June 14, 2021

Barr investigation into St. Louis DA requested by Sen. Hawley

Soros-backed prosecutor Kimberly Gardner is prosecuting the McCloskey’s, a St. Louis couple that gained notoriety by facing down trespassing rioters with weapons in hand.

Gardner has charged the McCloskey’s with a felony, despite the fact that in Missouri, the “Castle Doctrine” grants citizens the unmitigated right to protect themselves on their own property.

It’s a piece of political theatre that has real consequences for law-abiding citizens across the US. Luckily, there are still some officials that are committed to upholding the rule of law.

Sen. Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, has just asked Bill Barr to open an investigation into Ms. Garner.


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73 Responses

      1. Turkey for one, has banned Soros and any foundations he has must leave and never return, this is also joined by Poland, Hungary, Pakistan, etc. He is also denied any business ties in their countries.

    1. You got that right but the press likes him. Globally, he should just disappear and then his son and grandson who will follow in his shoes. Sooner or later, the press will pay.

    2. Oh heck yeah….WTH, why can’t he turnup dead like so many others that have gotten involved with the Clintons!!

      1. Because he is the major financier of the democratic party, and all their propaganda arms.

      1. Right, it is the Phillipines that issued a shoot on sight order, there is a bounty on his head. The President Duerente and the House of Representatives has reinstated the death sentence just for this reason.

    3. He is already banned from 7 countries, why not here. I think in either Guam or Puerto Rico he can be shot if he steps foot there.

      1. Sounds like the intelligent course of action 💯 percent in favor of it happening and maybe he would take Pelosi with him

      1. No the N Korea would be to nice send them to China that and Soros would but his way out of broke N Korea

  1. Barr needs to come down hard on the St Louis officias. The Govenor, Attorney General and anyone who were involved in taking their gun or charging the shoud be sued.

  2. Soros should be deported back to Hungary! He is anti American, a cancer on our society, and should not be here! All those who accept his “ blood money” should be prosecuted for accepting bribes! He funds all the anti American factions, right on our own soil! IF he has citizenship here, it should be rescinded due to treason and sedition and deported post haste, and break up all his “ organizations” that are anti American! Anyone who backs him should be investigated, if collusion is involved, prosecute! That would include a lot of high up politicians, hollyweird “ stars”, and their ilk! Money buys a lot, but it DOESN’T buy decency, instead it buys CORRUPTION on a grand scale! We need to clean house, get the scum out of our country once and for all!

  3. Soros is the root of all evil in America and other countries he has destroyed…………..
    He is a disgrace to America…………….he needs to have his Citizenship withdrawn as well as his entire family and deported out of the U.S. Put a hold on all his Money, company’s ………..all of it……….

    1. Yes take all of his money and clean up the cities this worthless Nazi rat tried to destroy and I hear Russia Wants him really bad

      1. That would be the icing on the cake! The Demoncrats could only chant Russia, Russia, Russia, for over three years! So lets send them a gift, to make up for smearing their name!!!

    2. Should have put him in prison I would say take him before The Hague but he has them in his pocket too just shoot his arse

  4. Get rid of Soros and his Bought interference. REAL Americans WORK FOR A LIVING, like our GREAT PRESIDENT Trump! We don’t take bribes and we will fight back for our American system of Government! If you want changes there are ways to get us to listen. This destruction is NOT the way!

  5. Soros was a Nazi collabeator makes one wonder why Mossad hasn’t arrested and tried him for war crimes.

  6. I think he should be arrested and prosecuted for organized crime under the Ricco Law. And if found guilty which he should certainly be take all his assets.

  7. any bad news for george scrotum face soros , it always very good new to me, no matter how small, it is all a victory, and may he go into room temp and be found in full rigors in the morning with a note pinned to his jammies, The Devil came a calling for old georgie, it was time.

  8. I agree with all comments on here. George Soros is so evil and evil is what he promotes and pays for. He should be tried for treason and have all assets frozen. If this happened the DNC would also be defunded, Antifa would be defunded, B L M would be defunded and more than we can count crooked DAs, Judges, Mayors, Governors and politicions would be defunded. By taking out one man our world would be so much better.

  9. Since Soros is a naturalized citizen and he is trying to overthrow a sitting president and our government, he is guilty of treason and his citizenship should be revoked and he should prosecuted and deported after he has served every day of his sentence should he survive the COVID-19 prison in which he serves his sentence.


  11. If any of you ever read any of VINCE FLYNN’S 13 novels, his main character was Mitch Rapp, Mitch often used
    a Security Team headed by a former Navy Seal named Scott Coleman, Mitch worked closely with the CIA Director
    named Irene Kennedy, many of Mitch’s missions were to eliminate political figures similar to what we are dealing with now, I totally know that it was fiction, but it would work for me…

    Usually the team would just totally discredit individuals to get them out of the way!

  12. Soros is good friends with the Clintons and all the rest of the anti American marxists gang (Bloomberg, Steyer, and so on).
    The globalist crowd has been “working “ very hard on destroying America from within for decades!!!
    Their biggest achievement was to infiltrate our schools, universities with radical left professors who brainwashed two generations of kids with their poisonous anti American propaganda.
    This is the reason why now we have all these
    good for nothing, whiny, uneducated, uncivilized “ millennials “ who became huge supporters of the communist Bernie, who promises them all kind of “ free stuff” and convinced them that socialism/ communism/ Marxism is the best system ever ( and yes, there is no difference between socialism, communism, Marxism, even fascism!!!)
    They are all based on keeping the population under strict control by the government, no private property, no freedom of expression, of assembly, no free market ( because they don’t like the word “ profit “), no second amendment ( confiscation of all the weapons would be the first thing they do, because people must not be able to protect themselves) .
    So, are we still surprised that we have all these
    young people demanding to destroy our system ??
    What’s were all the conservative voices for the last 40 years ???
    We didn’t see much opposition, just few voices, here and there …
    Let’s hope is still not too late now and America would wake up and push back on these Marxist thugs !!!
    This is our last chance !!!
    And yes, we must start with Soros and all his allies !!!!

  13. He’s got short time I hope to cause more craziness in the US it won’t be long ? Word on street he’s already physically sick 😷😁😁😁😁

  14. I commend Missouri Senator Josh Hawley who has called out NIKE and the NBA for having athletic shoes and uniforms made by SLAVES in Communist China. If we stop sending orders for clothing to China, that might stop some of the slavery in China. STOP supporting CHINA! Our Senator Martha McSally is helping to bring back manufacturing to the States as well! Great job, Senators!

  15. George Soros needs to get out of American soil. Democrats are nothing without him. Get him out!!! We don’t want him here.!!

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