June 11, 2021

Biden administration issues emergency alert for 17 states over pipeline attack

President Joe Biden just authorized an emergency declaration for 17 states and the District of Columbia following a cyber-attack on America’s largest U.S. pipeline that left more than 1,000 gas stations without fuel.

The emergency declaration covers Alabama, Arkansas, D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, Axios reported.

Breitbart News reported, “The Colonial pipeline, which snakes 5,500 miles along the eastern U.S., transports 2.5 million barrels of gasoline a day, and provides 45 percent of the region’s fuel consumption, was shut down on Friday in response to the hacking.”

“S&P’s Oil Price Information Service put the number of gas stations encountering shortages at more than 1,000,” The Associated Press reported.

“The pipeline runs from the Texas Gulf Coast to the New York metropolitan area. The states most dependent on the pipeline include Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas,” the report added.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm warned Tuesday, “The crunch is in the areas that are affected by the pipeline, the main spurs of the pipeline.”

Granholm also stated, “So that really is the Southeast. It’s about 70% of the supplies of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and especially Southern Virginia are impacted the most.

“And so those are the areas that we have the greatest concerns with. And because of the fact that there’s not a whole lot of other supply… Now, this particular pipeline also supplies other states, but there are other pipelines that supply their states as well.”

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57 Responses

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  2. Hey China Joe, what an absolute disaster your handling of everything your allowing your handlers tell you what to say and do. At this point in your Stolen Presidency, I’m pretty sure they would screw up a 1 car funeral. Do the Country a favor and admit the election was stolen and beg Donald J. Trump and his team to bring America back from the brink of destruction. It’s the right thing to do.

    1. Ikr. Sadly too many people are still blind to the truth and happy to see Orange Man out of office in spite of all the insanity

      1. Yes, Too many people listened to these lying democRATS and their corrupt media pals. For four years that Trump was President all they did was backstab him with Russian lies and stupid impeachments but thru all that
        this man worked his butt off for you ungrateful so-called American.

        Well, look at the fools that now run the country, all of Obama’s old team that did nothing for eight years.
        Joe Dementia Obama has done more damage to this country five months than any other president ever did.
        I hope your Children thank you for the steaming pile of crap you have given them.

    2. Why it was budget cuts to cyber security by the Trump W.h. the last 4 years that has allowed the Russian hackers to hit America 37 times in the last 3 years. But of course Putin owns Trump so nothing ever done

      1. Hahahahahaha! Congratulations kcCancel! You just won the Dunce Cap Award for the most demented comment of the day. Find your corner now. Sit……STAY!

    3. I agree with you a thousand percent. Just one thing. Do you think he and the rest of them would admit to fraud on the election. We all know that they do not admit to anything that they’ve done wrong. They have to blame it on everybody else. Especially President Trump. It would be great if Biden and Harris got impeached. When they do find found out the elections were rigged. How could we get President Trump back into the White House where he belongs!!!! Gett our country back to where it was, STRONG again!! Get back on our feet. Then let every country know that we ARE STRONG again NOT wimp wimps, anymore..
      Get da illegal immigrant out!! Especially the gangs, drug cartel, rapist, child traffickers get them all back out!! Get all those children out of those cages, dat they been packed like sardines for months now. Back in their moms loving arms.

  3. i dont put it past biden and the democraps set this up to shut down this part of the country , they tryed to shut down this nation!with out fuel nothing moves !

    1. They did it on purpose so they could blame it on Russia and use it as an excuse to justify a war with Russia just as Our Lady of Fatima foretold

    2. Does the XL PIPELINE mean anything to you idiot. He stops that, and probably caused this, so he can hold this up with his wind and solar morons that don’t realize if there is no wind all of the time, or black of night as well as cloudy days of storms they don’t produce crap. In the Texas freeze they tried to unfreeze the tubine blades with a product sprayed from helicopters, what was that made from? you guessed, it a petrolium dirivitive.

      I’m a conspiratist thinking person. I would not be surprised if covid was brought in by the dems to f up DT’s dynamite accomplishments not giving a damn about lives, just their power. Well go to wind and solar and see how much power your thieving party has then. By the way, with his EV car edict, where’s the electricity coming from to charge their batteries. I know a number of people that have bought them and traded them in for gas powered after finding out with buying new batteries and cost and time to charge they made hughe mistakes.

      1. Amen John! Excellent points….Dems and rinos actions no longer surprise me..Biden and democrats are destroying our country!

      2. If the entire USA was covered with power mills and solar panels would never produce the power we us nuclear is the answer. It is safe when operated safely Plus all the hazardous waste producing the power mills then to get rid of it all

        1. KC hit the nail on the trump cult.
          Wake up people
          Earth is round
          No lasers starting fires
          And the election wasn’t stolen.

      3. I agree with you 100%. This Gas cyber attack was a test to see how Americans would handle it. It’s only the beginning of whatg’s toe come.

    1. Jim, Quid Pro Joe BeDumb is a “Blundering Idiot Destroying an Entire Nation,” aka …. B.I.D.E.N !!! You can also use “Biggest Idiot DemonRats Ever Nominated, aka … B.I.D.E.N.

      Either one is the sad truth! We need to pray and pray hard. LQQk at the collateral damage he, and obama, who I call oSama, have done to our beloved nation! And we can’t forget Nasty Piglosi, the bride of satan!! I don’t know if there is any coming back from this. And we’re only 4 months in from this STOLEN ELECTION!! The fraud and corruption are ongoing and NOTHING is done by the “other” party, except for a few warriors like Marjorie Taylor Green and Ted Cruz, to mention a couple!!!! God help us, as divine intervention is our only salvation.

  4. I guess your handlers (aka dumb c___ns) Joe think we don’t need pipelines…Damn Joe what built this country…LOL..Half of the United States is not stunned, their stupid.

    1. Maybe everyone voted for Trump, but the crooks counted the ballots and got away with it because of the other crooks didn’t want to hear it!

  5. This sort of thing with the pipeline wouldn’t have happened before everything had to be computerized and made more complicated. Speaking for myself, I believe in progress but it can be carried too far and that’s exactly what happened with the pipeline. And another thing. I can understand gas shortages in the east because of what was done. But what we in the west? We aren’t supplied by that line. We get our gas elsewhere. And just why is the price of crude oil skyrocketing? Since the pipeline is down refineries have to cut back on refining so there must be a surplus of crude. Biden wants all in electric cars, so could it possibly be that he had something to do with the cyber attack? Like some others who wrote the same thing, I wouldn’t put it past him or his communist buddies who’re methodically destroying not only our government but our country and our way of life.

    1. Of course he and his commie DemonRat cult are responsible for this! He and his pal Barry oSama are finishing the job B Hussain oSama began in his 8 years of terror, illegally occupying our White House! Oh yeah, and don’t forget Killery and her ilk!

  6. That declaration and a dime might get you a cup of coffee. How about track the hackers down, open Keystone, secure our internet and makes us energy independent among some of the other items that you should be doing
    He’s too busy going to Camp David and stumbling thru press conferences and denying the border crisis

  7. May as well bring the Monkey back from Kenya he would at least do the Shuck-n-Jive and tell lies on TV

  8. Great comments! I fully agree with all of YOU! Time to impeach China Joe!
    God Bless America!!

  9. Time to impeach this wicked man; he’s a fake president. He’s doing more harm to this country than any past President. He needs to re instate that Alaska pipe line too. Put those 75,000 workers back on line.

  10. Biden and his cohorts had the pipeline hacked so they can push the new green deal through!! Terrorist in our government, absolutely!!!!

  11. Cyber attack. Come on Joe Biden you know what you did. You shut it down when you went in that office. Some people getting like Joe the forgetting. Sad to know and see what the Biden and Harris last but not the least. IS DOING TO AMERICA. OPEN YOUR EYES. They are starting to turn this country into communism the signs are there. Wake up. We will be like the rest of the countries. You will work like crazy. But the government will get most. Do your research.

  12. pipeline shut down. two days later governors call state of emergency. the dithering, demented dimwit takes two more days to notice and then does nothing.


  14. If OUR Military Would Go in and do Their JOB; biden and ALL his COMMIES WOUND HAVE Already been PUT in FRONT Of A FIRING SQUAD for TRESON. They said TRUMP was guilty of ABUSE OF POWER; WELL What The HELL Do they Think This ENTIRE Administration IS GUILTY Of?

  15. This sicko has done nothing to help any American its all about the Illegals aliens giving away all our right as American Citizen’s!! What’s taking so long removing this lump of crap

  16. it s funny how most of the states affected by fuel shortages are the ones that voted for Trump or against Biden an democrats

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