October 6, 2022

Bernie Just Did What No Presidential Candidate Has Ever Done Before

Never before has a presidential candidate done what Sen Bernie Sanders just accomplished last night in Nevada. For the first time, a candidate placed first in the presidential popular vote in all three early state primaries.

No Democrat or Republican has ever accomplished that feat.

And although Sanders has been the top recipient of votes since the first contest, therefore giving his opposition more time to attack him and exploit his weaknesses, his lead is growing with Sander’s margin of victory in Nevada being his largest yet.

“But the win in Nevada is different,” reports Joel Pollack of Breitbart News. “The margin โ€” based on initial returns โ€” seems very large. And Sanders has now won a state with a significant Latino population.”


While his victory is unprecedented, his nomination is far from assured. Rather than rejoice at Sander’s success, Democrat power brokers fear he may not be their best representative to take on President Donald Trump in a 1-on-1 contest.

“Opposition to Sanders within the Democratic Party remains strong,” Pollack said. “There are serious doubts about whether he would be able to defeat President Donald Trump in a general election. His ‘democratic socialism’ is a fringe left-wing philosophy.” Within hours of Sander’s dominant Nevada victory, even left-leaning ABC News ominouslyreported that “party insiders expect a bruising series of pitched battles over what the Democratic Party is, and how best to defeat President Donald Trump.”

President Trump was quick to sarcastically congratulate Sanders. “Looks like Crazy Bernie is doing well in the Great State of Nevada,” Trump tweeted. “Biden & the rest look weak, & no way Mini Mike can restart his campaign after the worst debate performance in the history of Presidential Debates. Congratulations Bernie, & donโ€™t let them take it away from you!”


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