April 16, 2021

Biden admin admits that returning to normal is not the ‘goal’

President Joe Biden’s coronavirus response team admitted this week that their “goal” is not to reopen life to normal, despite growing numbers of Americans receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

According to the Bloomberg vaccination tracker, more than 75.2 vaccine doses have been administered across America. Yet the growing number of vaccinated citizens does not appear to change Biden’s policies regarding travel or lifting other restrictions.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky stated: “The goal of this first 100 days has been — make sure that we are in a place to be out of this pandemic … We’re not in that place right now. … We’re not out of the woods just yet.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, added increased vaccinations should not mean Americans should return to normal. He commented during the coronavirus briefing that it’s “very different when you step out the door and go into a society that has 70,000 new infections per day.”

The briefing also noted concerns regarding some states rolling back restrictions despite high numbers of COVID-19 cases. Regardless of warnings, Americans are ready to return to schools and work, growing tired of the often-changing advice of Dr. Fauci and team.

During the recent CPAC conference, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem expressed what many Americans have been thinking. Her attention-grabbing quote jabbed, “Dr. Fauci is wrong a lot.”

While left-leaning states like California and New York continue to remain locked down with strict restrictions, conservative states have increasingly opened for business. Florida and Texas have largely led the path of conservative-led states opting to return people to work and school rather than remaining in isolation.

The actions have led to growing popularity for leaders such as Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. In a recent CPAC straw poll, he ranked second only to former President Donald Trump in early 2024 presidential support.

Biden’s coronavirus team may not be ready for the nation to return to normal, but Americans are. Vaccine or not, people are moving on with life despite the advice of Biden’s experts.

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77 Responses

    1. Nancy Pelosi and that bunch of radical Democrats think they are safe with a fence around the Capitol guarded by
      the National Guard. They are. But they are also in a very vulnerable position for the oldest trick in the world,
      ISOLATION. If a group of veterans got together and blockaded every road around Washington and DID NOT
      let anything in or out of Washington. they could starve the rebels out within a week. Just a thought.

      1. Be careful here. The FBI will be at your door. Don’t forget the thought police are now in control of our lives, and any accusation can lead to an arrest warrant. Speak in code, like we’ll be at a huge street party. LOL

        1. We still have free speech and I say just type it away . If they can not accept the truth that is their problem and not mine . Lock and Load my fellow patriots and stay L & L .

      2. It would never work. I don’t believe that Nancy or any of the other radical democrats would have any qualms about having the surrounding party removed by force. These people are not just stupid they are desperate to remain in control by any means necessary. And then they would just blame us as usual for making them shoot us and we would never hear the end of it.

    2. Agree, we the people will not give up our freedom for temporary security. Those who are afraid of a virus need to stay home while the healthy people return to living free.

    3. I have never found it intelligent for knowledgeable and decent people to follow dictators who are insane. Does anyone else think the same way?

      1. Hey! Kathy! You have caught on to “Der Fuher” Bidens’ lack of memory and has to depend on others to
        remind him of what he should be thinking. (Alsheimers?)

      2. I feel the same. It’s all about CONTROL. I am due for my
        second shot shortly and am tired of this insanity. I have told my family I’m done & ready to live my life which means seeing my children, grandchildren & great grandchildren some of whom I haven’t seen for a long time. I am particularly fed up with that duplicitous Dr. Fauci & his NO NORMAL message.



      4. I totally agree !!! This administration is following the “Dictator For Dummies” step by step. Confine the population, disarm the people, control the media ! The only piece thats missing is control of the courts…….and Biden/Harris are working on that !!!!

        1. I’d say they’re controlling the courts pretty well when out nation’s supposedly highest court refuses to do its job.

    4. That’s what happens when you are clueless and being led by a Dr who is lining his pockets with bid pharma cash!

    5. damn skippy…. I am living my life like I want to…. I am 81 and I am NOT bowing down to these crazy liberal bozos.. It is time for the s— to hit the fan!!!

    6. You have about 45,000 Laws and about 9ooo Dragon II ‘s .about 14,ooo Milans , and about 5oo M1A2 plus running around? Because if you don’t , even if we would start winning here next thing we would hear would be the HELP from Washington and NEW York and we’d be knee deep in UN troops. Oh and we’ d also have to transportation net to move it totally under our control. So until we have all that,We have two years till mid terms if we make it,and 4 yrs till reversal.

  1. Biden and Fauca can take this and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. The cases have dropped tremendesly, if there ever was a case besides the flue. The American people are sick and tired of all this BS and will end it themselves. No more being made scared of our own shadow, we are out and about. Now have to get Biden out of the pen business so our entire nation is no more.

    1. Good! During all of this stupidity, I have put on a mask only twice and kept it on for no more than 10 minutes either time.

    2. You just do not understand their madness. By keeping everybody afraid of the virus, and doing what they are told,
      the Democratic Regime can control everybody in what they think and do just like Dictators around the world do to their subjects. They forget the lessons of 1776. Americans will soon rebell against then and “ride them out of town on a rail” just like they did back then.

  2. Does anyone seriously beleive that Biden & his masters will restore normality. They have what they have always wanted Control, and they want more and more, and they will NEVER relinquish what they have connived for so long and hard. Let me quote George Orwell.
    “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984
    Any of this look familiar?

    1. Well said!
      I do agree, while dems are only after control, there will be no end as long as we allow them to rule our country and destroy our constitution!

      Patriot forever

    2. Mark, Good show !!! Everyone should read “1984”……with annotation if necessary !!! Big Brother IS WATCHING !!!

  3. CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL, that is all they are doing. Our Government could careless about the population unless you are coming across the border. Think about it, if this pandemic is as bad as they have said then why is it that we see MANY Politicians out and about like it’s just a normal day? We Americans are being fed a bowl of lies.

  4. Biden has no experts because they are with everybody else! “Biden does more stopping than going! I wonder if he drives a car? He still caries some of Obama’s ideas ! “BIDEN & friends first” USA maybe later?

    1. No, Frank, Biden carries all of Obama’s ideas. Just about every nominee for his cabinet was a former Obama cabinet member. All he is doing is taking down Trump’s policies and putting Obama’s policies in their place. And, to be truthful, Biden really isn’t doing anything. He is probably sleeping in the Oval Office while Kamala and the other radicals on his staff make the decisions.

  5. what happens when a person tells a lie he has to lie again and again and again……Biden and company are big lyre’s and that is something you can count on….

  6. his only goal is marxism for our country; surely everyone can see through him. he has no brain cells, he is nuttier than a peach orchard bore. now they are going after the schools with NEH promoting CRT in all schools and the majority of those working on it are communists; not a pretty picture; everyone who can breathe should fight this idiot’s plans with tooth and toenail. The ‘right side’ ideas have no chance with him and his marxist, communist minions.

    1. We have to get active in our education system to see what they are teaching our little ones on through college.

    2. Mr. Hannity said it best, “Biden is a “Trojan Horse”. As long as his people do something right, they will take credit for it, but if it goes badly, Biden gets the blame for it.” Hmm! He could be right.

  7. What restriction I got people moving to Florida by the thousands by the minute traveling the country and traveling the world what restrictions really come on now.
    Maybe im just seeing things, im just saying

  8. Why is it every time a Democrat is an office that they want to control your destiny whether it’s about your health or anything else the bottom line is we as a people get through this the government doesn’t help the only thing they do is restrict you from living your life

  9. Thank goodness we live in Texas!!!! Our children are back in school and our churches are open and most of our workers are back at work, and we look forward to getting rid of the Demos and getting the horrible mess they are making of our great U S A back on the right track!!!! Make America Great again!!!!!

  10. Biden wants a revolution that with Chins help he will win. the only thing
    holding him back is the american people aren’t buying his lies.
    Kenneth Kehl

    1. Having watched Biden (to my regret) I have to say that it isn’t him who’s in control. He’s in LaLa land most of the time. It’s his handlers!!! Biden doesn’t even know where he is or what his name is at this point in time. I’m sure he has dementia and is doped up on medical drugs ‘for his own good”.


      1. Helen, you are right. As he was signing the executive orders in the 2nd week, he said, “I don’t even know what I’m signing.” I honestly think he had no clue what he was signing. He just signed it and was given justification (party line garbage) later. You are right, his handlers are the ones driving the train.

  11. Another communist manifesto goal: take control of the people by restricting their freedoms. They already have control of our education system, the media, gun control. What’s next. Big Brother is watching you. And he is quietly getting his way while the American people are sleeping.

  12. Where is Flu season, The season where people got the flu and it ran it’s course and was gone. These clowns will keep us shut down until the cows come home. All they are is control freaks

    1. And if cows continue to release methane farts into the world, they will NEVER let them come home! So we, the American people, are SCREWED and we didn’t even get a kiss first!

  13. The Democrats don’t want normal. They are now used to controlling us by ignoring laws and the Constitution. Even private corporations are in bed with the Democrats. The social media won’t report the news. They are listening to Pelosi – do whatever it takes! The Democrats are destroying the economy, They have set back race relations by decades and they are trying real hard to start an armed conflict. Do you really and I mean really think this is the way the US should be going?

    1. IF the Democrats are NOT careful, they will get the revolution they wanted, but it WILL NOT turn out the way THEY want it. The “working man” is tired of being used as their “suckers” and being looked down on as inferior to
      the Washington elite (idiots) that his taxes support.

  14. I have no internet skills but I would like to see someone start a movement to stop the biased media and hold the media companies liable for what they say. Hold them to a higher standard of truthfulness. It is very bad when you see what kind of things they lie about and they get away with it, shameful .

  15. Biden is demented and Kamala is a racist communist. They got Biden to sign all of these orders so when it does go bad they can blame Biden. He will be mentally incapable of being proscuted then Kamala can step up and finish or add more to it. They want We The People to be broke and desperate and control all of us. Our children will grow not knowing the difference and except it. Illegals are bringing dieases and criminals in by the thousands so they can vote Democrat cause to them Buden gave them freedom…haha. Pelosi is just plan evil. We need something to happen soon or we are all doomed to communism. God Save America and bring Trump back to help guide us and the world.

    1. Hey! You caught on! Biden has Alsheimers and doesn’t know it. That is why he cannot remember something and gets confused so often. Kamala Harris is just waiting until Biden is impeached or found to qualify for dismissal
      under her favorite, the 25th Amendment, which covers incapacity and imbicility.

  16. The MAIN problem is NOT the WHU HAN Virus, IT’s a MATTER OF TOTAL CONTROL by the DUMOCRATIC Govt.

  17. This lying to the American people has to stop right now ! We are tired of the yes and no and yes and no answers given to the American people ! We the American people are intelligent enough to know what leadership is. America has a leadership of lies and more lies. We the American people are leaders not followers. We are well educated to know the difference between lies and truths. Stop the pen and do something great for the American people and let the rest of the world go by. Trump taught us well, stand up for our country, the country that has given us an opportunity to better ourselves. Other countries do NOT give us anything to live on. We as Americans are millions, we are the ones to save AMERICA AND OURSELVES.

  18. I don’t know why people listen to idiots Fauci or Biden or the rest of the Biden team. No! I didn’t call Fauci a Dr. when he acts like a Dr. instead of a political hack I might reconsider. These people say they follow the science, since when. I haven’t seem any evidence of that yet. They say wear a mask, Oh I am sorry that is not enough you need to wear two masks, next week it will be three. Then It will be put a plastic bag over your head and tie it off at the neck. 80% of new cases start in the home, and they tell you to lockdown “where”? That sounds like real science. Lockdown where you are likely to die. It is funny how those goal posts keep growing longer legs. So much for Biden’s promise to end the pandemic. Does anybody really believe he can? So much for the science!!!

  19. Bidens’ administration has no plans of life being normal again! I wish someone would do them in! I Am sick and tired of this and that being cancelled because someone is offended by it! I Am offended by the fact that American History is not taught in American schools! I Am offended that all these forgeiners are in our Congress! now lets see if my being offended is going to do anything! Bidens’ DHS director is either blind or stupid to think there is no crisis at the border!
    God Bless and Help America through these next 4yrs!

  20. Was there any doubt that this administration had back to normal as the last thing on their mind. You give the American citizens back their lives, why, they wont need you anymore and damn sure may just boot your rear ends out of office. Must control the population. Thats what all this is about- the relief bill, gun control, moving the goal posts, illegal immigration – all about control.
    How about we control where these tools next paycheck comes form huh.
    Its time.

  21. Remember how DEMENTIA JOE BIDEN professed if elected he would cure COVID 19 with in his first 100 days ? Then after he was sworn in as POTUS he said there was nothing he could do. All BIDEN has done is LIE and CONTINUE TO LIE ! Remember the CAMPAIGN PROMISE IF YOU ELECT THE DEMOCRATS IN GEORGIA TO THE SENATE THE $2000.00 CHECKS WILL GO OUT THE DOOR ? THEN THAT CHANGED TO $1400.00 CHECKS which are still in limbo ! It is past time things returned to normal all BIDEN, FAUCI and the REST do is LIE then change the goal posts then lie again enough is enough WE THE PEOPLE WANT OUR FREEDOM BACK END OF DISCUSSION !

  22. The Democrats are treating the people’s house like they are Royalty residing in their Castle with a moat around it. That fence with razor wire along with troops make us look like a banana republic. Yet, they criticize a fence to protect our southern border and support an insane policy of open borders. We don’t know what is coming across with kids with no parents delivered by coyotes, drugs, diseases, criminals and a few terrorists. We need to focus on the midterm elections and clean out the trash at the ballot box, if we can have a fair election governed by state legislatures.

  23. This site censors.
    500,000 COVID deaths (highly inflated #) divided by
    330,000,000 US pop
    The answer is .0015. Move the Dec point 2 spaces to the right for the percentage; 0.15%
    In other words, 99.85% of the pop. either surrvied the CO or were never infected with it. No reason for shut down

    1. You are correct. I have been doing the math for quite a while now and it is clear that this pandemic is nothing but a scheme by the left to control us. This pandemic will have no more effect on us than influenza as far as the percentage is concerned. There is and was no need for a shutdown. It was an opportunity for the left to weaponize and use against President Trump. Plain and simple.

      1. Exactly what I’ve been saying since February of 2020 when all this talk of COVID and SHUTDOWN actually started. And I do believe this virus was in the U.S. back in November 2019!

  24. CNN wants “white Christians” like Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from the Republican Party.

    I want Don Lemon removed from CNN, and CNN removed from the news. Don Lemon is a black supremist that make BLM look like a bunch of old white women.

  25. Liberals are really stupid if they think that they can continue to make this country their regime. We are willing to comply when it makes sense to do so, but we won’t continue to be treated like sheep. We are free people. We have rights to make our own choices and decisions. We will not continue to allow these boobs to rule over our lives as they have for the past year and more.

  26. Does anybody care what this little POS has to say anymore. He had us fooled for a while, but we are all coming out of our Faucicoma. Done with that little man and his weekly changing plans.

  27. Texas should watch its borders so they are not hit with more virus activity because of biden’s ignorant move to allow anyone into our country. Illegal doesn’t mean anything. Like President Trump said, if you want to come to America, we welcome you but come here legally.
    Why are many coming illegally? What is holding them from coming legally? We need to find out the reasons. We can curb many from entering illegally if we knew and they could then enter the correct way.
    Meanwhile we have someone who the media calls our president but he has acted irresponsibly so far singing one executive order after another. Most are wrong and only show he is doing what his bosses, those who made sure he illegally won, want him to do and as fast as possible becasuse they know there is only a small envelope of time before they will be replaced. Many states must change their voting laws that no paper votes are allowed but by medical needs and then submitted three days before election day. Out of the country, if proved, would also be acceptable if 3 days before election day. No counting after the close of election day.

  28. Trump authorized the guard to protect the citizens. Pelosi said no, bad optics. People died. Blood on Pelosi’s hands.

  29. The only reason they the Dems what to carry this on to the end 2022, is so they can steal another election

  30. WHAT? “According to the Bloomberg vaccination tracker, more than 75.2 vaccine doses have been administered across America. Yet the growing number of vaccinated citizens does not appear to change Biden’s policies regarding travel or lifting other restrictions.”

    It appears the editor of this article barely graduated from an American public high school. 75.2 doses wouldn’t cover those in the Capitol building!!!

    As to “returning to normal” or “getting our lives back” – I believe this whole COVID-19 experiment was intended to see how far our government could go to keep us locked down, at home, and impotent. It’s worked; why would they want anything else?

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