July 25, 2021

Biden begrudgingly gives Trump a nod for vaccine development program

President-elect Joe Biden spent the better part of the weeks and months leading up to the 2020 election bashing President Donald Trump and his administration on their efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Daily Caller, Biden broke down and finally recognized as he was receiving his COVID-19 vaccination that the president might deserve a little bit of credit for leading efforts to expedite the launch of and distribution of a vaccine. 

“The scientists and the people who put this together, the front line workers, the people who were the ones who actually did the clinical work, it’s just amazing,” Biden said as he received his vaccination shot in his home state of Delaware on Monday.

“I think the administration deserves some credit getting this off the ground with Operation Warp Speed. I also think that it’s worth saying that this gives great hope. I’m doing this to demonstrate that people should be prepared when it’s available to take the vaccine. There is nothing to worry about,” Biden added, presumably begrudgingly.

But he quickly went from optimistic back to his warnings of dark winters and overall doom and gloom. He also repeated his insistence that Americans listen to “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci and continue to wear face masks, social distance and most importantly, refrain from traveling around the holidays if one can help it.

The former vice president then killed any form of praise for the Trump administration after saying that we’re still “in the thick of it” before adding that he’s not optimistic about how the vaccine would be distributed, even though the Trump administration colluded with private industry and the U.S. military for perhaps one of the most impressive and fast rollouts of a vaccine anytime in world history.

Biden’s vaccination publicity stunt came on the heels of several other high-profile politicians receiving their shots, including Vice President Mike Pence, who was vaccinated last week, according to the Associated Press.

Trump, so far, has held off on taking the vaccine. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany fielded questions recently about when the president might receive a vaccine, to which she replied that he’ll go through with it “as soon as his medical team determines that it’s best” while noting that the president wants the most vulnerable Americans to receive the vaccination before him.

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63 Responses

  1. Thank God for President Trump. We must never concede. The Deep State is so much deeper than anyone thought but we now know who they are—-demoncrats (spelling intentional) and republicans.

      1. For several years I’ve warned that the Godless Democratic Party “IS” the Communist Party in America; I also warned about the implantation of their bible of George Orwell’s novel of “1984.” We American patriots must never allow the Godless Democratic Party to rule over our Republic of the United States of America even if we are forced to declare a second civil war. I’m prepared to save our sovereign nation and its Constitution for which the Democrats are determined to destroy! All we need is our retired Generals to lead us in battle!

        USAF (RET)

        1. God bless you and all patriots. I still have faith in POTUS no matter how bad it looks for 2 reasons. 1 God always wins. 2 POTUS frequently allows things to get bad to embolden the evil Ba*tards ( even those in his own administration) and thereby causing them to expose themselves so we the people can finally see what has been hidden from us for generations.

          1. Well said and we totally agree with you! President Trump was sent by God – and God always wins!

        2. Thank you for your service & I certainly do agree with you! I honestly feel three is a going to the another civil war in this country, because unfornately the Democratic party wanted to take our freedoms away! I am hoping that President who has done so much for the people & our country. I have heard of Martial Law it may be his last resort but it my be ours as well!

      2. I agree. And if “China Joe” takes office the fall of the United States as we know it will soon become very apparent

    1. Winners don’t concede when they don’t lose. Aanon is a group that is hitting it right on the money. President_Trump WILL continue to be the President of the United States.

    2. YES! No WINNING BY CHEATING of any kind could be accepted! In fact, it, should be degraced! To Openly accepting the VIOLATION OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS as a Naiton who Claims: “ONE NATIOIN UNDER GOD, INDIVISBLE, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL!” Is a virtous moral COUNTRY! Are we living wthin THOSE VIRTUES in TRUTH as a NATION? Only the godless accept amoralities!

  2. ALL decent, honest, patriotic U.S citizens want and deserve four more GREAT years of TRUMP PENCE in the WH!~!!
    KAG!!! Stop the fraud, corruption, and lies by Democrats…send Biden to his basement with his dogs!!

    1. Better yet, send him to the DOGHOUSE with the dogs!

      We don’t need to go back to the C-R-A-P-O-L-A we had for 8 years under Obummer!
      Biden is just going to be a repeat for Obummer 3!

  3. I HOPE BIDEN takes the shot and DIES! He will NEVER BE “my” President, he is a CHINESE TRAITOR and should be in JAIL not the WHITE HOUSE ! And if he dies or gets sick I hope for the worst for THIS TRAITOR!

    1. C’mon, I have NO use for him but to say I hope he dies would make me no better than him and I want to at least feel I’m a better person than a Democrat. So please don’t feel that way!

      1. You are absolutely right.. to wish someone dead, is not the answer,, and makes you fit the same category as the DEMS,

    2. To David !!!!!
      Yes, agree 100% !!!
      All these traitors, cheaters, liars deserve to
      die !!!!
      We’re getting treated like idiots, slaves of theirs !!!!
      Enough !!!!

  4. I don’t know why we chastise people when they do the right thing like giving someone credit. No wonder we’re so politically polarized.

    1. Because Bejing Biden is a traitor to America. He is trying to sell our country out. Been in DC for 47 years and all he’s been is a liar, cheat and selling America down the river for personal gain.

  5. Joe Biden and the Democrats is what’s wrong with this country, pay attention to Biden the next 4 years, and you will see what I mean

    1. Biden won’t be here in 4 years. His dementia and Kamel Toe Harris and her supporters will find a way to get rid of him so she can be president.

    This imbecile will never be our POTUS –
    Bought & paid for – product of China!

  7. I believe we all see Biden for who he is and do not want him in the White House, but do not lose sight of how evil Kamala Harris is and I have no doubt that she will be in charge behind the scenes until they can no longer allow Joe to make appearances due to his dementia. Harris should scare you every bit as much.

  8. You know he really put ‘cancel culture’ in a spot, he said something good about Trump and they can’t cancel their own candidate.

  9. Mr. doom and gloom can stick it where the sun don’t shine. I will never except him as the president or his hinch men or the HOHO. This election was stolen and we all know it. If he thinks America will go along with 100 days of mask, social distancing and closing down businesses, he’s full of dodo. We are and will still be Americans, not Chinese slaves.

  10. This is truly the best and greatest President this country has had since Ronald Reagan !!! What he said he was going to do he has done even in the face of all of the crap that was thrown at him he still performed his job, he put this country first as a president should !!! It’s too bad the rest of Congress then always can’t see it that way I mean they’re supposed to work for us we’re not supposed to be working for them, I find it so highly disgusting that they have flipped it around and turn this country into what it is and continually to bash Trump as he’s trying to fix it, I SAY SHAME ON ALL OF THEM ESPECIALLY THE RHINOS WE’VE GOT SHOWING UP !!!!

  11. We also need to Defund the MEDIA…..We have to go after these low life New’s People…Somehow we need to get the word out to the people who are not getting the TRUTH….! A lot of people don’t know about the new News stations…we must let them know……….

    1. Lynn, I need to make clear how members of the American Communist Party accomplished their goal before Dwight D. Eisenhower outlawed the American Communist Party back in 1954, and then, cleverly merged right-in with the already social party of the Democratic Party. Before they were outlawed, they promised to infiltrate the news medias, and they succeeded. They promised to infiltrate our nation’s educational institutions, and they succeeded. They promised to infiltrate labor unions, and they succeeded. They promised to infiltrate the U.S. Congress and Senate as well as all other areas of the United States government, and they succeeded. All this occurred simply because, Americans left their country and representatives unguarded to do as they pleased and the American people be damned.

      In the words of Abraham Lincoln…. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” By the way; as a teenager, my father always taught me to pay attention to what our government is doing including any influence by foreigners. Back in the early forties I learned to be a patriot through American and world history as well as a member of the Boy Scouts of America when it was an honor to be a member. Unfortunately, the former organization has turned into an abomination!

      USAF (RET)

  12. By continued lying the dems are manipulating the numbers around covid. They will never give up this weapon they weild against us.lt is their tool for opressing us all and bending us to their will. The more lies , the more superfluous they become.How long are we going to put up with their delusional BS?

  13. Mushbrain Biden is not long to be the “leader”. Soon, his lights will go out. The great danger is Komrad Kamala. She’s a drooling danger of doom. She has her steam roller ready, parked in the back yard, until she gets the chance to turn it on and start rolling on the path of our doom. She will the the Wonder Woman with horns, and a pitch fork to skew anyone in her way.

  14. Darker Days are ahead of us just like biden says. But only if biden really becomes the president of the communist states of america. I can’t believe anyone with more than one brain cell would want this basement dwelling worm to be president.

  15. There is no need to defund fake news, President Trump could simply revoke there FCC license, hence no more lying to the American public.

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