May 24, 2022

Biden administration throws Ron Klain under the bus over approval ratings

President Joe Biden’s White House is in turmoil as his approval ratings continue to crater. This has created tension and blame among staffers.

Biden’s staffers blame their chief of staff Ron Klain for the president’s plummeting approval, Breitbart reported. They think Klain is responsible for keeping Biden at arms’ length from voters.

“The main criticisms of Klain, whether from current or former Biden staff members or those who consider themselves allies of the president, flow from a single idea: that Biden has strayed from his core brand as a pragmatic, empathetic politician who won the Democratic nomination as a moderate willing to compromise,” an NBC News report said. They blame Klain and his mishandling of the press and social media for Biden’s unpopularity.

The administration is in the midst of a strategic reboot as the president’s approval bottoms out at 33%. When asked what this new strategy would now entail, Biden threw Klain under the bus.

“I find myself in a situation where I don’t get a chance to look people in the eye because of both Covid and things that are happening in Washington, to be able to go out and do the things that I’ve always been able to do pretty well — connect with people,” Biden claimed. This was a direct attack on Klain’s policy-first approach that keeps Biden away from the electorate.

Other officials blame Klain for keeping Biden away from “old friends” when it comes to governing decisions. They see this as an affront to the way Biden prefers to debate and set policy, but Klain sees this as a necessary safeguard.

The chief of staff is aware that the president “can be influenced by his old friends,” according to one of the president’s longtime friends. “And frankly, he should be, because there’s a lot of experience there,” the source added.

Biden is an abject failure, so the finger-pointing and infighting are only going to get worse. However, it isn’t strategy or messaging that is the problem, but rather the president himself — and no amount of staffing changes or communications tweaks can change that.

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