June 12, 2021

Biden admits he’s looking for a running mate that’s ready to replace him from ‘day one’

Presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden just announced that he has been looking for a vice-presidential candidate that is ready to replace him “from day one.”

Biden made the shocking admission on Tuesday evening interview on CBS news while speaking about the speculation about whom he will choose as his running mate.

“It’s really important that whomever you pick as a vice president agrees with you in terms of your philosophy of government and agrees with you on the systemic things that you wanna change,” Biden said.

“And is, in fact, going to be able to be someone who is not at all intimidated by the president, not at all intimidated walking in the White House. And is going to be prepared to give their unvarnished opinion and be able to privately argue with the president if they disagree. I want someone strong. I want someone strong, and someone who can — who is ready to be president on day one.”

Speculation about the potential to replace Biden at some point during his campaign or potential presidency has run rampant ever since he emerged as the clear frontrunner, with many citing concerns about his cognitive and physical health.

To compound the rumors, top Joe Biden surrogate Terry McAuliffe was caught on video last weekend admitting that for the purposes of the Democrat party, Biden is “fine” staying in his basement for the duration of the campaign.

“People say all the time, ‘Oh, we got to get the vice president out of the basement,’” McAuliffe said during a video conference call with Virginia Democrats obtained by Fox News. “He’s fine in the basement. Two people see him a day: his two body people. That’s it. Let Trump keep doing what Trump’s doing.”

Do you think Democrats have a plan to replace Biden? Scroll down to the comments to let us know!

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