August 18, 2022

Biden amplifies CDC director’s ‘impending sense of doom’ about COVID-19

President Joe Biden just confessed he shared the sense of “impending doom” regarding the pandemic noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), noting Americans are becoming lax on lockdown efforts.

“We share the sentiment of Dr. Walensky, the head of the CDC,” Biden said. “The CDC expressed earlier today that this is not the time to lessen our efforts. That’s what she said.”

“We’re giving up hard-fought, hard-won gains,” Biden added. “If we let our guard down now, we could see the virus getting worse, not better.”

Biden referred to some states that have rolled back mask mandates and other restrictions. The president did not mention states by name, though Florida, Texas, Mississippi and New Hampshire have served as early states to end restrictions.

The president also reminded Americans about the personal need to continue COVID-19 restrictions. He noted ongoing mask wearing and social distancing as remaining important.

Biden’s gloomy message follows CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s report of being “scared” at Americans tiring over pandemic restrictions.

Biden and the CDC may continue to promote fear, but many Americans are moving on with life. The nation’s citizens have in many cases tuned out political voices on the pandemic, choosing to instead reopen on their own.

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Gloria J. Hodges (@guest_1191275)
1 year ago

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MICHAEL (@guest_1191477)
Reply to  Gloria J. Hodges
1 year ago

They do all of this scare tactics but if your a scumbag illegal your just fine. Come and go where ever you want. In fact, your illegal child can even go to school but if your an American citizen forget it, it’s to dangerous for the scumbag teachers.

andrew (@guest_1191482)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

how the hell can he even talk about impending doom when he is the one letting it in the country ????????????? duh you have to learn to walk up non slip steps before even thinking about the task of trying to operate a country safely

PAT (@guest_1191508)
Reply to  andrew
1 year ago

Brain Dead, Puppet Illegitimate, Biden, is being TOLD WHAT TO SAY AND DO BY THE “REAL LEADER”, who is actually running the country.

alicia cervera (@guest_1191664)
Reply to  PAT
1 year ago

Pat you are sooo right. Our country is in real trouble since the stolen elections. They had it all planned. and the faux mesiah s behind this fool giving him orders.

Neta (@guest_1192053)
Reply to  PAT
1 year ago

Good post. Are there any people in DC with a real brain?

MICHAEL (@guest_1191621)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

I find it kinda funny. I have a couple of Liberal friends who hated President Trump and could never really say why but they kept on watching CNN and MSNBC and they voted for Biden well guess what?? They are now saying that they wish President Trump would had been re-elected and they admit that because of the fake news they were brain washed. All I now say is, “SEE, I TOLD YOU!!!”

The Observer (@guest_1191856)
Reply to  Gloria J. Hodges
1 year ago

Go away. No one is interested.

The Observer (@guest_1191858)
Reply to  The Observer
1 year ago

My comment was for gloria

stuart noltting (@guest_1191434)
1 year ago

WAKE up SHEEPLE to this COVID SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Redhawk (@guest_1191445)
Reply to  stuart noltting
1 year ago

Once mote Dementia Joe goes public to Derach for his MIND….Does not know what he is saying from minute to minute …. His Foot ain;t the only thing that iS BROKEN in the Frail THING !

Theresa (@guest_1191476)
Reply to  The Redhawk
1 year ago

Yea but its the lock down states who are having so say increases. They just want more money instead of working and opening up the states they just sit waiting for others to pay them.

L Denatala (@guest_1191509)
Reply to  stuart noltting
1 year ago

Stay away from all vaccinated ,they will be your carriers of this virus according to the doctors.Just heard of a mother getting the shot.Her and husband and there 2 kids all got the virus.

Dave Pokorny (@guest_1191778)
Reply to  L Denatala
1 year ago

Hey L. Denatala,
I read something the other day that a lot of those kids in the cages are starting to get the virus. It didn’t say they had it when they arrived, it said they are getting it while they’re in the holding cages.

Are all the border people helping the kids carriers?

If he thinks we are still in danger of this Virus spreading, what the hell is he doing?
I knew Biden was going kill us off.

Nita (@guest_1191435)
1 year ago

There would be no need to worry or panic if we were not allowing Covid
to come in every day over the southern border!!!!!Why are they????

Roger (@guest_1191452)
Reply to  Nita
1 year ago

I will not put a mask on as long as these doom azz are trying to close us down again so that we will have to depend on this government.while they can control us.

The Iceman (@guest_1191456)
Reply to  Nita
1 year ago

Simple…..Future Democrat voters.

Monica (@guest_1191464)
Reply to  Nita
1 year ago

Exactly Nita. It doesn’t seem to worry him about placing them all over the Country when he doesn’t know what they are bringing in.

Mary Murphy (@guest_1191440)
1 year ago

Yes, if you start getting out and away from “doom and gloom”, you might get out from under their control.

RT (@guest_1191441)
1 year ago

You know americandigest, there is beginning to be some of us who are tired of you pulling our postings, just because you don’t like what we say. How about a bunch of us cancel you?

rm (@guest_1191480)
Reply to  RT
1 year ago

Email your congresspeople and demand removal of Section 230 of the Communications Act and a end to all internet censoring, and regulate all US internet traffic under common carrier rules… We don’t get cut off or censored talking on our common carrier regulated telephones, and the internet must be regulated the same way without exception…

Stephen Russell (@guest_1191442)
1 year ago

Whats your worry, hell CDC says Open up schools
Data is wrong
Remedy this
Bad optics
Had 1 year of masks NO More
Tired of these games
Dont trust since March last year
Lost your Cred.
What game are U playing or hiding.

porterv (@guest_1191443)
1 year ago

The vaccine will eventually kill many more people than the virus ever will.

Frank T (@guest_1191501)
Reply to  porterv
1 year ago

Exactly when Trump was in I trus8the Vaccine. Now I know it is tainted with something that will make the general public sick and die. That is why the new crop of illegals don’t need a Vaccine before they are let loose here.

Concerned American (@guest_1191579)
Reply to  Frank T
1 year ago

The rush to allow untested illegals in our country to spread disease should be consider a matter of public health concerns and possible treason again America! Biden and the entire group allowing this should be imprisoned.

Saddlebum (@guest_1191444)
1 year ago

This guy is no President nor is it a leader.
This is not a humanitarian crisis at our border, it’s a inhumane crisis. As a matter of fact our whole AMERICA is in a crisis from this braindead, feckless lunatic. We all are on our own and we will fight for our America.

Pat (@guest_1191449)
1 year ago

CORRUPT/EVIL/LIARS SEWER GUTTER TRASH SCUMBAGS 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻…

Leonard Monteleone (@guest_1191457)
Reply to  Pat
1 year ago

I agree with you PAT!!

tired of this BS.and ready to go. (@guest_1191478)
Reply to  Pat
1 year ago

WE THE PEOPLE has to start doing something more then just talk it is time to take back your country as Patrick Henry’s said gave me liberty are gave me death. I will not live in a country run by SCUMBAGS

rm (@guest_1191486)

You mean joe and the ho? lol

MICHAEL (@guest_1191497)

And what would you suggest?? An uprising?? Riots?? I agree with you, something does need to be done. I fought in combat for my country, supposedly, overseas, and I would fight for my country right here at home even harder so count me in.

Katydid (@guest_1191450)
1 year ago

Doesn’t herd immunity develop when people are exposed to a virus? So if we keep in hiding, the virus will never go away. Which, by the way, is what the Biden people want. Keep us locked down so we can’t see what a mess they have made of our country.

Tickedoff (@guest_1191454)
1 year ago

If Biden wants to stop the troubles on the border it’s simple. Close the border, Finish the wall,and stop catch and release.

Tammy Bower (@guest_1191481)
Reply to  Tickedoff
1 year ago


Bonniefree (@guest_1191459)
1 year ago

What I say to Biden, why in anyone’s universe would I believe what comes out of your mouth?? You are a known liar 🤥! The days of TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE OVER! Cannot wait you see you VOTED LEGALLY OUT!

Tammy Bower (@guest_1191495)
Reply to  Bonniefree
1 year ago

Lord help us for four more years of this ??????

Lise (@guest_1191472)
1 year ago

Now we are afraid of a new epedimic with Covid 19 and we want to regulate us Americans but we are letting un tested ILLEGALS enter the US freely. What a bunch of dodo. It is time for this so call president to do something about the border crisis which that is where the covid spread is coming from which HE HIMSELF created. Get to work
mister suppose to be president

Glen (@guest_1191475)
1 year ago

We have not stopped listening to intelligent people who honestly speak to us . We have stopped listening to most politicians because most of them are lying to us. The people of this country are not as tired of Covid 19 as we are of lying politicians.
united we stand, that means we must unite against Democrat lies . we must take a stand against the people who want to destroy this country the people who have been sucking up relief money that should have gone to the people but is being siphoned off and sent to Democrats who support this corrupt Biden Administration.

Wharf Rat (@guest_1191483)
1 year ago

Yeah the impending doom is of Bidens own doing – SOUTHERN BORDER dumba**.
This is absolutely unbelievable that this mental case can go around making these statements with the flood gates open to the south with not one media outlet questioning the entire process. And I thought the media was biased. I was wrong the media is the democrat party and the propaganda machine for the stalinist takeover of the country.

John Ponnex (@guest_1191485)
1 year ago

This is what you get when you put FOOLS in charge of things. It doesn’t matter what they do because they are always screwing things up and then deny, distract and blame others for their actions and polices. There is not one company that would ever be able to stay in business if it were run like the government. We need to run the government like a company. Lean, mean and profitable and not by taking advantage of the tax payors but by having policies that protect the tax payors from overreach and abusive politicians. We need to stop the stealing, stop the lying and stop wasting tax payors dollars. Start supporting our laws and our Constitutional rights and do what is best for America. If they insist on cancelling me from society then they can also stop taking my money / taxes to pay their salaries so they can abuse me and waste my taxes. We either need term limits or the right to remove them just like a company does. Personally, I would like to see their salaries tied to their performance and how well they do at supporting our Constitutional rights with their policies. God Bless America!

JC (@guest_1191496)
1 year ago

Boiden is brain dead. The CDC had already told us early on the masks don’t do squat. Fuaci has been lying along. He led the team to do research at Wuhan Lab. The guy is a plant. A China suck up and along with China and the Dems they have used this virus to take over our government. Take the vaccines Trump got for us. Kick the Dems out of office and bring Trump back. Stop screwing with the police and trying to make our soldiers into wusses. Time to get the traitors out!

horntex (@guest_1191502)
1 year ago

Where’s my post?

Kathy (@guest_1192169)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

Mine too. Its not here. They don’t want the truth Hometex. They are afraid of our comment.

David G. (@guest_1191514)
1 year ago

Never trust a democrats words, even if they come from your own mother.

Fed up (@guest_1191522)
1 year ago

As far as I’m concerned I will never listen to what that mental giant has to say he doesn’t care about the American people and his actions prove it he’s so concerned about the virus then why doesn’t he do something about the border,he’s letting these people in unchecked and who knows how many of them are infected so again why would I listen to him

Richard (@guest_1191561)
1 year ago

Isn’t this what Russia and China is and has done. Their people move in under the disgise of wanting freedom and then they take over. Wake up before it is too late. Think about what 10 million + from, where ever, does to our country

Ken (@guest_1191589)
1 year ago

Let a few more illegals in at the border who have COVID, that should help? What a joke our present government is!

Ann Daniel (@guest_1191598)
1 year ago

He’s trying hard to keep control over everyone!

Jack Bennett (@guest_1191604)
1 year ago

It’s all “Doom & Gloom” when it comes to these liberal retards who see nothing positive unless it’s part of their agenda…

Jps (@guest_1191616)
1 year ago

Do all those Biden supporters still support this mess he and the ho are making of this country🤔

Kathi (@guest_1191699)
1 year ago

They have cried “wolf” too many times so no one believes them. I find their concern ridiculous when they are allowing infected illegal immigrants in by the thousands and so many citizens have already had the vaccine. They are losing control over us so now they are inventing this “concern”. Sounds like BS to me.

Carol Powell (@guest_1191718)
1 year ago

I have had both of my shots and the president and cdc are not going to tell me how to live my life. I don’t listen to anything coming from the federal government Nothing they say interests me

Come on man! (@guest_1191728)
1 year ago

Lock US down while letting in 800,000 illegals? STUFF IT

Richard Warke (@guest_1192123)
1 year ago

“Biden is panicking”. Click bait. Deceptive. Just present the news without all the soap opera histrionics.

ConservativeOne (@guest_1192128)
1 year ago

Biden has joined the CDC Director by repeating the lie, “Fire” when there is no fire.

Lester Dolt on this evening’s NBC news stated as fact that last year’s Chinese Covid was the third highest death count for death’s last year. I tried to internet search the answer and this appears to be it.

!. Heart disease
2. Cancer
3 Pulmonary which apparently includes the Chinese Covid



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