August 10, 2022

Better safe than sorry: Fully-vaccinated second couple kisses while both wearing masks

The seemingly endless spectacle of embarrassing COVID-19 hygiene theater took a particularly absurd turn on Wednesday when Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff were seen exchanging a kiss on an airport tarmac while wearing masks, despite both being fully vaccinated against the virus, as Fox News reported.

Harris was set to board a plane at Joint Base Andrews, and before ascending the steps to the aircraft, she moved to bid farewell to her spouse. Watch:

Notably, neither removed their mask, making for an awkward scene that seemed to fly in the face of recent guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which indicates that “[f]ully vaccinated people can participate in many outdoor activities without a mask at low risk to themselves or to others.”

The bizarre tableau caught the eye of many incredulous social media commentators, with one Twitter user by the name of Nicole Dempsey asking in astonishment, “Did she seriously kiss her husband with their masks on?” Another observer chided the performance as well, saying, “Both vaccinated and they kiss with masks ON. We live in a clown world, folks.”

As the New York Post points out, Harris’ display was just the latest in the indecipherable merry-go-round of proclamations from the Biden administration regarding when masks need to be worn, and when they do not. At a recent White House event, President Joe Biden announced that “the CDC said that vaccinated people do not need to wear their masks outside unless they’re in very crowded settings like a sporting event.”

When discussing mask wearing with Craig Melvin if NBC’s Today, however, he seemed to advocate for the continuation of widespread mask usage declaring, “It’s a patriotic responsibility for God’s sake,” and said the practice “is a small precaution to take that has a profound impact.”

Adding further confusion into the mix, during a visit this week to the Georgia home of former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, President Biden and first lady Jill Biden were photographed seated indoors in extremely close proximity to the nonagenarian couple, with nary a mask in sight, as the Daily Caller reported. Perplexingly, when the Bidens departed the Carters’ residence and were photographed back outside, their face coverings had reappeared.

The incessant stream of conflicting guidance and the inconsistent application thereof is, not surprisingly, leading many Americans to reach the same conclusion as Twitter user “The Keyboard Warrior” who bluntly opined after watching the Harris-Emhoff kiss, “It’s not about the science you guys.”

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Tom Morgan (@guest_1241317)
1 year ago

What would you expect from a call girl that slept her way into politics. She’s brainless.

Tom McDonald (@guest_1242068)
Reply to  Tom Morgan
1 year ago

Correct. And the stupid demonrats chose her to be Vice President based on gender and so called skin color. Experience, knowledge and qualifications played no hand in this!

Greta (@guest_1241332)
1 year ago

Ho harris and her puppy dog are both non-essential people.

jj (@guest_1242720)
Reply to  Greta
1 year ago

D Emhoff is smart but he made stupid mistake marred women Harris with bad history

IlliniGuy (@guest_1241344)
1 year ago

A total phony – both of them. What a POS she is. Rhode Island? I wonder how many illegal aliens are there? I hope she catches that rocket ship ASAP. She can catch some UFOs and bring some aliens them back to put on the voting rolls.

cynthia emery (@guest_1241345)
1 year ago

Give me a f’ing brake

Tom (@guest_1241348)
1 year ago

hoes are supposed to keep their protection on at all times

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1241366)
1 year ago

We the people have the worst of the worst in charge now… expect more and more of our liberties to be cancelled..just like everything else… all media and anyone else thinks they are on their good side will soon realize that after they are done with others you are next…

Stephen Russell (@guest_1241400)
1 year ago

Stupid act.
o Outdoors
o Few around them
o For show, hype, media glitz
o Stunt
Only wear mask indoors only never outdoors
Not excited to travel & wear on plane for X hours in air.

Ron Terry (@guest_1241423)
1 year ago

She’s brain dead just like her boss Josephine

Jasper Riley (@guest_1241439)
Reply to  Ron Terry
1 year ago

Can she give head with her mask on? Someone get a picture of that and it would be worth posting, otherwise, a waste of time.

mspidge (@guest_1241518)
1 year ago

We can’t get rid of this beotch soon enough

Yeah me (@guest_1242108)
1 year ago

I’d like to sound more Christian but seeing them drown in their own sewage will probably make me smile

mema23 (@guest_1242164)
1 year ago

When both people kissing and wear masks, if that called a mouth condum?



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