russia and are ready to respond immediately. President Biden will soon issue an executive order that will prohibit new investment, trade, and financing by U.S. persons to, from, or in the so-called DNR and LNR regions of Ukraine,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement, according to the Washington Examiner.

“This E.O. will also provide authority to impose sanctions on any person determined to operate in those areas of Ukraine. The Departments of State and Treasury will have additional details shortly. We will also soon announce additional measures related to today’s blatant violation of Russia’s international commitments,” she added.

Biden is not alone in his actions. The U.K. plans to join the U.S. in the new move.

While the sanctions are not expected to slow Putin down, they will show a symbolic measure of protest against the Russian leader.

Sadly, the Ukrainian people are largely left on their own as they seek to remain free from Russian power.

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