April 12, 2021

Bill Barr exposes Democrat gaslighting about violent riots

Attorney General Bill Barr appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to testify about a broad range of topics on Tuesday. As election day draws near, Democrats are desperate to find a new angle with which to attack Barr, but he wasn’t having it.

One of the ways Democrats are seeking to discredit Barr is with his use of federal law enforcement to quell violence in Democrat-run cities, but instead of scoring points against him with their questions, Barr fired back with a major truth bomb

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked Barr during the testimony:

“Do you deploy federal law enforcement to protect federal property?” House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked.

“Yes,” Barr said.

“Would the federal building in Portland be standing today if you had not deployed federal law enforcement,” he pressed.

“I don’t think so,” the Attorney General replied.

Barr went on to explain how federal law enforcement agents are being used to protect federal buildings in cities such as Portland, Seattle, and Chicago.

Mainstream media outlets are lying to Americans about the reality of the extreme violence in these cities, but Barr set the record straight.

“There have been multiple attempts to set it afire. And I have to say, I don’t understand why a small contingent of Marshals inside the court poses a threat to anybody’s First Amendment rights,” Barr said.

“They set up a fence on federal property, I am told, around the court and when people are arrested, it’s because they’re trying to come into the fence,” he continued. “These are not peaceful protesters.”

Barr explained that there were “100, 120 federal people behind the fence trying to protect the building and all these people are trying to cut their way in” with power tools.

Barr testified earlier in the hearing that protestors came to locations protected by federal officers “equipped for fighting” and armed with “powerful slingshots, tasers, sledge hammers, saws, knives, rifles, and explosives devices.”

Barr called out Democrat politicians’ refusal to condemn the violence, remarking:

What makes me concerned for the country is [that] this is the first time in my memory that the leaders of one of our great two political parties, the Democratic Party, are not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts.

Why can’t we just say: ‘Violence against federal courts has to stop?’ Could we hear something like that?

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118 Responses

  1. Thanks Democrats you made a strong case for American Voters to Vote for Trump. Americans watch the way you asked questions and didn’t let him answer. VOTE Democrats OUT.

  2. AG Barr was great today, I have never seen such disrespect for a person in my life. The Democrat’s were trying to get that got you moment but, We the people know the truth. We need to have Law and Order in our states and if the Governor’s, Mayors and Representatives are not going to protect us and only protect these destructive and violent people(They are not PEACEFUL protesters) we are not stupid. I am proud of AG Barr and his staff/team without them there would be even more death and destruction. The Democrats have to stop acting like children and grow up and CARE about LIFE!! All Life!!
    My prayers go out to all that were hurt and their families.

  3. The Dems answered their own questions so Barr couldn’t get a word in. Why? Because they plan on using these answers to start impeachment proceedings against Barr in the near future.

  4. AG Barr was great today, that is, when they allowed him to speak, because these people were obviously not interested at all on his response, they only wanted to take the opportunity on camera to continue to expose their rethoric, always lacking in sincerity and meaningful content. It was not surprising to see the lack of respect all these congressmen/women displayed today for our great Attorney General. It was beyond the pale.
    Nadler topped it off when he said “shame on you Mr. Barr” when the one who has to be ashamed is himself, with yet another round of lies. He was caught on camera yesterday when a reporter approached him and asked him about the violence and lawlessness in those cities, and he said “That is a myth” created by the people in Washington, as if we, the American people, didn’t have access to the real news. These Demo_rats are in total denial, and today again, Nadler had the nerves to proclaim that the protesters are peaceful!
    They have lost all sense of reality, civility and decorum! They feed from their lies. Why doesn’t Nadler dear to tell the families of all the recent victims of violence that “it is all a myth”?

  5. Nadler and his goons are a disgrace to this country. They have no decency, no respect, and no brains. There was not one commendable Democrat in that hearing today. They should be set in the middle of one of those riots and see if they get the sxxx kicked out of them like they deserve.

  6. I think it was the dem wit mayor of Portland blaming the feds for the protests now. The mayor said they hoped that by now, things would be better. Sure they would!!

  7. Mr. Barr, is a respected Attorney and deserves respect from Congress. What I saw from the Democratic members of Congress I felt was beneath them and well be below Mr. Barr. The accusations of racism when a man hires based on Competence not Color he shouldn’t be criticized. To the black Congressman that made the point that Mr. Barr didn’t bring a black with him the United States had Affirmative Action going back to the 1960’s and all that has done is made it easier for NON-PERFORMERS to be employed “you can’t fire me, because I’m black and I’ll call you a racist and da company will fire you.”
    You have an education and hopefully you will make a contribution to our Country and make it better for everyone. I have friend that says “I was born here, I grew up here. Went to school here, Went to Collage her and got my PHD in Economics and Taught math and economics here. I’d like to be refereed to as and American, Not an African American.” “John, I’ve never even been to Africa.”

  8. It was a curcus this morning, but Mr Barr held up very very well, i should have poped some popcorn and sat back and listened to Mr Barr tear these stupid Democrats apart, they asked for it and got it. I’m sure the meeting closed with these clowns wondering what happen?

    1. The Democrats were very rude! They often did not even allow Mr. Barr to answer the questions presented to him!

      1. Did you notice how rude the women were? They talked to him like he was a piece of dog crap on their stilleto pumps.

        1. Esther, I too, saw the way those pathetic women berated & interrupted Barr. It’s beyond disgusting. It absolutely amazed me how he kept his cool; God is with him through this.

    2. The Democrats, like the fraudulent Mueller Inquiry and the “hard on it’s heels Impeachment clown circus” are playing to the sold out corrupt Main sewer Stream fake Media..you may have noticed in the “news” reports and “commentaries” that ALL the salient points that DO NOT favour the Demoncraps are studiously omitted…Hence the complicit MSM purposely present half of the actual proceedings; half a truth is a WHOLE LIE !!!

  9. I have always believed Demorates are morons and they are cartainly not anyone who cares for this country or it’s ruel of law. Bill Barr will run circles around these demorates, we need to vote all those DEMs out of both houses and get rid of AOC and her crew and get some new blood in there who are for what our son,Fathers and Daughter’s have lost there lives to protect us from this teronie that the left has put on us. Please get out and vote these clowns out of office and get back to make our country a place where they all want to live and put CHRIST back in country again. Why is it that these stars denying this country, a country that has been so great to them, and wanting GOD out because of their sins. They should be made sorry for their actions.

  10. I have seen more today from all these dems than I want to again. How ignorant and unAmerican to try and belittle this magnificent man, our Attorney General Barr! He does deserve RESPECT from each one of those disgraceful morons who have no insight to what these terrorists are doing to our country. In fact, I believe they do and want it all to go down to put this chaos on Trump as if it were his fault. We all know the truth, these useless governors and mayors DID NOT WANT help as we remember from the beginning. They kept saying it was their right to protest, free speech, right? But not the rational prprotesters, they have to shut up or get beat to death. I would sue each state for that. We all need to come together and vote these radical lefts out or this America will be like this forever. GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR HOME SWEET HOME!

  11. The most respected Attorney General for years on both sides of the isle and they treated him like dirt. I agree with John Derek. AT least people who normally work today but don’t because they were laid off can see for themselves how disgusting Nadler was and is. They show us who they really are and we see right through them. Landslide for President Trump.
    Our country needs us like never before and we do not want to end up like the other countries where they are fleeing from to come here to the United States of America. Where else can you run to. Your choice America, either vote for Communism where you have no freedom and no voice or vote for Donald Trump where he protects America from the onslaught of Marxist/Communism. Stand up and Vote for Freedom.

    1. As commented above, re:Loydl…the deck is horribly stacked against the citizen taxpayer, who has been grossly misled and mis/malinformed by the Main sewer Stream fake Media for upwards of forty years…and especially so in the last four…so much so the people that garner ALL their “information(?)” exclusively from the corrupt MSM are totally ignorant, by default, and are absolutely clueless as to what IS “going down”…The Electoral College, hence the Constitutional Republic, could disappear as IS the intent, and they would be none the wiser…

    2. Shame on those dirty democrats to treat our AG so badly. They didn’t want Barr to answer questions. They were more into scolding him. They are pure hateful anti American.

  12. The Democrats are acting like they always do. First of all they wouldn’t let Barr answer the questions. When they know they’re wrong they want to hurry it up so the question can’t be answered.
    I never saw and heard rude people like the Democrats were towards Attorney General Barr

  13. I watched to opening remarks by Nadler and every word he spoke was a lie. He said it was unconstitutional to deploy federal troops to quell riots when our Constitution plainly says it is the responsibility of the US Federal government to quell riots. Don’t know the exact address of that but I have read that when reading that august document. And some screenshots of federal law were put up that explicitly states federal government shall protect all federal buildings. Mr Nadler knows all this and lies intentionally to us the Amercan people.

    1. The leftist Bolsheviks that rule the DNC are adhering strictly to Alinsky’s rule – to ACCUSE your enemy of EXACTLY what you yourself are doing…and their lackeys in the imbecilic MSM extend their “reach”…Lying comes naturally to them…and they are adept at transposing their evil onto their “enemy”, the taxpaying honest conservative/Christian citizen…that is why some idiots cannot see through blm and antifa and actually stupidly support their nefarious cause…

      1. Yes sir, you hit the nail on the head!!! AG Barr is superior to the flunky chairman, and he acted like the clown he is!!

  14. It was outrageous the way the democrats treated Barr. He doesn’t deserve that! The Dems are out of control.

  15. I want to know why the Democrats are not being investigated, they are breaking the law every day and nothing is being done about, all they want to do is accuse someone else, It is time they be investigated

  16. What would the democrat senators and congressmen reaction be if these rioters were all backers of president Trump if they were all angry that they weren’t getting enough money or anything that could start rioting would the democrats be so lax in their responses and would the democratic governors and mayors have the same non reaction ? I doubt that very much it wouldn’t last as ling as this has you can be sure on that simply because it would be republicans causing all this wanton destruction.

    1. Carol, your right. They are scared. Scared even after they bought the media with their Communist China money. Pray for President Trump. He’s the strongest best President this USA has ever had

  17. Democrats were well coached on Claiming their time so that our AG Barr could not answer
    Or comment on their ignorant questions
    The whole process made me physically ill
    It was a total disgrace the democrats were very rude and lost a lot of votes

    1. You underestimate the power of the Fourth Estate. The ENTIRE Main sewer Stream fake Media are complicit in what IS taking place. Have had enormous trouble, even when showing irrefutable evidence of their outright calumnies, deceptions and diabolical chicanery, to awaken some people…whom had thought were, on the surface, cognitive…Hence after over forty years of propaganda dissemination by the corrupted, a la Mockingbird, media, the average Joe/Jane has been “dulled” to an extent that many are past redemption…and will suffer their fate in ignorance…dragging the rest of us, against our will, into the abyss they are propelling themselves toward…

    2. Anne, I agree with you on all but one point. I doubt if they lost any votes. Liberals are turning away from listening to anything except what their brainwashed minds can handle–and they can’t handle the truth. Like you, I had an I’ll feeling watching this–I was unable to watch today’s hearing in one sitting.

      1. Sorry, auto correct at its worst. I had an ill feeling, not an I’ll feeling. Even now it keeps changing it!

  18. House Judiciary Dems are so bereft of common decency, Capitol Hill decorum, reason & intelligence in resorting to crass ad hominems, buffoonish nonsense, sophomoric non-discourse in fear of being out smarted by a principled, legalistic, all professional 2 time Attorney General of impeccable qualifications & sterling integrity.
    Over again these show boating DemonRats were exposed, embarrassed themselves as ornery, dishonest & power hungry for brief vainglory in the refuted Trump-Russia collusion as an expensive sham, Ukraine non-scandal & useless Impeachment farce. The nearing landslide election defeat should teach them a very costly lesson, I trust.

  19. Anybody who has ever worked for the federal government, is forced to watch unqualified blacks being in positions, they’re No Way qualified for, but because of the color of their skin, they’re given these positions, because it’s easier to give them these jobs, than be called a Racist, and Sued!

    Blacks are allowed to be racists towards white people, but white people aren’t allowed to be racist towards blacks!

    Apparently Barr requires his people be qualified to work in his office, unlike other sections of the federal government!

  20. After watching a little of the “hearing” it became evident that Nadler had passed out and assigned members of the committee a topic to throw at the attorney general. The members of the committee seem to believe themselves to be qualified prosecutors. This was not a hearing. No, it was a political STUNT to somehow sway voters to the democrats in the upcoming election. In my mind it was a TOTAL FAILURE. The dictatorial attitude of these congressional members provided a clear picture of who they are and what they are about. These are not people I want managing our nation and my welfare. I claim independent status and have voted both sides at times picking what I believed to be the best candidate. NO MORE. From Nancy Pelosi down through the ranks they have shown me that I do not want this crowd in power. If they will take this attitude with the highest Honorable Law Enforcement agency, the “little” people, the taxpaying voters, mean nothing to them.

  21. I don’t see much difference between the US Democrat Party and Adolph Hitler. We got Hitler stopped. How about we get the Democrat Party stopped? It is as horrible as was Hitler’s Germany, perhaps even worse.

  22. The more demorats (whoops typo) rant, the deeper they dig their graves. They are providing a public service, however, by presenting normal people with comic relief during these troubled times. Their interment is scheduled for Nov. 3rd Don’t miss it!

  23. That was nothing but a stage show to allow the DEMONRATS campaign ads showing how they aggressively went after the evil AG Barr not even allowing him to answer, henchman of the terrible ornangeman.
    I pray to God this entire three, almost four years backfire in their evil, vicious, demonic faces. If we all stand together and in some cases hold our noses, vote RED up and down the ticket, we just may save our lives, OUR PRESIDENT’s life and our beloved USA’s life. But we must stand together – in unity there is synergy and we’ll be stronger together. We must #RETAKEHOUSE2020 #INCREASESENATE2020 #TRUMP2020 #REDTSUNAMI2020

  24. Just another bias congressional committee showing contempt for the laws of our country. It has always annoyed me when someone ask a question then cuts the person off before they have completely answered the question such rudeness is inexcusable. Some committee members act like little gods when questioning someone that deserves respect. CNN,MSNBC and others are notorious for conducting this type interview and I would not blame anyone for refusing to respond to their invitation.

  25. The horrible treatment dishes out by the Democrats yesterday to General Barr simply demonstrates the corrupt and low brow methods they utilize. I believe they have shot themselves in the foot again. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

  26. Unfortunately, not all Democrats are watching this horrible circus. They close their eyes and ears.

  27. Yesterday was a sad day for America.. The total disrespect for the Attorney General of the United States was a disgrace. My prayers are hopefully answered in November or this country is going to change like we can’t imagine.

  28. Total disrespect for Barr…He’s a fair man and a good man.
    They used up all their time throwing out insults and attacks and wouldn’t let him respond.
    God Bless America….Trump 2020 I pray!

  29. “Attorney General Bill Barr appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to testify about a broad range of topics on Tuesday.” My description is horrible. Elected democrat congressmen should at least respect their position as elected representatives. They made a mockery of their intended function as a legislator. They demonstrated their side as part of the agitators. They should be voted out from serving the interest of peaceful America.

  30. America, after the Dem’s broadway performance yesterday, BLM is awarding Mr. Nadler an oscar for protecting the interests of his Communist party..I am sure the MEDIA will still say all of the protests were mostly peaceful in Democrat controlled cities. They are trying to discredit our AG because they are getting nervous about the investigation of Obama&Company/FBI/etc.

  31. Just read all the replies and agree w/all of them! I watched the Circus and their nastiness especially the woman that was really rude out of sight grotesque!
    Where did they dig up these people that truly hate the truth, hate Our Country!
    The squad has admitted many times their hate for our Country! They want to get rid
    Of our Country and build a Country of Socialist dictators and Run a Country based
    Only on Their Control! The people will have no voice on any part of their lives!
    This will be another Venezuela and North Korea! That is what they want!!!
    We can NOT ever ever let this happen! We have come a long way w/love and respect for our Country! We must oust theses Traitors, Terriost, Violent Protesters! They seem to enjoy the violence because that is their Dream to turn this America The Beautiful up side down! They are dangerous, ignorant, violent and disgraceful!!
    They need their own little Island far away from America and live in the Chaos they seem to love!

  32. Apparently you used some key words that are not allowed. Happens to me almost 50% of the time. Not sure this posting will even make it through.

  33. Watching the appearance of Atty General Barr at the hearing made me sick. I was born in to a Democratic family–grand parents, parents, siblings, however at this junction All of my family left this sick party. I was the last to leave and did so when Pres. Clinton was using the office for sex. At the hearing yesterday, the Democrats exposed themselves as hateful, disrespectful, ugly people; certainly not worthy to service in Congress. I was sick for America!

    General Barr is one of few in the government who is honest, dedicated to truth and not controlled by ANYONE. I believe that is what drives the hatred of theses UGLY Americans–the fact that they cannot control or shake him.

  34. I TOTALLY AGREE with so many of you! Bill Barr did NOT DESERVE WHAT HE GOT! He’s brilliant and VERY DESERVING of his office. Such disrespect from the Democrats should NOT be allowed. It was HORRIBLE THE DISRESPECT for his office. All of those Dems MUST be voted out of office!!! Let’s help make that happen!

  35. Why can’t the dems respect our country what is wrong with them AT Barr our country thanks you so sad that dems have no honor Chuck and Nancy greed speaks for it self aoc and 3findings grow up and leave these girls haven’t a clue AGBarr thank you you are a hero I pray for the USA please let the truth get rid of dems on Joey is Sun downing get him to debate

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