October 4, 2022

Biden administration asks Supreme Court to uphold Obamacare

While the nation focuses on the sham second impeachment of Donald Trump, Biden is wasting no time advancing his agenda.

The Daily Caller reported on Wednesday that Biden is requesting that the Supreme Court of the United States uphold a brand-new reversal of Donald Trump’s challenge of the Affordable Care Act — colloquially known as “Obamacare.”

President Trump worked hard to end the infamous “individual mandate,” a provision within the ACA which penalized Americans that didn’t carry health insurance, and the elimination of the penalties essentially rendered the entire legislation illegitimate.

The Hill reported:

Led by Texas, the GOP challengers argued that President Trump’s 2017 tax-cut law had effectively rendered the health care mandate provision of ObamaCare unconstitutional. Without the tax penalty, they argued, ObamaCare effectively lost its constitutional footing, requiring its invalidation by the court.

However, the Biden administration is now arguing that ending the individual mandate does not nullify the ACA, and notified the court that the administration is now arguing that the individual mandate can be “severed” from the larger legislation, leaving it intact.

“Following the change in Administration, the Department of Justice has reconsidered the government’s position in these cases,” Deputy Solicitor General Edwin Kneedler wrote to the high court, adding that “the United States no longer adheres to the [Trump administration’s] conclusions.”

It’s important to note that Biden’s DOJ is not withdrawing the Supreme Court case altogether, but is rather seeking to clarify its new position and petition that the court upholds the legislation regardless of the status of the individual mandate penalties.

Trump’s bid to strike completely overturn the entire package of healthcare legislation was initiated in June of 2020, but ultimately failed simply due to time constraints.

Biden was expected to prioritize reversing Trump’s progress on a number of fronts — healthcare being one of the most prominent — and Biden has not failed to follow through.


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