August 12, 2022

Bad news for Biden – Trump is returning to his populist roots

If there’s one thing that can beat Donald Trump, it’s Donald Trump. His Twitter obsession, his lack of message discipline, and his need for the spotlight can sometimes obscure his significant accomplishments and his winning message.

For months now, Trump has seemingly languished, but starting with his uplifting speech at Mt. Rushmore, the tide began to turn. Now, in another sign that the Trump of 2016 is reemerging, President Trump just made a powerful speech that solidifies the populist case against Biden.

The speech was given at the White House, in front of a visual representation of America’s choice. Two trucks, one red, one blue, were parked in front of the White House. The media wasn’t happy with the representation, perhaps because it hit too close to home for them.

But Trump’s speech was more than just symbolism – it had a real and visceral impact on Americans uncertain about a world seemingly spinning out of control.

Trump said:

“They want to bury our economy under suffocating, relentless landslides of Washington red tape like we had before I got here.”

He offered six examples of crushing regulatory regimes that Biden has endorsed: 1) The Paris peace accords, 2) Mandated net-zero emissions in construction 3) Eliminating carbon emissions in energy production 4) the Green New Deal, 5) the end of suburbs as we know it and 6) attacks on the police that would essentially gut them as a societal force.

His clinching arguments were powerful:

Unlike the socialists, we believe in the rule of the people, not the rule of the unelected bureaucrats that don’t know what they’re doing. We believe in the dignity of the individual, not the iron grip of the state. Our regulatory reforms are vital not only to the success of our economy but the strength of our democracy and the survival of liberty itself.

Now that’s a winning message.

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Debby (@guest_1024261)
2 years ago

Go trump/pence 2020 🇺🇸

Michael Smith (@guest_1024264)
Reply to  Debby
2 years ago

I agree, Debby. Trump 2020.

Ric T. McElroy (@guest_1024272)
Reply to  Debby
2 years ago

Right on!!! MAGA!!

susan hommel (@guest_1024295)
Reply to  Debby
2 years ago

Trump 2020 by a Landslide VICTORY !!!!!!!!!

Chau T Nguyen (@guest_1024443)
Reply to  susan hommel
2 years ago

We have to re-elect president Trump,Republicans to save our country against the stupid radical agendas of Democ-Rat.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1024652)
Reply to  susan hommel
2 years ago

THATS MY POTUS!!!! Go President TRUMP! We are with you 100%! MAGA! Lets take our country back!
no demonrats, no BURROS, no Marxists, No SWAMP!

Sgt. Preston (@guest_1024307)
Reply to  Debby
2 years ago

AMEN to that Debby. Trump isn’t perfect, but he is a whole lot better than what the “other” party is offering, Mr. What state am I in, Biden?” I firmly believe that this is the make-it or break-it election. If the “other” party wins, America as we know it, will cease to exist, being replaced by the politically correct, freeloader policies of the “other” party.

Randy Benoit (@guest_1024335)
Reply to  Sgt. Preston
2 years ago

You are so right Sgt. PRESIDENT TRUMP got us out of the depressing hole OBAMA and BIDEN had us in. I don’t think AMERICA wants to see what the BIDEN and ? will look like. I know I don’t!! MAGA or KAG with PRESIDENT TRUMP on November 3!

Brenda (@guest_1024697)
Reply to  Randy Benoit
2 years ago

I totally agree. If Biden wins this country will become communist. Trump and all Republican, as I’m not prepared to move out of the country.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1024310)
Reply to  Debby
2 years ago

Trump and only Trump (plus completely conservative Congress) to save America and keep it as great as it has been since President Trump moved into the White House.

Bernard Tucker (@guest_1024342)
Reply to  Debby
2 years ago

A Picture is worth 1,000 words.
Hopefully there will be a major impact on the public the see this.
This is a great opportunity for the fake news to get it Wright.
Vote Republican in November.

Alan (@guest_1024262)
2 years ago

Dems trying to win with the racist blmob. No police .cencorship.lies ,fake news ,use virus to lock down to kill the economy, and use it for old senile biden dont have to debate trump,and cheat with mail in voting.these corupt demrats have shown human life is not an issue..Trump2020

Dee (@guest_1024292)
Reply to  Alan
2 years ago

Amen I agree 100% Thank u

Gary Bruno (@guest_1024263)
2 years ago

Bejing AKA “basement Joe” Biden is no more a ‘moderate’ than Lenin, Stalin or Mao (FYI the combined deaths under those ‘leaders’ totals around 100 million!!) .Biden has become a puppet of radical Bernie Sanders and AOC with the tax the rich and the green new deal.

Vernon (@guest_1024313)
Reply to  Gary Bruno
2 years ago

You are right on!

Diana M Talmadge (@guest_1024266)
2 years ago

Biden has dementia. He is a puppet of the left wing-nut democrats. Jill Biden should be ashamed for allowing him to be ridiculed.

Jo Ann Dorsey (@guest_1024267)
2 years ago

We, the American people, need Donald Trump to be re-elected for 4 more years because of the good he’s already done this country. A Biden president would be disastrous because with his mental failings his Vice President would actually be the President and none of the choices he’s put forth come even close to having the ability to lead this country.

russell remmert (@guest_1024275)
Reply to  Jo Ann Dorsey
2 years ago

Jo Ann Dorsey AMEN

Charlotte Price (@guest_1024285)
Reply to  Jo Ann Dorsey
2 years ago

I totally agree Trump 2020 another 4 years we need you

Virginia Berney (@guest_1024268)
2 years ago

Best speech the President has made this yeat

Kenneth (@guest_1024269)
2 years ago

Dear Mr President Trump. I have been very busy for many reasons. But wanted to assure you that I’m stronger and more resolve than ever.
Kenneth Kehl

Paul Oler (@guest_1024270)
2 years ago

Go, Trump. Our economic well-being is critical. The environmental focus we’ve produced is already the model of god world citizenship. The major causes of human planet pollution are from China and India. Use our economic strength to influence those and others to improve. Minority Americans need our economic strengths. We’re no longer the major cause, and should not be overly zealous to change our economic productivity.

Stephen M. Ripley,III (@guest_1024271)
2 years ago


jose (@guest_1024273)
2 years ago

Finally we have A REAL PRESIDENT of USA, who is working hard for the improvement of ECONOMY and the People… Democrats agenda is to destroy AMERICA…

Barbara mccraw (@guest_1024274)
2 years ago

God bless America & Donald Trump-God’ s man for the USA & the world!

Michael W. Wiglesworth (@guest_1024277)
2 years ago

Go Trump, Biden hell no.

Rich Kal (@guest_1024278)
2 years ago

I’m a Republican so you know I’m voting for President Trump! If I were a Democrat with the decision to vote for a bumbling idiot or not vote at all I would have the stay home and not vote at all and I do believe there are some rational Democrats that feel this way!

Vern (@guest_1024279)
2 years ago

Biden and the other people that think green energy is the way to go and that you can get the electricity for your house from a small hand held gadget are believing in something that isn’t realistic. One of the basic laws of science is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be converted in its form. To generate electricity it has to be changed in form from something else. It is impossible for a little hand held gadget to have more energy than what can be stored in a small battery which would be far short of what will supply the electricity needed by an average house.
Biden and anyone else who thinks we can eliminate power generation plants are wishful thinking. Solar energy can provide 833 watts per square yard of directly exposed surface at 100% efficiency when the sun is shining brightly, zero watts when the sun don’t shine. Most houses would need nearly half of the roof entirely covered with solar panels to keep up during a bright sunny day and probably the entire roof covered to put extra electricity into their basement full of batteries to get them through the evening and night.
If we are going to have carbon emission free electricity we need to increase our nuclear generation capacity, solar and wind can’t do it all.

Kathy owens (@guest_1024281)
2 years ago

In your OPINION!! PRESIDENT TRUMP…tweets because it can go directly to the people….unlike going through you guys at the media that are so jelous…that can’t put his news out there RIGHT!! FAKE NEWS…I love DONALD J. TRUMP…TRUMP…just the way he is …TWEETS ….BRASS AND ALL!!!

Flamingo (@guest_1024282)
2 years ago

GOD put Trump where he is. He is the one to save the Country, Trump Pency 20 20

Kathy owens (@guest_1024283)
2 years ago

TRUMP 2020!!!Our PRESIDENT!!!WE NEED THIS PRESIDENT EVERY DAY…he’s for the people!! FIRST PRESIDENT TO BE FOR US….ever!!! Can’t wait til November voting!!

mike hornbaker (@guest_1024284)
2 years ago

Use his event as a basis for TV ads.

Paul Limpach (@guest_1024312)
Reply to  mike hornbaker
2 years ago

Seemed like it worked. It’s his bully pulpit. Biden can’t even speak outside or for over 2 minutes w/o losing his train of thought.

Judy (@guest_1024286)
2 years ago

Thank the Lord for our POTUS! Fake polls, fake virus news, the swamp lies about everything! Already sending our absentee ballots to register pets Dead for years! We Love our POTUS#2020LANDSLIDETRUMP!

Margi Peterson (@guest_1024338)
Reply to  Judy
2 years ago

What Biden will say is, “So what if dead pets are 50percent of my votes? They’re as intelligent as I am!”. That would be the first true words out of his mouth since he was elected to the Senate!!!

Gary m (@guest_1024346)
Reply to  Judy
2 years ago

Pelosi already sent 20 mil absentee ballots to Putin. Guess who do you think talks to Putin every night.

James tolson (@guest_1024288)
2 years ago

We need four more years because if not we will be in a socialist country vote republican you better vote if not we will be lost no jobs no nothing

horntex (@guest_1024294)
2 years ago

There’s no way I would vote for Comrade Biden or his socialist buddies.
I still love America.

faithful1228 (@guest_1024296)
2 years ago

Trump is the man to lead our country out of this lawlessness, corruption, and mob rule take-over. He is the one to finally “clean the swamp” and get us back to what God intended for this country – to be decent and loving people with respect for one another and the right to our religious beliefs. Vote Republican all the way in November!

Richard (@guest_1024297)
2 years ago

The Dems have nothing but one line negative cheap shots against President Trump. KAG 2020

Pam (@guest_1024300)
2 years ago

Trump, a strong and determined visionary, is speaking what the silent majority is thinking. He is slammed by his style of communicating, his family is insulted by media, he has to deal with slime ball’s in the cesspool of D.C. Who would want this job?-only a true American. Please continue to make America aware of the doom and gloom that is ahead for our
jobs, paychecks, taxes and savings if Biden and his lowlifes win.

Maggie Crow (@guest_1024301)
2 years ago

Come November 3rd Trump supporters will be out in force voting for him. The Dems will be whaling like they did in 2016! They have no clue what Trump supporters can do, and we will show them on that day. The fake news MSM misleads everyone to think Trump will lose, but they’re fake and scared and rightly so.

Gerald Pratt (@guest_1024499)
Reply to  Maggie Crow
2 years ago


Rob Anthonisen (@guest_1024303)
2 years ago

WITH all that TRump has done and all the bad things known about sleepy Joe, I think Trump will win by a lot and we will keep the senate and if we are lucky, we will get back the house also. NO SOCIALISM FOR THE USA.

Dr. Roger L. Meyer (@guest_1024304)
2 years ago

The Democrats would like us to believe that the world is coming to an end because of the China virus which, by the way, is no more contagious nor does it have a higher mortality than other strains of the flu that have passed through the United States without all of this uproar.
The Democrats would have us believe that they are the SAVIORS of the planet with their socialist, Cuban style government because they know much better than you do what is best for you. They know what you should eat, drink, learn in school, what occupation you should have and everything else in your life, and that is what they are striving for with all of their terrorist activity. Their intimidation, burglary (they call it looting), assault, rape, arson and murder are just fine with the Democrats as long as it helps them gain the ULTIMATE POWER over the Citizens.

Dr. Roger L. Meyer (@guest_1024305)
2 years ago

I already did but, because I told the truth about how we really need Trump, it was censored out.

Pattie Louise Kelly (@guest_1024306)
2 years ago

Sleepy Joe you can just sit in your basement and keep sleeping. Trump 2020/Eric Trump 2024

Gary m (@guest_1024369)
Reply to  Pattie Louise Kelly
2 years ago

Sleepy Joe can’t get out of the basement because he can’t remember where the door is.

Dennis Myers (@guest_1024309)
2 years ago

President Trump has always had a positive vision and positive results he’s the first real leadership for this country since Ronald Regan. The past three administrations did considerable damage to our nation with over regulation, poor foreign policy and trade policy, weak military, crumbling infrastructure and outrageous debt. Trump is changing the tide from these destructive policies and restoring America we can’t return to the Obiden America, oppressive over regulating policies, hi taxes , hi unemployment, hi disparity , hi debt and support for Lawlessness, Communism and Terrorism

Joe Palladini (@guest_1024314)
2 years ago

I hear that Trump train comin, comin around the bend, I haven’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when, but I’m goin to MAGA country and things will be just fine.
When I hear that lonesome whistle on down the MAGA line.

Pat Dietrich (@guest_1024332)
Reply to  Joe Palladini
2 years ago

Joe, love that! Good job! Still on the trump train & never getting off!

Carl Bean (@guest_1024315)
2 years ago

Is America so lazy & misinformed, that she cannot see the dark forces of Obama-Clinton-Soros swirling like rabid dogs around the skirts of Lady Liberty! NOW is their only hope; while she suffers blow after blow from those who are not worthy of the name-“I’m an American”!!!

GW (@guest_1024316)
2 years ago

Good for Trump, he is the best ever, go Mr. President

Jerry Amalong (@guest_1024317)
2 years ago

Thank the Lord for a few people who have a back bone to stand up for the rights of the people. God bless you

Dennis Myers (@guest_1024326)
2 years ago

President Trump has always had a positive vision with positive results for America unlike the past Clinton, Bush and Obama Administration’s that brought Hi taxes, Hi unemployment, Hi disparity, Hi debt, Endless wars, Crumbling infrastructure, Poor foreign trade policy, Poor foreign policy and Out of control Immigration. President Trump is overcoming many obstacles for America but the Enormous debt and the current Terrorism created by Obama and the Democrats has to be dealt with. Destroy the Democratic Party before they destroy America

Angela (@guest_1024328)
2 years ago

Our President Trump is back
Be tough but kind that’s what won the last election To the surprise of Hillary
She assumed she had it won but thanks to Trump and his stand with the American people and not the swamp we won. Just be the man you were Pres Trump and we will stand behind you

DS (@guest_1024329)
2 years ago

Love Trump!!! He has been great for our country! Trump 2020

Dennis L McManis (@guest_1024330)
2 years ago

Thank you God for our president Mr Trump. God bless you.

Dennis L McManis (@guest_1024331)
2 years ago

I support yo Mr trump. God bless you.

Phillp Owens SFC Ret (@guest_1024336)
2 years ago

It is my personal opinion that anyone with half a brain can see the destructive path the Democrats are offering, they seem to be against everything that makes America Great.
At 82 I have been fortunate to have served my country for 32 of these years in the military and another 14 in Law Enforcement, I value the rule of law and recognize it is the glue that holds society together. I have also had the honor of having been elected to my local county board of supervisors for a period of 14 years and am proud that when I left we had a surplus an a very high bond rating.
It is also my personal opinion that every individual is responsible for their own safety as “when seconds count the police are minutes away!” Think about that!!!

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