July 31, 2021

Barr orders U.S. attorney to investigate 2016 ‘unmasking’

Department of Justice communications director Kerri Kupec revealed on Wednesday that Attorney General Bill Barr is closing in on the Obama administration’s misconduct in regard to the unmasking of Gen. Michael Flynn. 

Barr has reportedly tapped U.S. Attorney John Bash to investigate the practice of unmasking in support of John Durham’s probe into the origins of the Russia collusion hoax.

Kupec told Fox’s Sean Hannity that “looking specifically at who was unmasking whom can add a lot to our understanding about motivation and big picture events.”

The practice of unmasking came to the forefront of the news cycle when acting DNI Richard Grenell declassified documents that showed Obama administration officials inappropriately attempted to learn the identity of Trump’s former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn.

At the time, Flynn was being monitored by the FBI as a part of the now-debunked Russia-collusion investigation.

The Intelligence Community typically “masks” the identity of those they are surveilling to protect their privacy, but the documents recently declassified by Grenell showed that 23 Obama administration officials attempted to “unmask” Flynn.

Flynn’s identity was subsequently leaked to the press, which is a serious crime.

Kupec continued that “we know that unmasking inherently isn’t wrong, but certainly, the frequency, the motivation, and the reasoning behind unmasking can be problematic.”

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41 Responses

  1. Trump2020 the only choice to. Keep us free and away from socialism and communism. USA USA. God bless America.

    1. OK ok HEADLINES but NO CONVICTIONS Time to HANG A FEW just to show that th rULE OF LAW is still ALIVE !!!! CAN WE GET SOME ACTION NOW >>>> Or just more HEADS UP ???????

    2. Hell is what those types of people where putting on we the people of country , and now that all those types of people are getting to be found out who they are , it is time for all of them to face their own hell . either by hanging or shot and get rid of them all , to send a message to all to those who want to get into politics to run our country , as those types of people have proven to we the people of our country just how evil minded they are , when we look back on how they attacked our president Donald J. Trump , since day one , And it was all because they wanted to take over lives and our country , in much the same way as this coronavirus has taken our the world , and it time to get rid of those types of people now .

  2. i hope ag. bill barr keeps on going obama is the worst president we have ever had in american history.To spy on any one without probable cause is wrong it can happen to anyone.god bless america


      1. I agree Petre! He had all his records sealed because he knew he was breaking the law, and would continue to do so.

    2. And that is the song that should be played , when all those evil minded people are hung or shot , GOD BLESS AMERICA . and let Our President Trump show us just how Great He Can Make America Great Again., without those evil people on his back .

  3. Put Obama and all those involved in Leavenworth. Better yet, this is treason, give them the firing squad.

    1. Yeah, treason carries a tough penalty especially in time of war (such as what we are engaged in vs. China at the present time, as they try to destroy this country.

      1. Don’t let them get away with this- this is treasonous, illegal and there should serious consequences all the way up to King Obama who bamboozled the world because he could read a teleprompter. He is the worst offender in the group who thinks he is above the law. He needs to be held responsible and should not be allowed any proximity to the American people. He is a disgrace to blacks who trusted him and he screwed them.

  4. Finally, Attorney General Barr, the honest American citizens have been waiting for over 3 yrs. for the truth, tax PAYER HARD EARNED money has been squandered by Mueller & his team of bandits. We are waiting for justice, when will we get it? Our hardest working American – the President of The United States has been harassed enough by the prior president, his administration and Clintons, open up their crooked behavior.

  5. What goes around, comes around. Perhaps it will give the demos something else to think about besides Trump. The do nothings should have learned a lesson from Trump’s election and used the last few years to forget him and clean their own house. Just think about how much money (theirs and ours) they have thrown away! Maybe it’s not a total loss. Maybe we should see it as good fertilizer for a better economy.

  6. It is only fitting that all guilty parties should be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They have done great harm to this country and we need to make America great again.

  7. Indeed, BO has been the worst POTUS in my lifetime (since Dwight D Eisenhower!!) According to many publications, BO had 18 SCANDALS DURING HIS EIGHT YEARS IN OFFICE. (LOOK THEM UP)
    Yet, he blames everything on Bush, but that doesn’t FLOAT!! Reagan came in and bandaged up PEANUT MAN, CARTER’s MESS in NO TIME.
    Dearest Lord Jesus, Please allow POTUS TRUMP FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

  8. I’m tired of hearing who done what, I’m ready to see action, put them in jail like they would us everyday deplorables, I didn’t think that there was a different standard of laws for the people in the swamp, help us make America Great Again!!!!!!!!!

  9. This dems not doing their jobs and blaming everyone else in the world! I did not vote for Planned Parenthood to kill babies nor did I vote for NAFDA. Worst mistakes in America! I am for Trump putting some people in jail and they make different decisions in the future!

  10. Both Obama’s are frauds! They should lose their Secret Service protection and all benefits of his horrible terms in office. His prejudice and support of Muslims were evident from day one. There are many Muslims and Black people that are true supporters of America and they suffer due to his actions. Michelle has always been anti-America and should be held accountable for her statements and actions. Just look at her statement regarding her daughters being a detraction to her selfish life. Hopefully, they both will get what they deserve!!

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