August 19, 2022

Barr breaks with Trump, says he ‘vehemently opposes’ potential pardon for Snowden

Attorney General Bill Barr typically maintains a united front with President Trump in public but revealed on Friday that he
“vehemently” disagrees with one of Trump’s recently-announced positions.

Barr, in a Friday interview with the Associated Press, ended any speculation that he would approve of a potential pardon for National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, a shocking departure from Trump’s position that a pardon should be strongly considered.

Snowden has been characterized as a “traitor” by many on the right for leaking a slew of classified NSA documents in 2013. Snowden was charged with espionage but escaped to Russia where he has been living in exile since the event.

Trump, who previously characterized Snowden as a “terrible traitor” during his 2016 campaign, has reversed his position. Trump shocked the nation by announcing at a press conference last week that he’s “going to take a very good look” at pardoning Snowden.

Bill Barr told the AP that “[Snowden] was a traitor and the information he provided our adversaries greatly hurt the safety of the American people. He was peddling it around like a commercial merchant. We can’t tolerate that.”

Snowden has indicated that he wishes to return to the US but fears he will not be granted a fair trial.

President Trump has yet to respond to Barr’s opposition at the time this report was published.

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Maydell Bolding (@guest_1038588)
1 year ago

I hope that Pres. Trump will see that Mr. Barr is very sensible in the Snowden affair. He is considered a traitor by most of America. I just hope that the President will think long and hard about pardoning Snowden.

Pilar Arquero (@guest_1038665)
Reply to  Maydell Bolding
1 year ago

Agree with you and the stance of AG Barr.

George Elo (@guest_1038680)
Reply to  Maydell Bolding
1 year ago

Snowden did nothing that the Democraps have been doing for several years. The are bigger traitors than Snowden.

Larry Apple (@guest_1038689)
Reply to  George Elo
1 year ago

Then the Democrats need to be brought up on charges as traitors!

63 Mareine (@guest_1038710)
Reply to  Maydell Bolding
1 year ago

AG Barr is correct. Anyone who spills secret information to ANY government is a traitor and need to be treated
as such. i’m behind President Trump in his actions but, in this case, he is wrong. Friend or no friend!!!
Semper Fi

Kathleen O'Hara-Pitisci (@guest_1039286)
Reply to  Maydell Bolding
1 year ago

I agree. I am very apposed to how POTUS Trump is viewing this issue.

Doris Frazier (@guest_1038593)
1 year ago

I agree with Barr. Snowden should stay in Russia. He is a traitor and worthy of living here after he did what he did. We have enough traitors in this country that need to be dealt with we don’t need anymore.

Kathleen O'Hara-Pitisci (@guest_1039287)
Reply to  Doris Frazier
1 year ago

What? Hey Doris, I think you may mean since you stated that Snowden should stay in Russia, but then you stated that “he is a traitor and worthy of living here after he did what he did… my question to you would be….Snowden is worthy of living in the USA?

Herman Ruta (@guest_1038596)
1 year ago

If Trump is smart, he’ll heed Barr’s opinion on not pardoning Snowden. Barr has done a great job of getting back respect for the justice department and butting heads with Barr will reflect badly on Trump. If Snowden indeed commit treason with his stolen information and dispensing it, then he should be tried for it.

William Witte (@guest_1038700)
Reply to  Herman Ruta
1 year ago

Well said. The President should follow Mr Barr’s advice. He, President Trump has more important matters to attend to much less Snowden.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1038720)
Reply to  Herman Ruta
1 year ago

Yes, definitely agree., May the President callm down, focus on whats ahead and leave Snowden in Russia. Barr is a hell of a lot more important than snowden. Let it go POTUS!

Severa Hill (@guest_1038607)
1 year ago

Look at all that have committed treason now and nothing has been done to them. They even showed up at the Convention like The Clintons and Biden and son and many others. Barr is a good man and I respect his feelings but if all these FBI people committed treason for doing what they did to Trump the President of the USA, even Obama and everyone of them say everyone should be treated equally then all this is a bunch of you know what.

George Elo (@guest_1038682)
Reply to  Severa Hill
1 year ago

I agree wholeheartedly.

Don Johnson (@guest_1038783)
Reply to  Severa Hill
1 year ago

Well said Severa !

LaVerne Welcher (@guest_1038612)
1 year ago

Snowden should stay in Russia. Who cares what he wants.

Gary Sutton (@guest_1038654)
Reply to  LaVerne Welcher
1 year ago

I hope that Snowden enjoys Russia as much as that English Spy Guy Burgess best place for the traitor.

RUBY SMITH (@guest_1038614)
1 year ago


rj (@guest_1038690)
Reply to  RUBY SMITH
1 year ago

If Mr. Snowden is to be held responsible for his actions, the Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Obamas, Bide, Schumber, and more should all be held responsible for what they have done to the US. In fact, the entire Democrat party should be declared a terrorist organization.

Carol V Basler (@guest_1038616)
1 year ago

Do we have to have these pseudo-sensational headlines? Not very becoming to the American Digest. Sounds more like a movie/glamor magazine. Certainly unbecoming to the worthy American Digest

Errol (@guest_1038623)
1 year ago

He should return to the US and be tried. Simple!

Jim Floros (@guest_1038629)
1 year ago

I think AG Barr is absolutely correct that Snowden should not be Pardon, that scumbag is TRAITOR to our NATION!

Sharon Balsavias (@guest_1038633)
1 year ago

I agree with AG Barr. That said, if Snowden committed treason by being a whistleblower then what do we call what Obama and Biden did? They and others attended a meeting in Obama’s oval office to plan and plot an attempted coup on a duly elected president who had not yet took the oath of office. What those people did was treason in my opinion and perhaps they need to be sent to Russia to live along side Snowden!! What happened to equal justice for all??

RC Collins (@guest_1038656)
1 year ago

I agree with Barr , Snowden Is a traitor . Leave him where he is. Please.

Slack Elwin Clark (@guest_1038661)
1 year ago

I disagree!! He was a He was a whistle blower and should be treated as such.The deep state government was and is doing illegal crap and he tried to reveal it and they didn’t like it. I think he should be pardoned!

Glen Baltrusch (@guest_1040245)
Reply to  Slack Elwin Clark
1 year ago

I tend to agree with you, but I would like to find out a bit more on why he needed to blow the whistle on the SWAMP and the Deep State; especially from what we now know.

Leigh Steinke (@guest_1038681)
1 year ago

Snowden is a traitor. DEFINITELY NO PARDON.

Sher (@guest_1038714)
Reply to  Leigh Steinke
1 year ago

I second that. I agree with Barr, snowden is a traitor just like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, Obama, Bill and Hillaty and so much more. This would be a big mistake President Trump traitors should not be pardoned. Look whats happening to this country by the Traitorous Demonrats. If you bring him back he needs to be tried for Treason.

Joy (@guest_1038683)
1 year ago

EDWARD SNOWDEN IS A HERO !!!! he did NOT betray the USA, which is what a traitor does !!! He betrayed the slugs in the NSA for spying on the USA and her citizens !!!! he should be treated as the whistle-blower he is, not have to run because he exposed the lying corrupt US govt the way it was in 2013 !!! HE didn’t try to take down a duly-elected president, HE didn’t spy on the Trump campaign !!!! HE exposed the toadies of the obambam cartel !! let him COME HOME to a hero’s welcome, not the hatred of those who still lovingly kiss the butts of the former cartel !!!!!

James P Marquart (@guest_1038709)
Reply to  Joy
1 year ago

Amen! As a retired Navy veteran, I think truth matters and I cannot accept the characterization that Edward Snowden was or is a traitor! While I am amazed at Trump for his seeming human and thoughtful insight in to the matter, I must say I do agree with him.

Karole (@guest_1038770)
Reply to  Joy
1 year ago

Joy, you are 100% correct!

John McCormack (@guest_1038695)
1 year ago

I hate to admit, but President Trump is wrong on this situation. AG Barr is totally correct in denouncing Snowden. Snowden, if he returns, should be tried for Treason. If found guilty should be imprisoned. AG Barr has been a wonderful AG for the United States of America.
I wish AG Barr has handed down indictments of the traitors that have existed in this Country. All have committed Treason in one way or another. Obama, Biden, Clinton’s all the FBI Administration, Biden’s son and many more.
It is time the Traitors be brought to Justice. Please President do not pardon Snowden. Keep AG Barr in his position. He has been one of your best moves since you became President.

benjamin dixon (@guest_1038699)
1 year ago

snowden is a traitor and should be hung

Terry (@guest_1038808)
1 year ago

PRESIDENT Trump please look into pardoning David Stockman, he’s in prison for having dirt on OBAMA, I’d like to know what that dirt is!!!!!

doodles (@guest_1038827)
1 year ago

Agree with Barr but you must admit that the movie depicted Snowden as somewhat of a hero for exposing the invasion of American’s privacy. If he is so VERY smart, he would be difficult to “oversee” and might be tempted to something again.

Don (@guest_1038839)
1 year ago

Barr needs that one shoved where it doesn’t shine. The man unveiled criminality in our government which Barr has yet to do.

Barb (@guest_1039919)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago


chief1937 (@guest_1038848)
1 year ago

This is one president Trump should bow to AG Barr on. Not a good idea to pardon Snowden under present circumstances.

Lisa (@guest_1038864)
1 year ago

President Trump said he would look at both sides of the Snowden situation…he said he would talk to people who were for and against a pardon…this article should have stated this…President Trump will IMO not pardon Snowden. but I think it is fair to look at all sides…I personally believe Snowden is scum.

Larry Gaines (@guest_1038913)
1 year ago

I agree with Barr on this. Snowden is a traitor in my book and needs to be in prison

Machete Eddie (@guest_1038915)
1 year ago

I seriously doubt Trump will Pardon Snowden.

I get a kick out of the use of words ” Barr ( BREAKS ) with Trump” Barr may disagree with Trump. which I’m sure he has on several issues ! However, I doubt he will “BREAK with TRUMP” !

The POTUS knows the attitude of the VOTERS who put him in office expect him to continue to put AMERICA FIRST,
that alone will cause him NOT to pardon that SOB ! let him TOT in RUSSIA!
Semper Fi
Machete Eddie

Marlene (@guest_1039061)
1 year ago

Schiff leaked closed door meeting secrets to the press while they were going on. Every time he left the room he called CNN and told them everything that was said. How is he any different than any other traitor? I know he is still walking around free and thumbing his nose at any laws.

Barb (@guest_1039920)
Reply to  Marlene
1 year ago

This is only one of whom should be in GITMO

Christopher Butler (@guest_1039078)
1 year ago

I think snowden should be pardoned. If not, prosecute the clintons. Obama, the list goes on.

Barb (@guest_1039922)
1 year ago

These two will NEVER be prosecuted as Trump denied BARR the right to go after HRC right after he took office…what is up with the O’s I do not know but I know neither cabal will see the inside of a courtroom let alone a jail cell or GITMO

Glen Baltrusch (@guest_1040257)
1 year ago

After what has transpired over the past 4 to 5 years or more with the Treasonous Acts and attempted Coup De’Tat against our Duly Elected President, President Donald J. Trump by the SWAMP and the Deep State; I believe that Snowden may have had Sound and Moral Reasoning to blow the whistle on the SWAMP and the Deep State. As most of you may be aware, We the People, along with leaders of foreign Nations who are our allies have also stated that We have the best government that money can buy over the past number of decades.

I for one had my eyes wide open and my ears perked up in attention to what had transpired at the time. I do not recall Snowden revealing any National Security Secrets at the time that are as Treasonous as the Acts of the SWAMP and Deep State Traitors that walk among us freely today. For these reasons and more, there may be very good Moral Reasoning that Snowden may or should be pardoned. However, all of us are not privileged to the information that should be available to our Duly Elected President Donald J. Trump to make that informed decision.



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