May 13, 2021

Barack Obama confirms he tried to avoid campaigning for his former VP

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who was declared president-elect by the mainstream media last week, took quite a bit of heat over the course of his campaign for not having the solid backing of former President Barack Obama.

Over the weekend, Biden’s supporters found out why Obama was not as prevalent on the campaign scene as Biden would have presumably liked him to be, as the former president admitted during a CBS interview that he preferred to not be out on the campaign trail, according to the Washington Examiner.

“It is not my preference to be out there,” Obama said. That would explain why Obama not only made very few appearances for Biden, but lend reason to why Obama failed to publicly endorse the 77-year-old candidate earlier in his campaign, especially when he was struggling in the polls.

“We were in a circumstance in this election in which certain norms, certain institutional boundaries that are so extraordinarily important, had been breached,” Obama said, which finally compelled him to help out.

That is in stark contrast to when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ran in 2016, when Obama happily hit the campaign trail for her, seemingly proud that she could have been his successor.

It really wasn’t until Biden was officially dubbed the Democratic party nominee that Obama began stumping for his former vice president, even if many of those team-up were in virtual form.

Given Obama’s admission, one has to wonder if Biden was running against anyone other than President Donald Trump, if he would have even bothered to come out for the Democratic nominee at all.

Though Biden often refers to Obama as his “best friend,” their friendship has undoubtedly been plagued with behind the scenes issues in the past.

As Politico reported, early on in Biden’s quest for the nomination, an Obama insider reportedly said that the former president once warned about Biden’s potential, saying “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.”

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41 Responses

  1. obama realized he can have a 3rd term thru Biden’s dementia
    obama is not loyal to any body but himself
    i never liked his lies of being muslim and not disclosing
    selling USA and Israel to the arabas
    the worst president in USA
    antiamerican antisemite

      1. Without the expletive,, me too! I do not think he wanted Biden in there…and only seemed mildly interested when Harris was suggested as Biden’s running mate? Does Obama foresee the lady (using that term loosely) from California for whom he can be her puppeteerf ?

    1. Mina, I agree 100% I sad it 6 months ago, Obama 3rd term. Biden will follow Obama’s orders. Biden is not physically and mentally in condition to be President. In other words, our country will be completely destroyed.
      Civil war it will take place.


      1. yes I do believe that if Biden somehow gets into the White House there will be a Civil War and ther will not be one DemonRat /communist left alive in America.

    2. Obama doesn’t want to be president, no, he wants to be nominated to the Supreme Court, which Joe probably promised him, because Joe and Harris are going to stack the courts! WAIT FOR IT!!

  2. I thought it was a disgusting joke seeing Obama out for a weak little old man with dementia running for president when Obama’s own eight years was the worst eight years ever from a president who caused the worst divide between races ever along with ruining the American economy, President Trump had to redo America from the disaster Obama caused until the plague from China brought it all down and with our economy once again climbing only for that nitwit biden will bring it crashing back down again. Obama is a total POS and always will be he’s a friend of no one except himself.

    1. I truly do like most black people! Most are honest, hard working and trustworthy.
      Obama is not a black person, he’s a NIGER!!! A niger who is so consumed with his own worth he’s blinded by it!

    1. I agree, Obama & Biden will go down in history as the worst President & VP ever, plus the corruption wow & no one has brought charges against them with all the evidence the FBI has on them??!!

  3. there are 2 books out ,one a few years old the other just this year, 1 impeachable offenses /obama years, 2 barack obamas achievements in 8 years. , it’s not what you think, it does entail some of the first book, but this new book published by some patriots working for a real news company, it entails his for the most part criminal actions he did being president, we all know some,some we never knew he did, many would of started a 3rd war if not for time running out for him to complete. the only thing he had going for him was that he was the first black president, so he used that to convince he was for the black population to which he created the worst racial divide in generations. we are still realing from his demented voice of reason. he had about as much experience being a president as trump did, he also had to learn how to lead, his only political experience was he studied constitutional law, that is how he knew just how to bend and go around the constitution laws, i posted the second books on my face book page, you cant download it but you can type it out on your type writer . he only needed biden to be vp because his staff thought it would be good if he had a white man in the position. he was the worst preesident this country ever had, and that goes back decADES.

    1. No, fraudbama is NOT black; he’s a “chocolate, muddy mulatto” – – his mama was a white ho’, of more than questionable character. His papa was black, without question, an immoral, muslim skank, with more than one wife. The apple does not fall far from the tree – -fraudbama, the muslim, the non-US citizen who was “mistakenly” elected to the oval office and squatted, illegally, there for eight long years. He spent the entire eight years, trying his damnedest , to completely destroy the USA! We were “rescued” by Donald J Trump and the fight to keep him is still ongoing. Do NOT let his hard work be lost to the deep state commie savages.

  4. We should do to Biden what the Dems tried to do to Trump. Impeach him! Especially after the truth comes out about Hunter’s lap top computer! Trump 2020!

    1. Getting rid of Biden puts Harris in charge and she has NO leadership experience. That would leave the decisions up to the party and that would be Nancy, Chuck, Schiff and HRC. The country would be in dire straights and they would all get richer. The TDS puts this country in their hands.

  5. The team of Obama/Biden was as anti-American , corrupt, self-serving , anti-military, and divisive that defies explanation. Obama, Biden, Hunter Biden, Brennan, Comey, Hillary, etc. all belong in prison. Each and everyone of them along with their allies have committed treason and should be treated accordingly. In addition, the totally
    unfounded “Russia Gate Investigation” put President Trump, his family and America through a completely fabricated 4 year long investigation that went absolutely nowhere.The damage to our economy will take time to
    repair; but with President Trump, Vice President Pence and their administration at the helm, America will recover and become stronger than ! Thank God that President Trump is NOT a politician like many in Congress . The only means to fix Congress is TERM LIMITS! May God bless President Trump, Vice President Pence, their families and
    the loyal members of this administration for their patriotism and the sacrifices that they have made on our behalf. God bless THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

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