May 6, 2021

Biden backpedals on COVID-19 management promises, hints at extended restrictions

President Joe Biden didn’t have much going for him as a candidate except the perception that he could better handle COVID-19. Now that he’s in office, however, it looks as though he was the wrong man for the job.

According to Breitbart, Biden said he now expects pandemic restrictions to persist into next fall even after saying he’d “shut down the virus” as one of his main campaign promises. “I’m going to shut down the virus, but I never said I’d do it in two months,” Biden backpedaled in his answer to Fox News’ Peter Doocy Monday. “It’s going to take a heck of a lot of time.”

Biden spoke to reporters after signing an executive order encouraging government purchases favoring American-made products. The president has signed a flurry of orders in his first week in office, many of which hurt American interests like killing the Keystone Pipeline XL project, rejoining the Paris Agreement, undoing border security, stripping protections for the unborn and many others.

Although he is swiftly advancing the radical left’s agenda through presidential fiat, it now appears he can’t make good on the one thing many moderates likely had hoped he would. “We’re still going to be dealing with this issue in the early fall,” he said of the government-imposed restrictions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. “We’re in this for a while.”

The president promised that herd immunity might be possible by summer after vaccinations would be complete by the spring. “I feel good about where we’re going, and I think we can get it done,” Biden told reporters.

Still, Biden blamed Americans and their “mass disregard” for mask mandates and social distancing rules for the necessity of ongoing restrictions. Previously, he also blamed President Donald Trump when he lied about the previous administration not having a plan for the mass-vaccination rollout. Meanwhile, he began making bold promises of 100 million vaccinations in 100 days based on what was already set in motion from his predecessor.

The president who was elected to stop the pandemic grimly predicted 660,000 COVID-19 deaths before the U.S. would be able to stem the tide. He foresaw the ongoing restrictions because of the lag between the two doses required for full vaccination. Left unsaid in his remarks was the fact that there isn’t much Biden will do — or even can do — differently than Trump was doing to stop the coronavirus.

The new president had sold himself as the savior of the world because of his seriousness about the pandemic. Unfortunately, many Americans were bamboozled by his promises, unaware that he was only saying the right words while Trump was actually taking the right actions — a distinction that left America stuck with the wrong man. Voters will soon figure out that everything Biden is able to do to “shut down” the pandemic is because of something his predecessor already set in motion.

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72 Responses

    1. Ha! Ha! Good one. This is what happens when the news media controls the election. They told people what they wanted them to hear, as are Democrat controlled outlets. So glad I use other resources for my information. That and the fact that Joe Biden was no more fit to be president than my goat!!

      1. We tried to warn the left what they’d get from all the pandering….what they always get: broken and empty promises, but what they will get is higher taxes, open borders, job stagnation, and another wasted four years or more, all while they continue to become extremely wealthy. I would expect the whimpering to start by mid-summer as the media continues to cover up the corruption.

    2. Well by what he’s following, whom did not care how many people lost their lives or businesses, as long as he and his cronies made money..It will take some time to life back to the new normal

      1. You are very wrong. President Trump was the 1st president in a long time that put America and Americans first!!! The truth will all come out if you choose to listen

    3. Looks to me as if the democrap party has an abundance of dumb. Which means that those who voted for Creepy, Sleepy, Uncle Joe also have an abundance of “dumbness” in them too….or else, they were all fooled by Biden’s speech writers who lied thru their teeth about Biden and he really was suffering from increasing dementia.

    1. why wasn’t this comment censored? I’ve said much less incendiary things about this idiot of a “president”, but you let this go through? whose the hypocrite?

      1. Why, what is wrong with being hung? The writer obviously did not want to be incendiary and insulting to the Liberal and Antigun aficionados here by stating he should be set up in front of a firing squad!

  1. Of course Joe lied, he’s a Democrat, that’s what they do. They will say anything to get elected. Following through with election promises, that’s another story. Trump has been the only President to actually deliver on his promises.

  2. I really think Joe Biden is a dam joke. I think he set up Trump to fail after all that Trump has done for Americans
    Bifen just wants to destroy America

  3. The sheeple on the left voted for this vermin and will have to go through hell with this POS just like every one else!

    1. Our Senators and Representatives could always impeach him, but then you’d be stuck with Kamel Toes. Impeach her and guess who you’re stuck with then……Nasty Nancy Pelosi. What a choice to have to make. Shows that some Americans are either so stupid they need a guide to show them where the bathroom is, or else they were so “beguiled” by the democrabs that they need to lose the right to vote.

      1. So impeach all 3 of them, and let’s start over. Crazy Uncle Joey, Komrade Kommie-la, and Nasty Pooplousy need to GO! Buh-bye, folks! Hope you look good in orange. Oh, and take Mad Maxine and the Brat Squad with you. Have a nice day!

  4. AW…COME ON MAN!!! You had your sheeple convinced you were the Maglc Miracle Man who could wave the magic wand and cure the world of the pandemic and all its other ills. Guess you watched too much of the fake news about yourself by the Democrat lapdog media while hiding out in the basement.

  5. He’s a rotten President, but we knew he would be. Everything he has done, has made me “sick”! Anyone else want Trump back? I sure do! AND it makes me furious when the Democrats blame Trump for how we feel. I voted for Trump because I felt the way he did and wanted what he wanted. (Not because he influenced me.) In other words, I still feel that that way – no change because Trump is gone. We are not as stupid as the Democrats think we are.

      1. most of us DID NOT let biden in. He still thinks people voted for him. They did not! They voted against Trump because he hurt their feelings.

    1. Couldn’t have put it better. I have turned into a very vocal person who is now studying the Constitution of the United States and politics in America. Unlike Pelosi, I am tired of people in Washington making and breaking their own rules.

  6. We are at Roadblocks, already…the first couple of weeks…The whole country is faltering…rocking like a sailboat on a stormy sea!! Pres. Biden…you should have just “let” Trump take over – he “knew” what he was doing – but , of course, it would have been a bit of a rough road with all of the road blocks put there by your party…but…he would have mulled his way through it and kept us on track. Dear God, “Bless America!!”

  7. What a moose turd ! Every voter that voted for him, needs strung up by thumb screws to keep them from ever voting again!

    1. David, You are so right. No one in their right mind and with any degree of common sense would have voted for Biden. The Democratic party has lied for years upon years. I know because I’ve been around a long time.

  8. A clueless corrupt swamp dweller….Nancy…..”we did it guys” now we can screw the country for four years……we’ll bury them in regulations…….Piss on America….I still have China…………………

    1. It wont be long ,even the fake axx media will be going after biden and his dictator ways ..bad for the country and when the money stops pouring in to the media ..the country will get pay back .these corupt Democrats are living on borrowed time.

  9. Biden never worked in a private sector. He’s a career politician. he’s one of those politicians who campaign and made promises that they do not keep. Trump did a good job. he sacrificed his wealth, family, businesses to clean the swamp and help our great country. Obama-Biden didn’t have stockpile for medical emergency used; and our President Trump did everything he can. To get the supplies and vaccines in a very short time. Obama-Biden didn’t pursued the ebola vaccine. they stopped. they were busy helping other foreign countries instead of helping their own. Trump’s America agenda: America First vs. Biden’s: America last. just watch!

  10. Hi,
    At age 82, I am at a loss for acceptable words to say about this new administration. I am praying for the LOR to have mercy on the USA.

  11. “Charge” to the rear !!! Biden is advancing :^) We have a system designed by geniuses which is currently being run by IDIOTS !!! Welcome to the ‘new’ world where right is wrong and positive is negative. Lets see now, we’ve lost 10,000 jobs (minimum), we’ve reinstalled the Paris climate accord (our monetary disaster — but China loves it) and we’ve opened our hearts and country to the DEMONSTRATED terrorist regimes. And this is only week one — I can hardly wait for week two — that’s when we apologize to the world — how sweet :^(

  12. What is he going to do to shut down the virus, ask China to stop spreading it? I doubt he’ll do that, because he’s on their payroll.

  13. How many impeachable offenses has out ‘fearful leader’s committed in the first 6 days of the ‘ darkness administration ‘. Are they so afraid that they must keep armed troops there. The previous administration did not need protection but we’re under constant attack even before they took the office.

  14. As usual Biden and his cronies are taking the American public to the cleaners and China will be the one who comes out on top. It’s time we the people start standing up to this dictator,that’s what he is and we all know how to take care of dictators. If Biden and his cronies thought the right was out of line once his 4 years in office will be racked with dissent and unfortunately I’m sure some uprisings that will be nasty or worse.

  15. And biden trashed Trump continuously that he wasn’t doing enough to stop the virus and now the sorry POS says nothing can be done! Disgusting, evil lying pig!

  16. He really didn’t need to make the lofty promise to win…the election was already in the bag. Getting stupid people to believe he really had a covid plan just narrowed the margin of cheating necessary to get the dolt elected.

  17. All of these comments are RIGHT ON! Things aren’t going to get better and we know it!! Biden is undoing all the great things Trump and conservatives had in place to make our country great! May God help us!

  18. If the idiots who all voted for Biden would have done their homework properly.They would have learned that Biden did very little for this country for the 46 years he has been in office. He lies and now the smart people are learning that they voted for the weakest link to run this country. He lives up to the reputation of being a liar and a cheat.And after 4 years of his leadership the people will gladly vote for a republican or even a democrat just to get rid of Biden and his sidekick Kamala Harris. That is if they don’t destroy the right of the people to vote again. The majority of America wanted these losers to represent them in Washington.Now i’m laughing as they are screwing over all you liberals who were stupid enough to believe their damn lies and voted for these losers. Think it’s bad now, wait things are about to get way out of control. Stupidity is so very bliss in this country.

    1. John I am afraid the fix is until until the states where the fraud is commited in get the decent election laws installed by their legislature .They also need decent honest poll workers who would have to go thru a secret clearance. Until things are changed on a local level nothings going to change. I wonder how many democrat dollars and Chinese loot went in to fix it for the democrats. Its to bad we don’t have an honest FBI and CIA to root out the guilty. I think those who are guilty should be charged with treason and sedition.

  19. But, but, but, Newsom and Cuomo have announced they’re reopening the state inasmuch as Bribem is in office. You mean, they’re not?

  20. I’ve been trying to pick a winner of this stupidity contest, but the more I read the more I believe the overall level of stupidity is just not measurable. Maybe the UnAmerican Digest and other Putin pets should announce the winner and save me the challenge.

  21. You know the whole democrat team is not telling the truth when their lips are moving. What amazes me is people believing it. Unity my butt ,its unity if you do it their way!




  23. Don’t folks realize Creepy Joe’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor? Besides, he is just following what his handlers tell him to do, sign, or say! But, if you were dumb enough to vote for this looser then he is showing you what you got with your vote!!!

  24. I wonder if Hollywood would make a sequel to the movie Dumb and Dumber staring Biden and Harris – Pelosi could be the straight man — OOPS! I mean she could wear the strait jacket. Did they have no hint as the scope of problems that President Trump handling despite the issues they kept throwing at him. Now the shoe is on the other man’s foot and that man is already limping.

  25. Evil privilege people who have gotten rich off the backs of the American people. In bed with the highest bidder. But always politicaly correct. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  26. Biden is a blowhard with signs of dementia. He quints he’s reading from a teleprompter. Even then he muffs up. When not on the teleprompter he incoherent and hostile.

  27. ONE “MORE” FREEKING “DAMNABLE” LIE! This man LIED like Linoleum when he last ran for President and got caught and had to bow out! What makes people think this leopard can change his spots!! HOW is it that people did NOT “SEE!”

  28. When the Good Lord gets ready to give this Country a Enema
    he’s going to stick the hose right through the front door of the
    House of Representitives with any luck the Four stooges will all
    be there P.S.B.H. to get swept away with the rest of the sewage
    out onto Pa. Ave. and down some storm drain.

  29. Biden was not elected as President. Trump did not stay in favor with the powers to be, he disobeyed them (he would not attack Iraq) so they made sure he lost. Our Presidents are preselected by the Hidden Hand that run the entire world. See link ( This article explains it all. Once you understand, then you will know why Trump exposed them all and why he was going to eradicate them once and for all Worldwide. It was a bold move. Unfortunately, It didn’t go as planned. Wait? Or did it? Perhaps the plan allowed for Biden to become President so the folks in America could see just how bad things in America are going to get. Once they start disapproving, it will be time for a change in leadership. I expect to see that happen soon. Just be patient Patriots. Do not make a move just yet.

  30. Biden is nothing but the biggest TURD of the hatefilled DemonRATS who think they know it all –want it all- and plan on taking it all — nutty Nancy -crybaby Chuckie have been in to damn long and have become RICHER off of us — TERM LIMITS NOW–

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