September 26, 2020

Bad news for Biden – Trump is returning to his populist roots

If there’s one thing that can beat Donald Trump, it’s Donald Trump. His Twitter obsession, his lack of message discipline, and his need for the spotlight can sometimes obscure his significant accomplishments and his winning message.

For months now, Trump has seemingly languished, but starting with his uplifting speech at Mt. Rushmore, the tide began to turn. Now, in another sign that the Trump of 2016 is reemerging, President Trump just made a powerful speech that solidifies the populist case against Biden.

The speech was given at the White House, in front of a visual representation of America’s choice. Two trucks, one red, one blue, were parked in front of the White House. The media wasn’t happy with the representation, perhaps because it hit too close to home for them.

But Trump’s speech was more than just symbolism – it had a real and visceral impact on Americans uncertain about a world seemingly spinning out of control.

Trump said:

“They want to bury our economy under suffocating, relentless landslides of Washington red tape like we had before I got here.”

He offered six examples of crushing regulatory regimes that Biden has endorsed: 1) The Paris peace accords, 2) Mandated net-zero emissions in construction 3) Eliminating carbon emissions in energy production 4) the Green New Deal, 5) the end of suburbs as we know it and 6) attacks on the police that would essentially gut them as a societal force.

His clinching arguments were powerful:

Unlike the socialists, we believe in the rule of the people, not the rule of the unelected bureaucrats that don’t know what they’re doing. We believe in the dignity of the individual, not the iron grip of the state. Our regulatory reforms are vital not only to the success of our economy but the strength of our democracy and the survival of liberty itself.

Now that’s a winning message.

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79 Responses

  1. President Trump is the only one who can fix all these disasters that the dems are creating. He has the American people at the top of his priorities. He will stop all the anarchists, rioters, looters, terroristsp and those destroying our country and out economy. He will stop the shootings and the evil that has taken over some of our cities. Unlike the Democrats who cheer the evil on. Trump will bring back our economy. Open our schools, put an end to abortions, keep out the illegals and dangerous criminals, bring back out police force stronger and better than ever, and make America safe and great again by protecting us all.

  2. Trump is no doubt the best man in America to bring back the economy to where it was before this Covid epidemic!

    He did not cause this epidemic, nor could he have stopped it. People persisted to gather in large numbers, and thus spread it all over the country themselves. Had he demanded a complete shut-down of society, the democrats would have blamed him for the economic disaster that followed their own behavior.

    Trump for President!

  3. I agree with you Debbie…it is imperative that President Trump continue with peeling the onion of leftist/ communist criminal activity (Obamagate). To combat the obvious attacks of China and the domestic terrorist allies rioting in our streets. He can’t be bought and he keeps his campaign promises…that’s what angers the left the most. Trump 2020!!!

  4. Only Trump can beat Trump. If he produces what the American people really care about he will win a 2nd term. The people don’t want Biden they are aware of what he is. Trump has to stop bragging on what he has done in the past and give the people the future they want. If he doesn’t we are headed for a Marxist government run by Pelosi, Schiff and that group of communist.

  5. God Bless you PRESIDENT TRUMP AMERICA NEEDS a STRONG DECISIVE VISIONARY LEADER!!! HOWEVER AMERICA MUST NEVER EVER go BACKWARDS by that I mean O’BAMA/BIDEN eight years AMERICA had two USELESS KNUCKLEHEADS making believe they were doing a great job guiding the country WRONG!! if on NOV 3rd AMERICANS DON’T REELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP it just might send a signal to the CHINESE to finish the job and INVADE AMERICA if BUNKER BIDEN and his crew of MISFITS take control of our FRAGILE COUNTRY!!

  6. Yes keep America Great President Trump !!! This Covid Virus is just a bump in the road for right now. Stay the course and things will be Great Again !!!! You are the GREATEST PRESIDENT WE HAVE EVER HAD !!! TRUMP 2020 !! Your Accomplishments make you shine !!!

  7. Even a 3rd grader would be able to see through the trash DemoRATS has before us. TRUMP is the only answer!!!

  8. Wish democrats had a brain to elect Trump- what garbage they have to pick from- if Soros/Obama/pelosi et al don’t scare you, you are brain dead and shouldn’t vote. Wake up and vote for America and vote Trump!

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  10. i think we are all forgetting what the diffrence is between a republic and a democracy. democrats want us to for get. republic stands for rule of law. democracy stands for rule of the mob. we have been seeing a lot of that lately. so i say start talking about being a republic again before the dims con us all inst thinking we are a democracy instead of a REPUBLIC !

  11. Donald Trump … is the only president for the last two (2) centuries in the mold of a Lincoln.
    He has that decisiveness of purpose, unwavering, standing tall against all odds … for the American people in complete disregard of color; of gender; of religion; of race; of political affiliation.

    God bless … President Donald Trump!

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