September 30, 2022

Biden Administration treasury secretary pushes globalist answer to supply chain issues

United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen appeared to reveal what is referred to as a globalist ideology during an online conference, according to Breitbart News

Yellen suggested that economic nationalist policies will be “necessary” to assist with supply chain issues overseas. 

The treasury secretary said that the so-called “protectionist” policies will be what helps get the United States supply chains revamped in the United States to avoid the ongoing crisis.

“It’s possible that policies that people will describe as protectionist are going to be necessary in order to create the appropriate incentives to produce things at home,” Yellen said, according to Bloomberg.

The treasury official admitted that the supply chain issues would require economic changes, but stuck with her opinion that a globalist answer would solve the issues:

The Treasury chief also said, “certainly we want to work with other countries — with our allies and partners — to address supply-chain resilience on a collective basis,” in remarks aired Tuesday.

“So, I don’t think this is just about the United States making everything at home, but in some cases that may be part of the answer.” 

This came after Yellen claimed in an interview with Reuters last week that the U.S. tariffs on China-made products were contributing “to higher prices in the United States.”

“It’s not a game-changer but I think the tariffs do contribute to higher prices in the United States and the Trump tariffs that were put in place, some of them create problems without having any real strategic justification,” Yellen said.




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