August 14, 2022

Biden admits that Chinese-owned Tik Tok is a ‘genuine concern’

Democrat nominee Joe Biden has attempted to moderate his position on China as Donald Trump escalates his rhetoric against the communist nation.

However, Biden was just forced to admit that Trump is right on at least one issue: The national security risk posed by the stunningly popular Chinese-owned video sharing platform Tik Tok. 

“I think that it’s a matter of genuine concern that TikTok Chinese operation has access to hundreds of millions, over 100 million young people, particularly the United States of America. And that’s a concern,” Biden told reporters Friday in Duluth.

Biden stopped short of admitting that China is an actual opponent of the US — in typical Democrat fashion — hedging that China is a “serious competitor” to the US.

However, while Trump has taken definitive and meaningful action to block China from manipulating and infiltrating US institutions and entities, Joe Biden has shied away from confronting the Chinese Communist Party.

Instead of taking a hard line against the CCP, Biden said that he would instead work with international allies to “increase pressure” on China’s policies regarding internet access within the nation, as well as discouraging censorship and surveillance of residents and citizens.

President Trump is not negotiating with China or relying on international partners. He, instead, issued a warning to China that the administration will begin blocking business transactions with Tik Tok and Chinese messaging app WeChat over the weekend if China does not address national security and data privacy concerns.

Biden illustrated the stark contrast between his approach and Trump’s approach to China last week by confirming during an interview that he supports allowing China to join the World Trade Organization because “we want China to grow. We don’t want to have a war with China.”

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alicia (@guest_1049779)
1 year ago

Biden , you are señling out your country if you dont spill out ALL the beans. and your family will suffer for it.
SPEAK out!

russell (@guest_1049792)
1 year ago

China is not a developing country, lt has gotten out of control

Joe Greene (@guest_1049926)
Reply to  russell
1 year ago

You are correct!

Dawn Doran (@guest_1049947)
Reply to  russell
1 year ago


Dona (@guest_1049818)
1 year ago

Democrats had us reliant on on China. Trump is ending that crap. People really need to wake up or they will end up having to speak Chinese.

MANDAGUEVOS (@guest_1049862)
Reply to  Dona
1 year ago


George Elo (@guest_1050117)
Reply to  Dona
1 year ago

Trump needs to end tik tok to.

S.L. (@guest_1049845)
1 year ago

Who in the world believes anything that Biden says. Only time he can talk sense is when he tries to read a teleprompter. Anything he says is in reverse of what he originally said. He takes Trumps words and actions as if it was his idea and he was responsible for getting it done. I believe he’s a crook, rapist and lawless idiot that follows and speaks what all Democrats tell him to say. We have plenty of Democrats in Congress now that belong in jail. As for Kamala she along with daffy Joe are a threat to everything we believe and are promised under our constitution and if you are a liberal you think you are safe under the communist democrat regime…..Ha,Ha, Ha. If someone doesn’t get rid of Soros and these elite idiots we are in worse shape than I thought we were. Soros started with the liberal, communist Muslim called Obama and he followed through with Soros plan. Wake up America and stop Soros, elites and Democrats from ruining our country!!! Go President Trump and Make America Great Again. Stop the Communist Democrats Now!!!

Cathy Fournier (@guest_1049916)
Reply to  S.L.
1 year ago

Yes and Biden needs to come clean about him and his son involvement in China dealings while he was VP. This needs to be out before the election and let people know before election day. He never wants to say China or his son Hunter in any of his briefings. They used our tax dollars to do this and Obama knew about it.

Tony (@guest_1049956)
Reply to  Cathy Fournier
1 year ago

Obama was bought and payed for , by the person who learned all the ways of Adolf Hitler and his gang of cut throats and murders of the worst kind ,that worked with Hitler in many ways of killing the Jewish people throughout Europe , from the time Adolf Hitler gotten in power , in the 1930’s to when he died , that ended war in Europe , and this young boy back then , has learned the ways of killing people without a military , and when one looks to how our great country was being taken over , by the types of people ,with the most power within the government ,along with all others , from judges , lawyers , mayors , to the those who run their jails , and this young boy that became and old man today , may have brain cancer without him knowing he has it , as it can not be detected even by the best of doctors , as it may be like this Coronavirus .

WJH (@guest_1050076)
Reply to  Tony
1 year ago

Makes you wonder what our intell agencies are doing about domestic terrorism and coup. Complicit I suspect.

Janice (@guest_1049998)
Reply to  Cathy Fournier
1 year ago

Let Biden keep on promoting China. Maybe that will loose him votes.

Stevo (@guest_1049919)
Reply to  S.L.
1 year ago

Damned straight !

Joe Greene (@guest_1049928)
Reply to  S.L.
1 year ago

Yes sir Obama spent 8 years filling our Nation with Muslimes! Islamism is a death sentence to the world! When what was good becomes bad and bad becomes good life as we know it is over! NO SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA!

Lisa Glabere (@guest_1050077)
Reply to  Joe Greene
1 year ago

Why do so many people group all Muslims together as being extremists ? There are more good Muslims than bad ones and it bothers me to see people ascribing them all to be bad. That would be like saying all Americans are bad , or all Polish , or all French . If course not all of these people are bad either . So please think before using words that condemn many nations. Thank you.

Robin Andrews (@guest_1049897)
1 year ago

What a joke ? Biden hanging on the coattail w President Trump just thinking he’ll get an extra vote if he agreed for once. Not happening Biden.

Tommie (@guest_1049911)
1 year ago

A must see: “Riding the Dragon”…. (on YouTube)….

Patrick Garland (@guest_1049922)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is part of the Chinese government him and his family have made millions off of them but the Chinese have made billions on money Biden from what Biden has given them it all came from the American taxpayers how much is it going to steal before people realize it his entire family is selling out the United States

Carol (@guest_1049929)
1 year ago


Babbo (@guest_1049935)
1 year ago

If the Chinese end up going to war with us they will not miss losing a billion people because that’s a billion less to feed, On the other hand, we value and treasure human life, no matter how small. We must not let the politicians goad us into a war w/ China because we can’t afford to lose any human lives. We must stay strong and vigilant and perhaps send all these Chinese students home before they steal anymore data from us.

Jrmag (@guest_1049944)
1 year ago

Trust in Trump!!!

Gary Goetz (@guest_1049945)
1 year ago

Biden when he was VP used our tax dollars to line his pockets with China and he should be locked-up with the rest of the left so ley roll!

PlanetLIBTURD (@guest_1049953)
1 year ago

Biden doesn’t want a war with China? HELLO JOE! China is our ENEMY! The CCP always was our enemy and always will be. Nothing has changes since the days of Chairman Mao. China slipped into our economy and now has huge control of our market. China was winning their war against us until President Trump called them out. Then China dropped the Wuhan Virus on the World because Trumps Trade War was having such a huge impact on China’s economy. China under estimated Trumps response which is to decouple our economy and market from China entirely. Stopping all trade with China will cause their growing military threat to disappear.

Lisa Glabere (@guest_1050080)
Reply to  PlanetLIBTURD
1 year ago

I believe it was bill clinton that gave china most favored nation status. So yet again another democrat who was in bed with china! Hmmm…….. Seeing a pattern here anyone ? We need to bring all of our businesses back to the U,S, especially the drug companies . It gives me nightmares thinking that we have china , or any other country , the ability to hold us hostage for drugs that are needed by so many , myself included !

Lora (@guest_1049954)
1 year ago

I hope people will realize that the China citizens we have in the United States are not at fault and no racist goes crazy like we’ve seen in the past! Oh wait that was fake tv right? So did that happen or not? Im so confused right now……. anyone care to help me out with this?

Kurt Walker (@guest_1049960)
1 year ago

Biden can’t criticize China just as he cannot criticize Burisma. He has taken too much of their payoffs and they can expose him in a heartbeat. His win in this election is a bad DISASTER waiting to happen. I’ve never been a Trump fan and don’t particularly like the man but the choices available to the American people puts Trump far ahead of Joe Biden. He has done his best to keep all his promises in spite of the sabotage by the democrats and he has not taken one dime of salary while doing it. He has done some outstanding things for the country and his total salary has been donated to charity.

Lisa Glabere (@guest_1050081)
Reply to  Kurt Walker
1 year ago

I was like you in 2016 when it was a choice between hillary and Trump . I voted for the lesser evil and had no high expectations of Trump . But I have to say that I have come to respect him and have found that he is the best President we have had in my lifetime . He has done so much for this country and it burns my a$$ that the democrats can’t nor won’t give the man credit for anything . He could walk on water and they would say he stole the idea from Jesus ! I pray that he wins this election because if he doesn’t we will no longer be the home of the free and the brave . TRUMP2020 PENCE2024 & 2028

Brenda (@guest_1050625)
Reply to  Lisa Glabere
1 year ago


Patty (@guest_1050033)
1 year ago

Agree with all above posts! Biden is “ hidin’ in china’s Pocket “ he won’t go against the money machine that lines his and all dems’ pockets! Soros should be kicked out of our country, several other countries have kicked him out already, why not the u.s.? This is OUR country, we must protect it from the Marxist/ communist element in the demonrat party! Vote TRUMP AND AN ALL REPUBLICAN BALLOT! Get the slime out of our government, take back the house, keep the senate and the White House! KAG!!!!!!

Lisa Glabere (@guest_1050083)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

Don’t forget about bill hates . He is as bad or worse than Soros , and has a LOT more money than Soros to spend on ruining our country.

Lisa Glabere (@guest_1050084)
Reply to  Lisa Glabere
1 year ago

Spellchecker changed gates to hates . Sorry about that , but spellchecker makes a lot of changes when I am talking about democrats or covid19 ,so I usually proof read before sending but missed this one .

Sharon Whidden (@guest_1050054)
1 year ago

Remember that the only economy in the world that has prospered during the pandemic is China. I also believe that the Chinese unleashed the virus knowing they could start controlling small countries that depended on imports…placing demands on them for supplies. Biden needs to be exposed for the collaborator that he is. Harris needs to be shot down on the state of California alone thst she has helped destroy and bailing out criminals. I know Trump has his faults but I do believe he wants this country to succeed.

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1050096)
1 year ago

Name a single agreement Communist China has lived up to. The answer is NONE. I worked with Taiwan suppliers for years in China. I know how the communists think. They love what is happening in the US and use the distraction to send fighters. bombers and spy planes to invade Taiwan airspace to “see if they can handle multiple threats simultaneously.” Is that the act of a peaceful nation? Sending business to Communist China was one of the biggest mistakes the west ever made. We will pay for the fallacy of globalization for years. Meanwhile, we must stay true to our principles protecting democracies in Asia from the relentless hegemony of the Communist Chinese who see themselves as the future rulers of the entire region, if not the world. How many times do they have to threaten the US with “military action” before we believe them? This alone makes Biden/Harris a dangerous pair in the White house as at best they will kick the can down the road and Communist China will take their weakness as an opportunity to invade Taiwan, extend their annexation of shared border regions with India and take over all the natural resources in the South China Sea. The time for talk is quickly coming to an end. Frankly, a Biden/Harris administration will mean the end of the democracy of Taiwan. Shame on America for not helping this democratic nation being dominated by a communist dictatorship!

rabbit (@guest_1050097)
1 year ago

Lab created virus, funded in part by Obama Biden Gates, what are they going to unleash next

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