September 26, 2022

Biden admin giving preference to some races over others for COVID-19 drugs

COVID-19 treatment in some states issued by the Biden administration are giving preference to people based on “race or ethnicity.”

“In a fact sheet issued for healthcare providers by the Food and Drug Administration, the federal agency approved emergency use authorizations of sotrovimab – a monoclonal antibody proven to be effective against the Omicron variant – only to patients considered ‘high risk,'” Fox News reported on Sunday.

“For the party that claims to want unity, they are sure sending some mixed messages here,” Tomi Lahren said on “Outnumbered” last week.

“It is ridiculous. And, again, this is race-baiting identity politics which is all the left has,” she added.

The frightening medical guidelines appear to support a race-based medical pattern that treats people based on the color of their skin rather than their medical needs.

The backwards guidance from the party that claims to be for inclusion and diversity smacks of racism in a new way, adding more failure to an already terrible year for the Biden administration.




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