July 31, 2021

Bail organization endorsed by Kamala Harris bailed out alleged child molester: Report

Before she was officially selected as Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris urged her Twitter followers to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a bail fund that rose in popularity after protests broke out in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s death in May.

The Daily Caller reported on Wednesday that MFF has contributed to posting bail for a man accused of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl. Kamala Harris has yet to retract her endorsement of the MFF. 

The MFF was founded in 2016 with the intent of paying “criminal bail and immigration bonds for those who cannot otherwise afford to as we seek to end discriminatory, coercive, and oppressive jailing,” according to the organization’s website.

After anti-police protests erupted in May, the MFF received a sharp influx of donations earmarked for those arrested in the ensuing chaos. Kamala Harris tweeted on June 1, “if you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

Even after joining the Biden campaign and issuing tepid statements against anti-police violence, Harris declined to delete the endorsement and has refused to explain her current stance on the controversial program.

As new revelations about the true intent of the MFF surface, Harris may be forced to explain herself. The Daily Caller reported:

The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) also helped post bail in August for a man accused of assaulting a 71-year-old woman as he burglarized her home, court documents show. One week after his release the man was found to be in violation of his bail. The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office told the DCNF [Daily Caller News Foundation] on Wednesday there is still an active felony warrant out for that man’s arrest.

Court documents reviewed by the DCNF reveal that the bail fund also provided support in June to a man who allegedly stomped on and robbed a victim on the streets of Minneapolis on May 25, the same day George Floyd died while in police custody.

Americans are sick and tired of the senseless violence plaguing once-great cities. Biden and Harris are trying to to toe the line with leftists that have promoted the riots, but it’s not doing the Democrat party any favor in the polls.

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73 Responses

    1. Yes and she is a child hater and she is for killing babies even if they are healthy and is for trafficking with body parts of newly born babies.
      She is a scum and should be sent to Gitmo

    2. Kamala, just get lost . You are not suited to be our president. Sleepy joe is going to lose because of you .

      1. How many times have you seen that a dem is finished, they’re done, etc but in the long run, nothing is ever done? I’ll believe they’re done when I see it happen , not before. Examples, the Hildabeast & Oscuma!!

        1. I am so sick of those dramatic headlines telling us so and so is done forever and then nothing
          gets done. I have started unsubscribing from those grandstanding journalists (?) who try to lure you into reading their nothing articles. Each time I read an article that I consider grandstanding just to get readers, I will delete that company. I will have less of those irritating articles to wade through, I consider that a major win for me! I will also be able to discern which of the journalists (?, I don’t know what else to call them, but they ARE NOT journalists!) are doing a proper job of reporting the facts!

          1. So true Teal, I feel the same. Actually I am so so weary of reading nothing articles in hopes of finding something encouraging, it really brings me down. I’ve got to stop reading, thanks for your thoughts.

          2. Feel Tiki
            The actual article writer does not make the headline. That is the editor’s job to come up with the sensational headlines to draw people in. Journalism has changed since my day when you had Walter Cronkite that gave both sides and allied you to make your own opinion. The new “journalism” is linked closely o Hollywood who’s whole purpose is sensationalism.

        2. I agree Howard. Exempt from any form of honesty or integrity. The “click bait” works. Have yet to put any teeth in their “Dems are finished findings”. Vote all RED 2020!

      2. Three guesses. The first two con’t count. As we used to say as kids when someone asks a redundant or inconceivable question. I’m trying to be nice here. Where have you been for the past many months. Haven’t you heard ???? The commie/liberal/dems bust their buckles trying to prevent truth from being being published

      3. Because Mary the News stations are controlled by the Leftist and if the reporters want their jobs they must Only report whatever they’re Told to or lose their jobs. Today’s reporters have No backbone and are a disgrace to True journalism. Shows that colleges don’t teach honesty and respect in their courses anymore..

    3. Totally
      I don’t understand how she can run period. She deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison. Even that’s too good for her

  1. Harris has a criminal record–from what I have read in newspapers and on the internet. She was not qualified to run as the Vice President and is surely not qualified to run as a president nominee. Request her entire history be checked. She should have never been elected as a U S Senator. (cALIFORNIA HAS MADE A VERY BIG MISTAKE) FROM ALL i HAVE READ-HEARD AND SEEN–THIS IS MOST UNQUALIFIED PERSON TO RUN FOR THIS OFFICE AFTER OBAMA. I THINK SHE SHOULD WITH DRAW FROM THIS RUNNING–AND ALSO AFTER READING HER BACKGROUND–SHE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE A U.S.SENATOR.

    1. I agree. Anchor Babies are not eligible to run for Senator, POTUS or VPOTUS. I have started writing my so called reps and senators to see if they can figure this out. We already had one ineligible person and look at the damage he did to this country. There’s a reason our genius founders put the requirement that only natural born citizens were eligible. Neither of her parents were naturalized when she was born. It doesn’t matter where you were born, but who you were born to.

      1. She only needs to be a “Natural Born Citizen” to qualify for VPOTUS. A natural born citizen is :
        The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term “natural born” citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship “by birth” or “at birth,” either by being born “in” the United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born in other situations meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship “at birth”. Such term, however, would not include a person who was not a U.S. citizen by birth or at birth, and who was thus born an “alien” required to go through the legal process of “naturalization” to become a U.S. citizen.[3]

        She qualifies by law, but not by conviction. Doesn’t matter, she’ll never see the White House.

  2. I do not think the Democrats ever had the idea that Biden would be President for long….

    This whole farce has been a smoke screen——Not sure what it will accomplish, but I have NEVER felt that Biden would be a President long—–They will find a way to boot him our

    1. I noted that she will find the way to throw Biden under bus very soon to become President. She even “slipped”already calling herself “Harris administration”. She is not a right personality for our country or Biden. Vote her out is the right way.

  3. She was selected by Geo “Sorry” son, not her or any member of the DNC. His fast way of sitting in our WH office chair.

  4. The is the label that the democrats have
    They love abusers
    More so child rapists, pedophiles, so on
    She is a predator herself by sleeping her way up the ladder!

  5. She should be locked up! She is a hatter of American people and she should never be aloud to be apart of anything that has to do with the United States. She will only destroy everything that the American people have done. She is a very nasty and disgusting person and I prey that she never has anything to do with the United States that most people love and would die for! TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🙏

  6. How to boot Biden out? It’s known as the 25th amendment to the U.S.Constitution. I never thought it such a good idea; this train of events (just the way it happened, or planned?) has borne my thoughts out as truer than ever.

  7. She’s nothing but a communist with a communist agenda, just like the rest of the so called Democratic party which is now the communist party……which must be defeated at all cost.

  8. Wow! “You shall now the Truth and, the Truth shall set us FREE!” John 8: 33

    “The tree s known by tis fruit!” Luke 6:44

  9. Harris is an idiot and so we have 2 idiot democrats running. Both are crooks. Harris should have been in prison long ago. Biden and his son Hunter should both be in jail for the crimes they committed in the Ukraine concerning the money they stole and the billion and a half dollars he took from them, also Obumma should be locked up with them also for being the crook he was and is. Now with this I know our GREAT president Donald J Trump will win another 4 year term and possibly longer!

  10. Well everyone knows nothing is going to happen it’s the dems and they’ll cover for one another what we have to do is vote as many republicans in office as we can November is rite around the corner so if you want change we all know re-elected President Donald J Trump and drain the swamp people

  11. We should pray that God changes her heart and mind. No one else can do this and it is needed. She has been taken over by Satan.

  12. Harris is defined as a “natural-born citizen” because she was born within the boundaries of the United States. She has also attained the age of 35 years and so she is constitutionally eligible to be elected president or Vice President. If she was found guilty of a felony, chances are she would not be electable, but that is conjecture. Further, if she was to lose her citizenship, she would not be eligible. Read this:

    INA § 349 states that a citizen, whether a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing certain acts with the intention of relinquishing United States nationality. The fact of intention is critical; it is not the mere performance of the actions mentioned in § 349. Seven types of conduct are currently listed in the INA as expatriate. The potentially expatriating acts are: (1) applying for and obtaining naturalization in a foreign country, provided the person is at least 18 years old; (2) making an oath of allegiance to a foreign country, provided the person is at least 18 years old; (3) serving in the military of a foreign country as a commissioned or noncommissioned officer or when the foreign state is engaged in hostilities against the United States; (4) serving in a foreign government position that requires an oath of allegiance to or the nationality of that foreign country, provided the person is at least 18 years old; (5) making a formal renunciation of U.S. citizenship to a consular officer outside of the United States; (6) making a formal renunciation of citizenship while in the United States and during time that the United States is involved in a war; and (7) conviction for treason or attempting by force to overthrow the U.S. government, including conspiracy convictions.

    Harris wouldn’t do (1) through (4) and unlikely (5) and (6). But (7), ah, (7). There is a possibility! Examine her past actions, activities and groups with which she affiliates. Check out her comments, like “Harris-Biden” administration, implying that she will overthrow the elected president (if the catastrophe of Biden being elected ever happened), which would be a conspiracy.

      1. Unless the college graduate has a doctor , lawyer, engineer, chemistry Degree ect.
        Chances are they know no more than they did out of high school. In fact they are probably worse off after being exposed to all the left wing professors.

  13. If Kamarla Harris is fit for VP of the United States then … I am “”””GOD”””””…. period!!!!!!!!

  14. the one i like is she is for reparations for slavery, her family owned slaves in Jamica, so start paying ho, no one from my family ever owned slaves…………….

  15. Democrats need to change their name since they ARE NOT DEMOCRATS! How about some form of The Peoples Party? We know what that is & it’s suits them much better!!

  16. Harris needs to be locked up somewhere she is a disgrace to this country she is a criminal and she is behind all this looting and fires along with the other democrats we need to vote all them out in November if we don’t you haven’t seen nothing yet this country will go to hell in a hand basket vote Trump and red all across the board. God bless Trump and God bless the USA get that back stabbing democrat out of here

  17. Kamala is not even a human being! She is completely evil and always has been just like the majority of the demonrats including biden.

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