August 7, 2022

Biden: 9mm firearms are a ‘high caliber weapon’ that can ‘blow the lung out of the body’

The people who want to disarm law-abiding Americans are often the ones who know very little about firearms. President Joe Biden, a man who knows the least about many things he speaks of, is at it again.

Biden said that a 9mm firearm “blows the lung out of the body” and is a “high caliber weapon,” Breitbart reported. He seemed to suggest outlawing the nation’s most popular weapon in a statement that echoes others he’s made in the past.

The president was speaking to reporters on Memorial Day when he made the shocking claim. “The 22 caliber bullet will lodge in the lungs and we can get it out,” Biden said.

“A 9 mm bullet blows the lung out of the body,” he said in contrast. This kind of hysteria about the popular caliber weapon echoes statements he made last July during a CNN Town Hall appearance.

“The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon, whether it’s a 9mm pistol or whether it’s a rifle, is ridiculous,” he said. “I’m continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things.”

However, Biden is apparently ignorant to the fact that the 9mm is the caliber of choice for Americans — and for his own protection. “The 9mm is the most popular self-defense round in America, and the caliber of choice for his own Secret Service,” Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin, who is running for Senate, told Fox News.

Some estimate that 9mm weapons account for more than half of all guns in the U.S. “Biden’s ignorance is a threat to our constitutional liberties,” Mullins added.

Biden has been out shilling for the gun control left since the tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that took the lives of two teachers and 19 students. Instead of simply mourning the loss or working to secure schools, Democrats have been trying to take guns from law-abiding citizens — all while they can’t be bothered to learn the first thing about these weapons.

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