September 29, 2022

Biden administration moves to stop challenge to Harvard’s affirmative action discrimination

The left claims to be against discrimination. However, they have no problem with it as long as it’s aimed against one of the privileged groups in America.

The U.S. Supreme Court could hear a case involving Harvard’s intentional discrimination against Asian students, the Washington Examiner reported. However, President Joe Biden’s Justice Department has filed a brief to stop the challenge.

In the case Students for Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College, the plaintiffs argued that the admissions officials at the prestigious Ivy League institution were racially discriminatory against Asians. The school has argued that Asians would be overrepresented as a group if they admitted all of the qualified applicants.

So far, Students for Fair Admissions has won in both district and appellate courts. Now it would be up to the high court whether to accept the case, though it would have to overturn a previous ruling to make that happen.

In its 2003 Grutter v. Bollinger decision, the Supreme Court permitted institutions to use race as a criterion for admissions. However, it did so with the stipulation that it could not be the primary determinant.

The Biden administration wants to make sure that decision stands regardless of how unfair it is. “The principles that Grutter articulated are correct,” the filing from the administration claimed. “The Court explained that the educational benefits of diversity may qualify as a compelling interest because a university may conclude that those benefits are ‘essential to its educational mission.'”

Author Kenny Xu considers this a move that she’s the government is willing to “suppress” success for Asians. Xu, who penned “The Inconvenient Minority: The Attack on Asian American Excellence and the Fight for Meritocracy,” said the administration’s argument demonstrates how the left is “more than willing to suppress and exclude Asian American excellence in this country.”

Americans instinctively want a meritocracy where nobody is allowed to use immutable characteristics as a means to success. Unfortunately, the left only wants a system where there are favored groups and unfavored groups — in other words; they want the discrimination they purport to fight against.




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