May 24, 2022

Biden administration attempting an image change to combat President Biden’s unpopularity

The hubris of political communications directors is laughable. They think a simple repackaging can help a flailing politician — even an abject failure like President Joe Biden.

As Biden’s approval ratings continue to crater, his advisers suggested a move to simply “talk to more people directly,” Breitbart reported. This shift is part of a broader strategy to attempt to make the 79-year-old president more appealing as voters continue to abandon him.

Biden’s advisers seem to think it’s a matter of too much time negotiating with legislators that has turned the people against him. “There is a recognition that we need to change that dynamic,” a senior official in the administration told NBC News.

They blame the fact that Biden spent more than 3o years as a Senator for his image problem. “He’s mindful that he doesn’t want to send the message that his role is to be legislator-in-chief,” a different senior official said.

Though advisers agree he should “talk to more people directly,” there is little consensus that it would even work. Still, they’re hanging their hopes on Biden’s previous reputation for “empathy and an ability to connect with ordinary Americans.”

Perhaps under more typical circumstances, this strategy would be enough to overcome a slight unfavorability gap. However, the problem for Biden is that he has a mountain of negativity to overcome.

According to a CBS News/YouGov survey, half of Americans reported being “frustrated” with the administration. Also, 52% agree that Biden has made things worse on the economic front, with 58% blaming him for inflation. Biden’s overall approval rating has bottomed out at 33%, meaning that only one-third of Americans are pleased with the president.

The thought that all of this can be overcome with a tweak to messaging or image is absurd. The people have not turned on the president because of some misconception, they have soured on a president who has ruined everything he’s touched — and there’s no superficial makeover that can fix that.

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