October 2, 2022

Biden admit’s to Kavanaugh that Afghanistan withdrawal doesn’t actually end the ‘forever war’

According to a report in The National Review, President Joe Biden doesn’t believe that the war in Afghanistan is over yet, just that the American troops aren’t in it anymore. 

National Review’s Andrew McCarthy reported that the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan was like a “strategic and propaganda boon for the Taliban” which was just the start of a “domino effect of U.S. mistakes.”

The report noted that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has made an impact on the Supreme Court case involving 9/11, despite being forced to telecommute due to a positive COVID test. 

“Turns out that, for the first time in years, the War on Terror — again, the so-called forever war — was back on the Court’s docket. The case involves 9/11 terrorist Abu Zubaydah, a top aide to Osama bin Laden, who is trying to force the U.S. government to reveal classified information to Polish prosecutors about a CIA ‘black site’ at which he was subjected to waterboarding and other forms of enhanced interrogation,” McCarthy said. 

When it was Kavanaugh’s turn to ask a question, the junior justice posed a query about whether the administration was continuing to detain enemy combatants without a trial.

The question was focused on the principle that the detention of enemies was not meant to be punitive, but to delete resources of warring parties and end the war. 

Once a war is passed the combatants are not meant to be detained, as they are not offered due process under United States law. Therefore, once the war is over they must either be charged with crimes and put on trial or released.

However, according to information uncovered during this case, the United States is holding more than two dozen terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, and as of yet, there is no sign that these jihadists will be tried in a military or civilian court any time soon. 

McCarthy ended his piece by saying, “So just to be clear, President Biden has not ended the war … What Biden has done is restore to our terrorist enemies what they needed to carry out the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 of our fellow Americans: an operational partnership with an anti-American sharia-supremacist regime in Afghanistan that gives them safe haven to recruit, train, and plan.”




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